Am I In A Toxic Friendship?👤

Friendships are meant to bring joy, support, and positive experiences into our lives. However, sometimes friendships can take a negative turn and become toxic, causing harm to our emotional well-being. If you've been feeling uneasy or questioning the health of your friendship, this quiz is designed to help you identify potential signs of a toxic friendship.
Toxic friendships can manifest in various ways, and everyone's experiences may differ. Trust your intuition and be honest with yourself as you answer the following questions.
Let's get started!

  • 1
    Does your friend ever make you feel used?
    Does your friend ever make you feel used?
  • 2
    Do they treat you differently at different times, depending on who is around?
  • 3
    Do they keep your secrets?

  • 4
    Does your friend become more distant when they get a boyfriend/girlfriend or a “better offer”?
    Does your friend become more distant when they get a boyfriend/girlfriend or a “better offer”?
  • 5
    Do they make you feel uncomfortable, nervous or frightened?
  • 6
    Are they possessive or clingy – always jealous of your other friends and insisting on always being with you?

  • 7
    Do they make you feel you are being controlled or manipulated?
  • 8
    Do they promise things and then don’t come through?
    Do they promise things and then don’t come through?
  • 9
    Do they gossip and judge a lot, creating a negative atmosphere?
  • 10
    Does your friend only think of their own self?

  • 11
    Do they seem to compete with you all the time?
  • 12
    Are they two-faced - i.e., do they talk about people in a negative way and then act like they are best friends?
    Are they two-faced - i.e., do they talk about people in a negative way and then act like they are best friends?
  • 13
    Have you ever caught them talking bad about you behind your back?
  • 14
    Is this friend ever mean to you?
  • 15
    Do you fight a lot?
  • 16
    Do they ever act aggressively toward you?
    Do they ever act aggressively toward you?

  • 17
    Can you be yourself when you are with them?
  • 18
    Do they make time for you?
  • 19
    Do they listen to you?

