Friendship test
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Friendship test

Take this quiz to find out what sort of friend you are.

Question 1:A close friend invites you to her birthday party but you have already made plans with another friend. What do you do?
Go to your friends party.
Go with your other friend.
Take your friend to the party.
Stay at home.

Question 2:You go into town with a friend. You buy a really nice top. The next week your friend has bought exactly the same top. What do you do?
Confront her and talk about it calmly.
Yell at her.
Tell her to take it back to the shop.
Take your's back to the shop.

Question 3:A friend is getting bullied by some kids. What do you do?
Fight them.
Shout abuse at them.
Tell a teacher.
Ignore them.

Question 4:A friend has just split up with her boyfriend. What do you do?
Invite her round to watch a film.
Ring her.
Go round to see her.
Leave her for a bit.

Question 5:One of your friends is really annoying you. What do you do?
Tell her to shut up.
Have a quiet word with her.
Get one of your other friends to have a word with her.
Go and sit on your own.

Question 6:You feel left out by your group of friends. What do you do?
Find another group of friends.
Talk to one of them.
Try and join in a bit more.
Go and sit by yourself.

Question 7:Which of the following would you consider to most represent you?

Question 8:Your having troubles at home. What do you do?
Ask advice from one of your friends.
Tell a teacher.
Don't tell anyone.
Try and sort them out.

Question 9:Your house sets on fire. What do you do?
Call 999.
Get everyone out of the house.
Call 999 from a neighbours house.
Ignore it.

Question 10:The most valuble question..... What is your favourite food?
Fish & chips.
or some other thing

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