Should Our Friendship End?🛑

Wondering if your friendship is built to last, or if it's time for a fresh start?
Look no further! Brace yourself for a quiz that will shed some light on your closest connections. From loyal BFFs to fleeting seasonal pals, and even those sneaky frenemies, this quiz is here to help you navigate the intricate web of this particular friendship dynamic you got going on.
So, are you ready to discover if your bond is worth cherishing or if it's time to bid farewell?
Let's dive in and find out!

  • 1
    Do you and this ''friend'' get along most of the time?
    Do you and this ''friend'' get along most of the time?
  • 2
    Has your friend gone through tough times recently?
  • 3
    Do you find your friend gets angry if you invite another friend along with you two?

  • 4
    Have you been in any boyfriend relationships?
  • 5
    Does your friend tend to get angry at you when you're at your house, or theirs?
  • 6
    Do you know if your other friends have been mean to her?

  • 7
    There are two pieces of your favorite kind of cake on the table - one for each of you. One is bigger than the other. What happens?
  • 8
    Do your parents like her?
  • 9
    Do you think you're meant to be friends?
  • 10
    Do you think your friend would defend you, no matter what?

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573 days ago
my bestie’s mom wants to end our friendship just because we use discord (my bestie self harms herself due to school but her mom thinks it’s because of her discord dms, BUT I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT SHE’S TOO SHY TO TALK TO ANYONE, which means that nobody would notice her/have a reason to send death threats). the way my bestie’s mom talked to me really pissed me off. plus, she wants to talk to my mom. I politely declined because my bestie’s health should NOT involve my mom, but rather be privately solved with her mom and her family. My bestie’s mom got a bit pissed at me. I started doubting whether or not we should still be friends. I absolutely 100% love my best friend but her mom makes me doubt sm....I never really interacted with her mom but her first impressions are 🐬 as hell.
619 days ago
20330 message : hey Yeah I get it friends can be so judgemental try to just find your way with new friends if possible...
619 days ago
I need your guys help My friends jazmine is really boy crazy she is dating my ex boyfriend and it makes me mad she cusses at school and gets jealouse alot I try so hard to be nice and she is nice to me to but sometimes she is sooo dramatic but there is stuff going wrong in her life right now (so she says... could she be lying? ) And I have my BFF abby but now Im not sure if we are bff's bc she always hangs around jazmine (the one I mentioned at the top ) and she showed my diary to my other friend vida and it really hurts my feelings even though I trust vida she still should have asked me first right?? other than that she's nice but fyi sometimes she can be really rude she has nothing going on in her life I can sometimes over react with her though ... I was the one who said sorry and she gave me my diary back p.s I lend it to abby anyway... And also Jazmine said I talk about her friends rudely behind her back and I dont I asked my frienemie jerrica If Vida told her what she saw in my diary and she said no and I believe her I was just suspiciouse bc me and vida had a bad history at school last year wich jazmine and abby would not no whatsoever bc they are newbys at school
Jazmine inserts herself into drama when she's told people a million times she hates it (yeah right! ) than abby and jazmine went and talked to the princibol and they probably said a bunch of lies.
634 days ago
I wish this wasn't so oddly specific.
650 days ago
I wish there were more simple choices. Like, i havent been in a relationship, but neither has she!!!
694 days ago
my friend hurts my feeling sometimes. i always buy her sweets from a sweet shop but whenever i ask her if she can buy me something(i ask nicely) she says no cause it was my choice to do it. my other bestie always shares. i think she is the right friend
809 days ago
none of the answers are related to whats actually happening, my friend never makes eye contact with me, the only time she talks to me is when im talking about her, she ignored me when my dog died, she got her friends to gang up on me and shes never let me hang out with her, and she always looks me up and down judgementally.
877 days ago
I recently left my best friends for good, unless they try to come back. One ive known for almost 8 years, the other almost 7.

We were the trio.

