Are your friends toxic?

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Have you ever questioned if your friends are real friends? This quiz will ask you a few questions to determine whether or not your friends are real friends or toxic ones.
{DISCLAIMER} This is not meant to be taken seriously! If you have real concerns, talk to your parents, guardians, a counselor, or other friends for help.

  • 1
    So, let's start off with the easiest question. Have you been questioning that your friends are toxic?
  • 2
    You just got asked out by your crush in front of your allegedly toxic friend group. What are their ideal reactions when you accept?
  • 3
    You are looking for matching pajamas to wear for your slumber party with your "crew", and you grab a set of fluffy pajama pants and a cute tank top. Your friend quickly snatches it out of your hands, and holds it up for the rest of the group to see. What do they say to the group?

  • 4
    You just got your hair done. You've looked in the mirror thousands of times, and you're really feeling yourself! You hop in the car to go to out to dinner with your friends, and surprise them with your new hair. They all don't like it, and you can tell. How do they break this to you?
  • 5
    Your ex hits you up on Snapchat, asking if they can take you to dinner on Saturday. When this happens, your friend group is with you at your house. They have all dated your ex... and also cheated on them. What are their reactions when they see the snap?
  • 6
    Have your friends ever made you feel bad for being upset over something, whether it be a band, art, or how you look?

  • 7
    Do your friends go long periods of time without talking to you, and then randomly hit you up when they need something?
  • 8
    Have you ever caught your friends hanging out without you?
  • 9
    Do your friends ever forget to attend your important events? (E.g. your birthday, a basketball tournament, a dance recital)
  • 10
    To finish this off, why exactly did you take this quiz?

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79 days ago
My friend is apparently toxic and is a literal bully and she got upset when our teacher told her off. I can't believe that 🦄.
413 days ago
My friends are toxic I guess they always make fun of me and then say it has a joke and make a excuse for it and always leave me out on hang outs they always boss me around and mock me they always ignore me and I feel really trapped I need help
564 days ago
no toxic air that i a breathing in
620 days ago