What kind of friend are you?
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What kind of friend are you?

Let's see if you're as good a friend as you think you are!

Question 1:Your friend loses her favorite necklace and is crying. You...
Help her look around for it.
Give her your own favorite piece of jewelry and let her have it.
Tell her that it was just a cheap thing anyway and material items don't matter.

Question 2:You've liked a guy for a long time, but your best friend is crushing on him now. He asks her out and she asks you how you feel about it. What do you tell her?
If she says yes you'll never speak to her again!
If she likes him, she should be with him. She deserves to be happy.
She should follow her heart even if it breaks yours.

Question 3:You and a friend were planning to go to the mall one day but her other friend from out of town wants to go with her. She says she is going with her other friend instead. What do you do?
Yell at her for blowing you off.
Tell her to have fun and reschedule.
Get a little upset and beg her to let you go with them.

Question 4:Your friend's kitten died and she's really sad. You've encouraged her not to get attached to it, but she did anyway and now she's heartbroken. What do you do?
Tell her it wasn't her fault and offer to help her any way you can.
Tell her it was her own fault and she should have listened to you.
Suggest that she get a new pet.

Question 5:Your best friend has been hanging out with some other people lately who used to be very mean to you. She doesn't call you or talk to you much anymore and when she does she acts like she's better than you are. Her new friends start to shun her. How do you handle this?
Laugh at her. She wants to be a backstabber? Fine.
Don't talk to her unless she talks to you first. If she needs a friend, she'll ask.
Ask her if she wants to sit with you at lunch.

Question 6:You've been talking with your friend on the phone for a while and you don't really want to talk anymore. You...
Just hang up. She'll get the idea.
Tell her you've been talking for a while and you would like to go get something done.
Tell her Mom needs you and you have to call her back.

Question 7:A good friend of yours gets arrested for driving drunk. She calls you up, crying. What do you tell her?
Tell her if she can't do the time she shouldn't do the time.
That you'll be down there in a fifteen minutes to help her sort it out.
Tell her that she should have asked you for a ride instead of trying to drive home.

Question 8:Your friend is jealous of your talents at art. She asks you to do her Art project one day. What do you do?
Tell her no way! She can do it and fail!
Do it for her.
Tell her you can help her learn how to do it but you can't do it for her.

Question 9:You're at the mall with your friend and she tries on a dress. She asks what you think and you honestly bet she'd look better in a paper bag. You tell her...
It looks great.
She'd look better in a paper bag.
That it isn't bad but maybe she should look for something better.

Question 10:You hear that one of your friends is talking about another friend behind her back. What do you do?
Tell your friend that they're doing it.
Talk to the person who is saying those things. Ask them not to talk about your friend that way because if it continues you will have to tell them.
Talk along with them. What she doesn't known won't hurt her, right?

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