How shallow are your friendships?
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How shallow are your friendships?

Have you ever wondered if your friendships were lacking? Take this test to see how shallow your friendships really are! Base your answers not only on what you would do in a situation, but also what you've done in the past.

Question 1:Your friends get tickets to the coolest event of the year for everyone, but they don't give one to your mutual "annoying" friend who said he/she wanted to go from the start. Instead they offer the tickets to other people they know and tell your friend they don't have anymore room. What do you do?
Tell your friends they are being mean and say you won't go unless they bring your other friend too
Pretend you don't notice anything wrong
Encourage your friend to speak up and ask about the ticket
Talk constantly around your friend about how exciting it will be
Casually mention to your friends that they should be more considerate, but hey, it's not your business

Question 2:Your friend just got dumped and you are "responsible" for making him/her feel better. Do you:
Call your friend's ex the meanest names you can think of and tell your friend you'll key his/her car for them
Tell your friend that things will work out for the best and listen sympathetically
Agree to help your friend come up with ways to either get over their ex or get their ex back, depending on what they want
Tell your friend they are too good for their ex anyway
Go beg your friend's ex to take them back and offer a bribe

Question 3:When you and your friend make plans, who decides what you will do?
I'll go along with anything, their ideas are always better anyway
I tend to make the plans but am open to suggestions
I always have the better ideas
We have different ideas, but we always compromise in the end so we're both happy
I don't really care what we do as long as I have something to do

Question 4:As your friend's relationship with his/her significant other grows, you start seeing less of him/her. Do you:
Ask your friend if he/she would like to double date with you sometime
Demand that your friend spend more time with you and tell them you don't like the person they are dating...then turn all of his/her friends against him/her instead of keeping your problems between the two of you
Move on with your life, but remember that if you really need your friend they will be there. And think about the future: WEDDING INVITATION!
Keep holding on, making plans, and forgiving your friend every time he/she stands you up or blows you off
Ignore your friend, hoping he/she will see that they really need you after all. When they don't notice, complain

Question 5:You’re incredibly busy with your life when your friend tells you he/she needs advice. What do you do?
Tell him/her that you can only talk briefly
Ignore your friend
Find out how desperate the situation is before you agree to talk
Put your life on hold, they're problems are more important
Tell your friend about all of the problems in your life, then say you can't talk

Question 6:When your group is free, where do you hang out?
At my house, except for when something less-boring comes up
Everyone plays host/hostess, we switch off
Always at that one kid's know, the one with the big-screen TV and the pool table
At a local hangout, like a bowling alley, diner, park, or mall
I offer my house when I feel like it

Question 7:Your best friend gets in a fight with a mutual friend. What do you do?
Act like you like both of them...when the other's not around. When they're in the same room, run!
Stay neutral but listen to both sides
Snub the person you like less and talk about them behind their back
Start rumors about the person you like less and try to turn everyone you know against them
Stay neutral and refuse to take sides

Question 8:When you hang out with your group of friends, who does the talking?
I occasionally get a word in...sometimes I crack a joke
Everyone talks the same amount
The most interesting people talk while the rest (including me) sit and listen
Me, of course
We all compete to talk

Question 9:Your friends want to go on a roadtrip. How do you get there?
Take mass transportation
My friend invited our other friend because they have a car. How else would we get there?
We're taking mass transportation, but staying at my relative's house
Take my car, of course. Why do you think they invited me in the first place?
The friend that came up with the idea is driving

Question 10:You start to dislike one of your "friends" but your group still likes him/her. Do you:
Turn everyone you know against them
Hang out mostly with your other friends, why should you be with someone you don't like?
Only hang out with the whole group occasionally
Pretend nothing's wrong, but hang out with the group a teeny bit less than normal
Continue to hang out with the person you don't like. You're not good enough friends with other people in your group to start excluding that one person...that would be weird.

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