They recently began ignoring me and I feel like a peice of 😍. Our other “friend”, (theirs, not mine, I hate her bc she’s tried to replace me before) had left out one of my ex-best friends from a lot of their games and I 😍 snapped. I called her a whore infront of some other people, said that I 😍 hated how she treated my friend like she was nothing, and really went over the line.

The people snitched to the “friend” and I just flat out told her that I had taken enough of her behavior against my friend. She lied bout how my friends had said that they weren’t my friends anymore, yada yada. My friend of 6 years, who she was pushing away, didn’t care much but disliked that I got into their own drama. My friend of 7 years started to completely ignore me. She 😍 hated me after it and went for our “friend’s” side. Just a week earlier I had slept over at her house and we had been playing around like animals!

When I saw how she ran and hugged the “friend”, I knew that I couldn’t take this anymore. She NEVER hugged me, it was always me who hugged her. It had been like that for years.

Y E A R S .

I gave her a note.

“Our friendship is coming to an end...”
888 days ago
You don't call. You don't text. You don't write. And then you tell me to text you to inform you when I want to call you? HOW ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET YOUR ATTENTION. I'm always the one calling you first and you don't seem to care about me at all. It's as if talking to me has become like a TASK to complete with RELUCTANCE. And now all of a sudden you're busy every weekend?! When I don't meet you, see you, or even talk to you for weeks at a time, I begin to forget you. I don't know who are anymore. You've changed so much. Trent you don't care about me. What happened to our 4 hour long phone calls we used to have during the holidays? Now you're new friends take up all your time? UGHHH. I feel like if I didn't keep contacting you, you wouldn't mind going 6 months without hearing from me. AND THEN THE ONE TIME YOU CALLED ME, IT WAS ONLY TO TELL ME THAT YOU DO NOT TRUST ME ANYMORE FOR ACCIDENTALLY SPILLING YOUR SECRETS. How childish! To make things worse Trent, you actually think that threatening to tell everyone MY problems will make things even?

What happened to the Trent who loved me and watched Frozen II with me 3 times in theatres. What happened to the Trent who used to draw Disney characters with me. What happened to the fun loving open minded person you used to be.

Now your telling me that I'm to nagging? That you never want to go to the movies again? That I'm bringing up too much drama and you don't need a friend like that?

You're not adventerous anymore and I'm beginning to dislike you. I mean it! We're no longer equals too. You treat me like I'm supposed to make YOU happy. I'm not your side friend. I'M YOUR BEST FRIEND. Now all I do is get in your way...

- Raven

Ps: Sorry but I'm an emotional wreck right now, so it might just be that time of the month. :( Also, I know I have a beautiful name, thank you don't rub it in!
906 days ago
We need to break up.Mike(oof,ik ur real name isnt mike,but i call u like thatso yeah whatever) if you EVER read this...(even tho theres like 2 percent chances that u will and 98 percent chances that u won't.but yeah whatever)

I trusted you more than i trusted ANYONE else.I ****in' loved you more than anything else in the world...All the times you complimented me,they were fake?Those hugs were fake?those flattering thingy's were fake?EVERYTHING WAS FAKE????!!!!You made me emotionless mike...I thought your the one?I thought your different?i thoguht i could trust you?i thought you'd never break me?i thought we're bestfriends?I WAS WRONG.You were using me this whole time?All u first ignore me,then say sorry,then talk a lil,then IGNORE ME AGAIN?!You basically broke my ******* heart...i told u what has happened in my past?Did u not feel pity to break me AGAIN?I loed you,now i hate you.I trusted you,but now i dont.I liekd you,but now i dont.i needed you,but now i dont,i wanted you..........AND I STILL WANT YOU...BUT THE OLD PERSON I USED TO KNOW.THE ONE WHO NEVER IGNORED ME.THE ONE WHO NEVER HURTED ME.THE ONE WHO ALWAYS MADE ME LAUGH.THE ONE WHO ALWAYS MADE ME SMILE.THE ONE WHO UNDERSTOOD ME.THE ONE WHO NEVER MADE ME CRY.THE ONE WHO PROTECTED ME.THE ONE WHO ACTAULLY CARED FOR ME.THE ONE WHO WAS ACTUALLY A REAL FRIEND.Not the one who...always ignores me,not the one who hurts me every second.not the one who never makes me laugh now.not the one who never makes me smile.not the one who makes me feel worse not any better when i tell u the problems.not the one who makes me cry every second now.not the one who doesnt care about me,not the one who's a fake friend...i hate you,and i mean it.I DONT MEAN THE OPPOSITE.IM NOT SOME KIND OF TOY TO PLAY AROUND WITH,IM NOT SOME KIND OF FOOL.IM NOT SOME KIND OF TRASH.U THOUGHT IMA SOFTIE SO U COULD PLAY ME?!REALISE UR ******* MISTAKE,BEFORE JUST TEXTING ME IM SORRY.

