Am I In A Toxic Friendship?👤

Friendships are meant to bring joy, support, and positive experiences into our lives. However, sometimes friendships can take a negative turn and become toxic, causing harm to our emotional well-being. If you've been feeling uneasy or questioning the health of your friendship, this quiz is designed to help you identify potential signs of a toxic friendship.
Toxic friendships can manifest in various ways, and everyone's experiences may differ. Trust your intuition and be honest with yourself as you answer the following questions.
Let's get started!

  • 1
    Does your friend ever make you feel used?
    Does your friend ever make you feel used?
  • 2
    Do they treat you differently at different times, depending on who is around?
  • 3
    Do they keep your secrets?

  • 4
    Does your friend become more distant when they get a boyfriend/girlfriend or a “better offer”?
    Does your friend become more distant when they get a boyfriend/girlfriend or a “better offer”?
  • 5
    Do they make you feel uncomfortable, nervous or frightened?
  • 6
    Are they possessive or clingy – always jealous of your other friends and insisting on always being with you?

  • 7
    Do they make you feel you are being controlled or manipulated?
  • 8
    Do they promise things and then don’t come through?
    Do they promise things and then don’t come through?
  • 9
    Do they gossip and judge a lot, creating a negative atmosphere?
  • 10
    Does your friend only think of their own self?

  • 11
    Do they seem to compete with you all the time?
  • 12
    Are they two-faced - i.e., do they talk about people in a negative way and then act like they are best friends?
    Are they two-faced - i.e., do they talk about people in a negative way and then act like they are best friends?
  • 13
    Have you ever caught them talking bad about you behind your back?
  • 14
    Is this friend ever mean to you?
  • 15
    Do you fight a lot?
  • 16
    Do they ever act aggressively toward you?
    Do they ever act aggressively toward you?

  • 17
    Can you be yourself when you are with them?
  • 18
    Do they make time for you?
  • 19
    Do they listen to you?

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533 days ago
Sorry hi I’m Kate I’m Ice king
533 days ago
534 days ago
omg thats quite the story
534 days ago
I new my friend is toxic and apparently our friendship is dead but two days ago it died but when she said I hate you because she met another girl who WANTS to be her friend and she really knows nothing about her because she’s awful but really when she said it earlier I was like😁 thank you so much this is the best day of my life because she met someone else to abuse I mean I obviously felt bad for the new girl but she is pretty tough so I think she’s fine
537 days ago
For me, it’s nothing my friend does, I just don’t always feel confident and comfortable doing thing around them. Like she physically tackles me, in a friendly way, but I tell them no, but they doesn’t always listen. I also just feel uncomfortable around her, and I don’t know how to say no. And my friend group is six, also I am always picked last for groups. I really just don’t know.
539 days ago
one of my friends, (i'm in a friend group of 6) has been really toxic over the past few months, and to everyone in the friend group. she is very busy, so sometimes she can't make it when we hang out. she will then get mad/jealous that we hung out without her, even though she was invited, and was the one who said she couldn't go. She is also overly clingy and gets jealous easily, and it's in a hypocritical way. If me and my best friend hung out, and we mentioned it to the group in an offhand way, like providing context for a funny story, she will get mad and text us paragraphs about how she feels excluded and that we are being toxic friends. but, she will tell us all about places she goes with other friends.

now for this next part im going to provide a bit of context. i am 14 years old, and currently enrolled in one of the electives at school called studio music. its a high school level course, (I'm in 8th grade) and we both take it. Since u only take it for a half a year, and we were not in the same class, she took it for the first 20 weeks of school, and I'm now taking it for the last 20 weeks of school.

ok thats it for context, time for the story lol.

