What kind of friend are you?
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What kind of friend are you?

This quiz will tell you how good of a friend you are! :)

Question 1:You see a wallet on the ground, what do you do with it?
Try to find the person who owns the wallet
Keep it for yourself
Turn it in
If you don't find the owner, donate the money to the needy

Question 2:You and your friend are playing a game of soccer. Your friend falls down and scrapes his knee and begins to cry. You say,
Quit being a baby
Here, let me help you up and lets go get something for that knee
Let me go get your mom
I'll help you up but I'm not gonna' get you anything

Question 3:It is your friends birthday and you were invited to his party. What do you give him?
A card
A brand new toy/game
A little toy
A thing he has always wanted

Question 4:You and your friend are walking in the park. It begins to rain. You have an umbrella but your friend doesn't. You....
Hold the umbrella over his head
Keep it to yourself and laugh
Say, 'Tough luck'
Share it

Question 5:You see a kitten in the street. A car is driving down the street and is heading for the kitten. You...
Run into the street for the kitten
Just stand there and watch
Shout out for help to get the kitten
Try to stop the car

Question 6:Your mom asks you to go to the store for her and buy her some things. You say....
Sorry I can't umm...I feel sick
I'd be glad to! And I'll put them up too!
Sure mom!

Question 7:At the store, on the list, it says to get a certain brand of butter. You look for the butter, but they don't have that kind. You...
Get another brand kind of like it and tell your mom why
Don't get the butter at all
Search again and again to check

Question 8:Your friend is feeling sick and you decide to get a group of friends and make something for him. You....
Make him some soup and a card
Give him a card
Decide not to do anything
Make him a badly made card just to get it over with

Question 9:Your friend is moving to another town the next day and won't be able to see you again for awhile. What do you do?
Give him the best day he ever could have
Just say bye
Look at the good times you two had
Give him a goodbye card

Question 10:When your friend moves, you feel really sad. You decide to do something to stop feeling sad. You....
Just decide to not do anything at all
Look at old pictures
I dunno O.o

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