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574 days ago
i forgot to mention she was racist to me a few years ago.
577 days ago
she just added someone to her group and literally said one of the dudes was playing cuz he was done his part and i did that too but it’s a problem when i do it?
581 days ago
i feel like i’m overreacting seeing all the other much worse ex friends here tho plz tell me if i’m overreacting
581 days ago
she ditches me most of the time and i feel like if i tell her how i feel she’s gonna tell other ppl twisting it in a sick sort of way so i look like the bad one and she’s the victim. And i feel like if i don’t look ok and she asks me why i’m not ok she’ll be mad at me for “thinking wrong” and that i’m “overreacting”. She once told me she wanted to be with me for a group project and when i told her i thought she didn’t wanna be with me like last time cuz she said i waste my time playing (i only play when i’m almost done and i know i can catch up and help the others which i do all the time) and then she said “i never said i didn’t wanna be with u i do” so i gave in and said ok. the next day, she told me nvm actually working with 3 other ppl is too much work let’s just divide the team in 2 (we were four, 2 boys((boy 1 and boy 2)) 2 girls) and she went with boy 1 instead of me even though she said she wanted to be with me. worst part is that she just decided that without talking to me and boy 2. she just said to me and my partner, “ok WE decided that me and boy 1 are gonna be partners” that crushed me. she didn’t even talk with me and said the day before that she wanted to be with me. I’m gonna try to tell her tomorrow.
582 days ago
This girl I have known for a long time but barely started to be friends with her. I mad a another friend "A" and she got mad at me for hanging out with her so only at P.E I could hang out with "A". I told her once I did not want to be friends with her and all my father friends I think she said something about me but I had no friends so I had to be friends with her.
587 days ago
currently i am in a relationship with this girl I've known for 10 years. she is a sweet person but she also gets sucked into comparison and gossip as well. lately I've been cyber bullied by her online friends and I'm getting tired of her trying to act like she is better than me. she never thinks of others first and she doesn't say sorry after she hurts peoples feelings. its annoying having to ask her for an apology because she wont do it otherwise. I've lost a lot of confidence and self security because of her. she always puts me in a negative mood and never stops to consider others. i know i should end the friendship but i cant bring myself to say goodbye.
632 days ago
I don't like someone who always tells me what I should do
634 days ago
Honestly, I don't even think I even needed to take this quiz to know my answer. I'm currently in middle school and can't wait till high school just to avoid this girl. I feel like my friend is really jealous of me grades wise or talents/achievements wise. She is literally so competitive with me and ALWAYS wants to go against me and when she loses or gets less points she always makes an excuse or cannot accept defeat whatsoever. But I must say, there have been times she acknowledged how hard I have worked and the high ranking that came with it and I feel like the happiest person on Earth. And then she goes on to say stuff like, "That's not fair though" or "But it's probably because you're the favorite" some dumb stuff like that. She's also really degrading and has made fun of my looks or weight multiple times. She's called me short and tries to bring herself up. Like, she's called me ugly, said my face looked weird, pointed at one overweight janitor (that's literally just trying to do his job and get through life) and went like, "Oh my goshhh I found your twin" and starts laughing. She's cut my hair once and I stayed quiet the whole day until I came home and told my mom everything. She sided with me and she told my dad but he was just like "Well why wouldn't you tie your hair then. You always walk around and look like a mess." My dad already speaks about my grades all the time (like fr I'm in the honors class, and my grades for all of the subjects are over 95) and I don't need this girl on top of that. I've been called down to the guidance counselor about my mental health and stress because one my teachers heard of it and she said she was genuinely concerned for me, the whole time I wanted to blurt out "the only reason that I think this way and do this to myself is because of that girl" I tried talking to her about how bad I felt that day, or how tired I felt because I haven't eaten for 2 days straight. She just went like "I don't wanna hear your problems so muchhh" I swear she literally only does this to me. And I have stuff to prove that. She always makes fun of me for watching anime and she said that infront of our other friends who also watch anime, and I swear she changed completely after hearing that. Although she still mentions it sometimes to me but I just attempt to ignore her. I've tried to tell her about how toxic she is and it's as if she can't comprehend simple feelings like this. At this point I'm just really desperate and I'm like so close to speaking to one of my genuinely good friends about her. I really don't know what to do with her anymore.
642 days ago
ive been friends with this guy for nearly my whole life and hes the only person im fully/mostly opened up to but honestly i think its just going to s--t at the moment, i did trust him with my thoughts and feelings and telling him about stuff ive gone through but i cant anymore because he tells his boyfriend everything even things he promised to never tell anyone because apparently theyre the only exception or something. i wouldnt care as much as i do if i actually trusted both of them but i dont. i dont trust him anymore and i never trusted his boyfriend. they both make me feel awful, they tear me apart over the smallest things, constantly tell me how horrible i am, im bad at everything, make fun of me, tell me to kill myself, ive been physically abused to the point of blood and scars as a "joke", they deliberately hurt me in any way possible because its "funny", try to trigger my ed im tring to recover from ALONE, they talk s--t about my real friends, and my exes (whist we were in the relationship and afterwards) they dont take me seriously, call me slurs, are homophobic and transphobic to me even though theyre both lgbt (its funny apparently), make fun of me in general RELENTLESSLY. the only reason im not DEAD is- aside from my actual friends and some family members- because they WANT me dead. i wont bend to their will. theyre both d--cks and know it and are proud of it. but hey its fine because its just a joke right. i cant cut them off because my friend ("friend") helps me with some stuff, sometimes, (ignore the fact that he makes fun of my struggles and pretends to be genuine). he wants me to think its because of his mental illness probably. well guess what its a reason sure, but its not an EXCUSE. they want me to just laugh it off. i cant do that anymore though. im f--cking EXHAUSTED. i just want to run away from them. i cant avoid it though, hes close family, is in several of my classes, he lives pretty near (same town), i only get a break from him outside school and sometimes not even then. what the f--k do i do. im scared im going to end up suicidal again. PLEASE help me