now during lunch the other day, we were having a friendly argument about which studio music class was better. she was saying it was her class, because they made a song for their final project that was amazing. (and im ngl its pretty good.) but she didnt help with it at all, and yet she was making it sound like she was a part of it when she wasnt. it was 3-4 boys in her class that made th song called "Fauci Gang." she talked about this, and a number of other funny things that were made in her class, which she had nothing to do with. this started out as a joke, a funny conversation, and she took it very far. eventually we moved on and talked about other things, but everything that we talked about where she was apart of the conversation, was about her. i started telling a story about something that happened to me and my bestie, and she cut me off and started talking about her studio music class again. like jeez girl give it a break.
542 days ago
One of my best friends betrayed me and always put their partner before me. They were toxic and pretended to have disabilities for attention. (Depression, anxiety.) And when I broke it off, they told everyone I was ‘faking’ slitting my wrists 😀👍 what a wonderful friend!
547 days ago
I took the quiz and my test results said toxic I mean I haven’t seen them in almost a full year so yeah but the thing with was she was Autistic and she was a foster kid her parents both died but that’s no reason to treat someone the way she did she triggered my Anxiety a lot I mean my best friend does now but in a good way like Excitement and so I felt bad for her as much as I was angry at her but now I go to a different school but I am kind of worried about her Because when I last saw her s…she tried to k kill her self She was suicidal I don’t know how to describe the feeling I felt when she put the rope Around her neck she shouted at everyone saying take one step near me and I’ll do it just out of shock of the situation I can’t actually remember how the teachers Dealt with it but I was so glad it’s over😞
550 days ago
By the way my "best friend" also made me hate myself and how i looked and laughed at my smile, she also makes me feel like a third wheel because on her old tiktok account she made a video with me in it about her bestie named kind, and about how great she was.. i cried for weeks.. this hurts so much :( we've been friends for 7 years and she changed me to hate myself and be shy and anxious, i told her that i was getting depressed and she said she was going through more then i could! Also she says my b--bs are smaller then hers and her butts bigger, that made me insecure so much that i just dont wanna exist.. HELP my fortnite user is: AnimeMiss, btw. And she tried to make her mom threatan me about tiktok she doesnt like me havinng social media but SHE can even though shes my age, she is making me not be friends with 13 year olds saying they can change me even though she already did AND im turning 12 this year. She is manipulating me but i already found out a few months ago. She doesnt want me to have a social life she wants me to be with her FOREVER 24/7 I play with her everday bc ik i'll feel bad if i dont
550 days ago
My best friend is really mean to me.. she used to call me ugly and laugh about it and now she telling to not be friends with people that i liked and she is always critasizing me saying my fortnite skin looks pick me when SHES the pick me always giving me wedgies being rude and mean. I wish she wasnt controlling me, and shes trying to make me have NO social media being overprotective and manipulating, IT HURTS 😭😭
556 days ago
🦄= 👮 😻=👮
556 days ago
my so-called friend is mean to me she said 🐤 today and is rude she hurts me on and off and says she's in a gang and when she is around her girl she won't let me near and her girlfriend is my bestie when I try to hug her girlfriend she hits me. and she hisses and growls at me like a furry and my mom is worried what do I do please he
564 days ago
Non of you bissnuess ask for help from someone you trust snd if your feinds freind think what they are doing is funny they are not a good influences .
564 days ago
87528 get a conslers help or phctrist to help and stop taking to this person , and his boyfreind
564 days ago
Lula i know it is hard to say goodbye but you have to she is treating you like dirt, stop talking to her do not call her , mabey than and if than she will become beetter and apreciate others and you
564 days ago
My friend lies, and makes me think bad thoughts i hate it and she makes me sad , and lies too, sad girl cut off ties with your freind dont call her dont talk to her she cant hurt you if the is nothing to hold onto
564 days ago
shes just so narcissistic and gets so upset whenever i dont wanna hang out with her and she never listens to what i say but i listen to what she talks abt and she talks rudely behind ppls backs
566 days ago
Just read through sad girl (11221)'s comments and girl just ditch her. From what you've said she's the very definition of toxic. You don't need that energy in your life and you can get so many better friends who actually treat you right. I'm sure that friendship between you and that girl ain't worth all this stress so just cut yourself out of it while you can.
568 days ago
I want to get away from my friend, but I can’t because ALL my other friends are friends with her and we’re a “group”. What should I do?
574 days ago
She also has this serious hate for this one guy that likes her. Like she calls him an 🍑 hole and says go to hell. i don’t hate the guy but i feel like if she had the opportunity, she would k1ll him.