Toxic Or Not? Best Friend Quiz!

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Do you think your best friend (or just a friend) is really kind or is just pretending to be your friend and waiting for a chance to stab you in the back? Are you having uncertainties about what their intentions are at this point? Well, you will certainly find out if you just take this quiz! I'll give you a bunch of scenarios and questions and you will have to answer each one honestly and with care. Try to put yourself in your friend's shoes and see how they would act! Please keep one person in mind throughout this entire quiz, and think about their personality.

  • 1
    You and your (best) friend are at a party, and you see your friend kissing your crush! (And they literally know you like this person!) You confront both of them. How does your friend apologize?
  • 2
    You and someone else's boy/girlfriend are kissing! Your friend walks into this special moment, gasps, turns, and runs away! What will she do?
  • 3
    Your friend and you both want the high citizenship award, but it only goes to one person in your grade... you both have been working so hard all year, and it all comes down to Class Day, where the principal announces awards. As your principal announces the high citizenship grade... it goes to you! How does your friend react?

  • 4
    It's finally your birthday, and you decide to throw a party at your house. Everyone is required to bring a present for the birthday girl/boy! What does your friend do?
  • 5
    Does your friend try to change you to make you better, prettier, kinder, louder, softer, more outgoing, etc?
  • 6
    Does your friend ever put you down?

  • 7
    Does your friend try to put her/himself in the center, even if it means pushing you aside?
  • 8
    Has your friend ever spread rumors or gossiped about you?
  • 9
    Is your friend overly competitive with you in a rude way, or always egging you on to fight them?
  • 10
    Has your friend ever told an extreme lie?

  • 11
    Is the silence ever awkward when you're alone with your friend?
  • 12
    Is your best friend mainly sarcastic, or has a knack for sarcasm?
  • 13
    Is your friend clingy, or always asking you to hang out when they know you're busy?
  • 14
    Has your friend ever made you feel like if you wanted to get out of the friendship, you couldn't or there was no escape?
  • 15
    Is your friend making you feel more stressed than supported?
  • 16
    Do you feel safe around this friend?

  • 17
    Do you feel like you have to watch what you say around them so as to not upset them?
  • 18
    If you guys make plans, how late do they usually get there?
  • 19
    Does your friend make you feel guilty for hanging out with other friends without them?
  • 20
    Does your friend tell you one thing, but then you heard she said the exact same thing differently to someone else?

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417 days ago
My bestie is great and loves me like a brother