656 days ago
ps, they knew i wanted them to stop it but when i told them they annoyed me they just responded with 'are u still crying' and blocked me when my other friend messaged them saying it wasnt nice
656 days ago
idk if im over exaggerating but last night i was flirting with this girl and one of my friends messaged them pretending to be my girlfriend telling her to leave me alone and the other tried to argue with them on facebook. they said it was because shes ugly and the girl i was speaking to before is better. it should be up to me right?
665 days ago
Problem is, I already talked with them, but they then put all the fault on them, making me feel bad about myself again, like an endless cycle
670 days ago
Haha jokes on you my friend is abusive and now the police are involved cause school didn’t do anything
678 days ago
I love my best friend so much she means the world to me but she is constantly telling me she hates life and I have to convince her that I love her and that i will always be there for her my friends and others around me tell me I’m focusing on her too much and making sure she’s ok when I should be focusing more on myself but i don’t wanna tell her bc it will hurt her I am also going thru some worries of my own like school and my parents divorce memories flooding back after a couple years. All I wanna say is if u have a best friend or someone who means a lot to u give them time but remember to give some to ur self too ❤️🦋
679 days ago
My friend always punches me like the other day just out of nowhere choked me and never apologised I have quite a few bruises from this and when I tell her to stop punching me ( forgot to mention she does it as a ‘joke’) she says she will next day starts punching me again my other friends that are also friends with them don’t see it or just think it’s funny and I’m scared to end the friendship as she spends all day with my main friend group and goes home with me and my other friend so I’m scared that if I do end the friendship I’ll also lose the other one’s.
687 days ago
my friend get’s mad if she show’s me something she’s proud of and i say mmh and smile in a nice way and always 💝 talks her other friends and then the next day she is hanging out with them. she bails on me or saying she can’t hangout with anyone and then 1h later she’s with other friends. she says mean things abt me to my face and doesn’t think before she speaks and if im with another friend she either tries to find something mean they did in the past or say oh u let her see ur cat first or oh okay i was j having a bad day. When she vents to me and talks abt her problemst and i help her abt it she says how greatfull she is to be my friend then when we fight she says im the reason she cries herself to sleep. I always try my best to be nice to her and complement her often and last week we had a fight and she said that she find it annoyng how i always call her pretty or nice or smth and said im not a good friend and hurfull things. She makes fun of me alot. And i have tried to drop her or take a break after a bad fight she always tries to act like everything is fine and nothing happend. And she’s mean to me or dissrespectful with most of her other friends. in october it was my birthday but i had to get my tonsils out so i had to wait to do smth fun to celebrate and i inveted her with me to go out and eat and go bowling and she was excited but then we got a call that there was smth going on and we had to go bowling the next day but we could still go eat and i was okay with that but she made an excuse and said “i don’t like restaurants and loud noises” and i got a bit disappointed but i said it’s okay and then she left and went home. The next day i asked her are u coming to bowling tn and she said “sorry there is a party at my school and maybe im gonna go there but i will let u know if i don’t” i said “dw go have fun” and started thinking what she said yesterday her: i don’t like loud noises. But she is going to a party with loud music and ppl talking loud but i didn’t say anything. Also i showed her my other friend and now they are best friends. also i j got in a new school bc i was bullyed and told to kms and i am recovering from it and still get mean msg online and she knows im not feeling well but still acts like she doesn’t give a 💝. I know i have been mean to her when we fight but that’s normal but i try my best to keep myself calm. Omg that’s alot i wrote but it feels good to talk abt it. My first language isn’t English so sorry if some words are spelled wrong. oh and im 14 j letting yk bc some of the 💝 i said there sounds childish so im not a grownup.
687 days ago
And when I say something she litterly tells me "I don't care"
687 days ago
My friend is "nice" I guess she just always ingnores me and acts like it's such a pain to hang out with me but then when we're doing an assignment she's all goody goody
711 days ago
Just realized I had some grammar issues-
711 days ago
My best friend (now ex-best-friend) made fun of my sexuality because I’m aro/ace, she kept on making fun of my accent and saying she’s better than me when I’m not into competitions. It first started when my ex-best friend would hang out with this toxic group, her style and attitude changed quickly but she hasn’t noticed that I knew that since the beginning. When I sat with her she said that the toxic group was probably using her but she hangs out with them anyways. The next day I sat with her again and it was uncomfortable for me because she made fun of my body type. Just so you know I’m 1 year older than she and I were teaching her maturity at that time. Suddenly when I told her I would hang out with my other friends on that day she would say “blocked blocked” continuously and it annoyed me. After that, she said “if you dress up differently guys would like you and date you” when I’m not interested in relationships since I’m in 6th grade (supposed to be in 7th but got held back). A week later I officially unfriended her and now she’s making rumors saying I’m mean and stuff when I have a bunch of proof she was the one making fun of me and people witnessed it too. Before that happened like what I said she made fun of my sexuality and accent, but she also made fun of my race, body type, talked trash about my really good friend I met for years, “joked” about gay people should have rainbow hair, said she’s stronger than me, was grossed about me having a pad?? Like who would get grossed about that, and has been using my knowledge to get all A’s. Now all she does is gossip around, all I told her was “don’t hang out with people who may look cool and popular because later they’ll use you someway”.