Side note:Ik i overreacted,but if u were in my place,ik u would've done the same,ok.dont judge me
907 days ago
50% you are meant for eachother
30% You are good friends
20% you need to break up

Guys,if u can help..pls do...So,we've been friends for a long time now,and we text everyday(i do)lets just say we've been friends for 1 year...In the past,everything was great.No girl,no boy(yes im bi and hes straight)or anyone could break our friendship..we were like,...made for eachother...we would text and calle every single day...It would sometimes be me,or sometimes him...We wouldnt just text eachother to take afvice or whatever...sometimes to just have a talk,or a a girl and he's a boy(we only like eachother as friends)...1 month ago,he made a new friend...we'll call her that aria's is his friend now,he doesn't text me first,i'm always the first to start up a convo(he does reply in a minute or 2)He doesn't ignore me face to face,or in text...but im always the first to start up a convo or make if i'd have any problems in the past,he'd always comfort me with warm hugs and food(lmao.i love food ok?)but few days ago..i told him a family problem and all he said was "I'm sorry" and left to go hangout with aria,but in the past,he'd hug me,and say nice words and if on texting,if i tell him any kinda problem...he just says "Oh...Im sorry.I'm gonna hangout with aria now,bye" like does he not get it!?I NEED ****ING SUPPORT,I NEED ****ING HELP,I WANT THE OLD HIM BACK......guys,if u help me,it would mean the world...pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls help me...i need help....please guys,....i love him alot(dont ship us pls xx)i really miss the old questions like;
WHAT IF THEIR JUST GONNA SURPRISE ME(my bdays coming too btw)
idk guys,....i beg u guys pls JUST pls pls pls PLEASE help me....
1024 days ago
For 50% you are: Ready for my opinion? You need to break up!

Your friend really doesn't need you! In fact, she might even be using you! Going by what you've said, you'd better break up, and fast! Do it lightly, and make sure there are no hard feelings. Although with her attitude, there might be. Notice: It might not be what you think. Before you seriously break up, make sure she isn't hiding something. There might be more going on than you know.

she hasnt answered my texts in 3 days, she gets jelous when me and one of my other friends hang out and shes always mad at me for litterally no reason...i agree we need to go our separate ways, bye grace:/
1024 days ago first I was like what if she betray me...I'd be mad very mad>:( ..we still friends
1056 days ago
My friend lives across the street, so it feels as if I can't escape her. She makes my life a bit miserable, but occasionally helps. When I think of her, I think of her triggering my anxiety and or making my life miserable, I'm worried she'll make my friend group hate me because in everyone's eyes, she's perfect, innocent, and always right. Also @court, same. Bless you all, and good luck!
1062 days ago
I’m too scared to break it off and she gets really clingy so I don’t if I can :(
1063 days ago
I should def break it off. She sucks.
1102 days ago
I should break up with herfor sure
1305 days ago
i quit with her she is really mean
1312 days ago
mine did the same thin @annoying Bean
1319 days ago
Fml literally changed one answer to say she wasn’t going through anything and it went from strong friendship to break it off