What Do People See You As?

Do people see you as a snob? Or a sports person? Or just your average person? Take this quiz to find out. This test is mostly for middle-school aged girls.

Question 1:At lunch in the cafeteria at school, what do you and your friends usually talk about?
The big game that's coming up.
What we're doing after school, on the weekend, and just catching up.
What do you think?? Clothes, makeup, hair, the mall, and boys!
Friends? What friends?

Question 2:How would you decide which elective class to take?
I just let the teachers put me in whatever.
Maybe something that not everyone else is doing, to try something new.
Well, if there's anything that has to do with not sitting the whole entire time, I'm there!
Whatever everyone else is taking! Duh!

Question 3:If your school had a play, what would you most likely try out for?
Maybe the lead role, or a supporting role.
Probably a backstage person.
Either a clothes designer, makeup person, or the lead role!
Me? I'm not even going to the performance!

Question 4:Your parents send you to camp. Where do you usually spend your time?
By the lake, in my bikini, showing off my tan and checking out all the hot guys.
In the cabin.
By the arts and crafts area.
Playing basketball or soccer.

Question 5:Out of these movies, which is your favorite?
Legally Blonde
the Lord of the Rings
the Ring

Question 6:When it's time for gym class, you are...
still in the locker room, fixing your hair and finishing up your makeup.
hanging out with your friends.
playing some type of sport.
sitting alone on the bleachers.

Question 7:When your friend says that she's going to try out for a soccer team, and asks if you want to try out as well, what's your reaction?
Say you'll think about it.
Tell her yes without even thinking.
I don't have any friends, and I'm not trying out by myself.
Are you crazy??? I'll get my makeup messed up!

Question 8:What do you want your first car to be?
Hm...maybe a 1966 Mustang...
An old one that hardly runs.
A fancy, brand-new sports car!
An SUV or Jeep.

Question 9:What's your favorite season?
Summer! That's when I can show off my beautiful bod!

Question 10:What do you think of school as?
A torture chamber.
A place where you can get all the latest gossip!
A place to trade the latest sports techniques.
A place to learn things and hang out with friends.

This Quiz has been designed by Crystal.