Who Am I In My Friendship Group?

Whether your group of friends is big, small, or somewhere in-between, everyone in it occupies a certain status, purposely or not. Your place might or might not be healthy for you. Find out now who you are in your friendship group by taking my quiz. Then you can decide if you're happy with what you discover and whether you should make a change. Good luck!

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    Are you equally close with everyone in your group?
    Are you equally close with everyone in your group?

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31 days ago
It said that I need to not make any of the group members feel excluded, but I'm the one who's excluded. If I'm trying to say something, they don't listen to me, they don't care about my opinions, and if they can't find me at lunch when we're outside, they just do their thing without me. I'm very left out in my group and I should probably leave, but we're the popular kids, and I don't want to be friends with anyone else! I also have one super close friend in the group, but I doubt she'd leave with me.
70 days ago
((teal)The "glue" you say? Worthy heck, that's 🦄! In a good way. Perhaps maybe I am that way. Well then, I will use this gift of mine to bring everyone even more close I suppose.
85 days ago
Ready for your result? You are the one who shouldn't be in the group. Maybe you hate most of the members, or maybe they hate you - or maybe the feeling is mutual. For whatever reason, you just don't feel your very best with your current group. What to do? Find a new group of friends, of course! Some people just don't get along, or maybe change into different people. Just make sure there are no hard feelings when you leave the group

yes this is very true
i like the ppl in the group but i feel kinda left out :/
132 days ago
I am leader of this group. They very respect me . They love me very much . I love them all .
191 days ago
My issue is my friends aren’t bad people. It’s just they cause me mental stress and mental questioning that really messes with my brain. I get made fun of for being the only straight cis one in the group. And even if they are joking I’m not laughing. Only issue is if I left them they’d all hate me. And I have no one else to go to. I already left them once but I had to come back but now there is just more. I’m in a lose lose situation,
221 days ago
One down 8 friends to go
233 days ago
This test is actually so accurate!! It said I am the one with the best friend in the group which is true! We look really similar too and tricked a bunch of people into thinking we are related! We are kind of like the silly twins who mess around a lot... And yet we are so different (in personality)!!
249 days ago
apparently im the ine who is happy with my position my freind group bever starts drama soo j love
275 days ago
My Best Friend, Brittany, has highs and lows... she gets really happy and into our friendship and then she goes AWOl and MIA. There's always a period that she doesn't even respond to my texts and is really distant and questions me. Like we were in dance class together and I lost my friendship bracelet. (we have been friends for AWILE) I was upset because that thing meant a lot to me, and I told her that, and she said WHY. WHY does it mean so much to you. GRRRRRR. She's really cool though but I'm getting mixed signals and if someone could help me that would be great. TBH I think she's mature but she may be super immature... only time and some help will tell :((
289 days ago
We get mad at each other but we make up after a couple minutes 😁
297 days ago
My Bestie, My Ex- BEstfrined, My Crush and my TWIN are in my Friend Group. I wish my TWIN wasn't in it 🔫
304 days ago
the re💝 were acuret but i think you need to add an option to some of these questions and it should say: cry/mental breakdown, because i do that sometimes
348 days ago
This quiz is so accuarte. All of my friends say I am the most funniest.
354 days ago
354 days ago
I love my group except my bestest friend ever kind of makes me feel left out with them
356 days ago
So accurate but missed one. I hope everyone together and I am also in a different group too, but I like my first group better.

But what they missed was I am also sort of the mom, and I make sure everyone is okay after a quick little s🌻e on their finger. I mean, who else is like this?? I'm the kind, fun, talkative, wild , really chill hipster friend basically
650 days ago
fo I like like someone in the groum
671 days ago
Yeah I hate to break it to my friends that I might leave in a few days...

And the worst about it is that I AM IN CHARGE
903 days ago
And they were Annoying
903 days ago
I'm changing schools soon anyway