Friend or Partner?
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Friend or Partner?

Do you often have to choose over your friend and your partner. Well this quiz will show you if you are a true friend or partner. GO!

Question 1:   You're best friend asks you to go to the Linkin park concert, but you already have plans with your partner. What do you do?
Arrange for my partner to come also. The three of us will have a blast screaming at Mike and Chester.
Blow off my friend. My partner is nicer and more interesting.
Ditch my partner. Who cares I get to see my friend and that hottie Mike!

Question 2:   A week before school ends you plan a summer bash but the day it's supposed to happen you're partner gets sick. What do you do?
Forget about my partner. He/she is just sick he/she will get over it.
Put my friend in charge of the party he/she will have fun and I can take care of my partner.
Wait till my friends get there and cancel it. I mean my partner is sick.

Question 3:   Classes in school today suck.You're partner is playing hookie and your friend is in school all alone.Who do you choose?
My friend. Who wants to go through that alone?
Both. Stay in school the first part and leave the last half.
My partner. It'll be just like Bonnie and Clyde.

Question 4:   You catch you're partner and friend making out behind the school. Who are you mad at?
Both. It didn't look like either was resisting to me.
My friend. My partner would never do it on purpose.
My boyfriend. What are best friends for right?

Question 5:   You're partner is trying to tell you something. While he is, what are you doing?
Talking to my friend.
Tell my friend to hold on for a couple minutes then I listen to my partner.
Totally ignore my friend and listen to my partner.

Question 6:   You're best friend is having troubles in his/her love life he/she comes to you for advice. What do you do?
Listen intently and forget about my partner.
Ignore my friend.
Tell my partner to hold on for a couple minutes then I listen to my friend.

Question 7:   You are going to the movies and you have one ticket left and 5 dollars for food. Who do you take with you?
My friend.
Both. I can live without food right?
My boyfriend.

Question 8:   Your partner is mad at your friend. How do you solve this?
Get rid off my friend. I love my partner.
Dump him/her if he/she has a problem with my bud he/she is gone.
Straighten it out so we're all friends again.

Question 9:   After a party is over both your partner and friend invite you back to their place. Who do you go with?
My partner's.
I can't choose I guess I'll go to my place.
My friend's.

Question 10:   Finally who do you get along better with?
My friend.
My partner.
Both of them.

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