Take This If You Need A New Hobby!

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Have your hobbies gotten to be old-hat? Or maybe you just want to see some new possibilities? Either way, this quiz is designed to help you find a new pastime to enjoy. Find out yours now! P.S.: I only had room to list a few hobbies here...hope you like your result!

  • 1
    Which color scheme is the most appealing to you?

    Which color scheme is the most appealing to you?
  • 2
    What is your learning style? If you don’t know, just pick your favorite!

  • 3
    How do you organize your thoughts? Please pick whichever is closest.

  • 4
    Most of your clothes are made out of____/what is your favorite material?
  • 5
    Which of these school subjects do you like most?

  • 6
    How computer-savvy are you?

  • 7
    Pick the group of foods below that you like best:
  • 8
    Do you like being outdoors?
  • 9
    Do you like to read?

  • 10
    What type of weather is the best?

Comments (86)


@whoever I am I got photography which was a another good hobby I could try but I wanted to get drawing. And I am a girl
22 days ago
It gives me photography and editing in the first one 😂, which I already did. And gave me watercolors painting after photography, which I also already doing it.
26 days ago
I somehow really find this useful and yes, it guessed me right for loving editing photos/videos, and i do rush in doing many things.. good job! Some comments are meant but I won't judge whether true or not.. but, I got painting too, I never try to love art but I am sure if I give it a try, I would love it! And yes, I did friendship bracelet a long time ago then sold them.. many people ordered from me.. pretty sure, if I make it easy for myself to "TRY" in things I thought impossible for me, it becomes possible one day. Just get up geom your bed and do things you dreamt of!! Sorry for my English.. I am not an expert but I try.. ❤
26 days ago
This is just fake; the questions are just random and they don't actually lead to hobbies that are meant to suit you.
31 days ago
how did it give me painting? I🍦at painting and hate it
85 days ago
No body can't get full marks if you are my best friend get full marks
87 days ago
I ride horses not this!? LOL I got......You should try orienteering! To do this, you use compasses and race your way throughout a course from clue to clue for a prize at the end. This is a perfect choice for those of us who like everything to be really fast! Look online for your nearest orienteering club!
100 days ago
I already do photographing lol
110 days ago
OMG this works rly well!! I got photography which I am amazing at. I also got friendship bracelets... I am AMAZING at them
127 days ago
I got photo editing, which is, interesting, already one of my interests.
133 days ago
Oh! Also i like photo editting so ye whatevahh
135 days ago
I really need to find a hobby man
137 days ago
I need to find a hobby
156 days ago
ive done this quiz so many times picking diffrent this and i always get watercoloring!!! this is rigged
168 days ago
... 0% clay making I've made a diddly darn dragon out of clay definitely I had nothing better to do
186 days ago
Watercolor!! Seems like fun and it was the best things in all the results!
194 days ago
470 days ago
All of these interests are from a creative spectrum.I'm a logical person who likes patterns in letters/numbers, so this did not fly with me.
484 days ago
I actually kinda wanna try photography but it’s not the answer I was expecting and the results were kinda hard to calculate so it’s not the best
487 days ago
Not accurate. Decided to try it for the heck of it. It gave me watercolor as a top choice. I hate doing any sort of art.