What do people around you see in you?
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What do people around you see in you?

Question 1:   What color is most appealing to you?
A rough, and dusky grey, or a neutral tone, like chocolaty brown
A majestic shade of purple, or a deep color like forest green, or a shadowy black
An elegant shade of silver or gold, glowing, but still regal
A soft scarlet, blushing pink, or an off shade of cream
A bright, glowing yellow, vibrant blue, or a glittery orange

Question 2:   Life is...
Merely an illusion, all be it a persistent one
Persistent and rough, but yet graceful for the hand of fate is never wrong.
A way of overcoming yourself again and again, and becoming stronger.
An adventure, something all humans lust for
What you make of it, and meant to be fun.

Question 3:   Which subject have you always liked in school?
History, Drama or chemistry. All showed your compatibility
Literature or music. Both show the true depths of your emotions.
I always liked home ex. Or lunch
Gym. It always made me feel self-confidant and energetic
Math. It was so organized and always logical

Question 4:   Choose a song...
Pulse of the Maggots; by Slipknot. It’s kind of true. We fight for those who can’t, and we are the new diabolic
You were meant for me; by Jewel. It’s so sad… but it’s also overcoming and strong
The Last Day on Earth; by Marilyn Manson. It’s true… It sounds so human… yet so… not..
Semi-Charmed Life; by Third Eye Blind. I like that it’s bouncy and optimistic
Fear; by Sarah McLachlan. Very refined vocals and instruments and very deep.

Question 5:   You hate...
Scummy people who claim they can’t get to where they need to, to survive.
The people who are afraid of everything.
People who are intentionally mean all the time
Those grumpy people who can’t smile. Their hearts are stone!
People who can’t understand the depth of life

Question 6:   What's your favorite drink?
A virgin strawberry daiquiri or smoothie

Question 7:   Keep your friends close, but your...
Enemies closer
Money braing strangers closer
I think I agree with the person who keeps money baring strangers closer...
Teddy bear closer
True Love closer

Question 8:   Bow to...
No one
The money baring strangers that you keep closer
The daisy you just picked
The goddess/fate/god/higher being

Question 9:   Mirrors...
Are necessary
Also steal your soul... Fools...
Are shiny
Reveal nothing more than your outer shell
Can be used to hurt someone

Question 10:   You are...
Imapatiently waiting for you to finish
Ready for the end of this test.
Going to kick your bum, man...

Question 11:   Oaky... I'll miss you...!
Yes, you will
...Are you serious...?
Okay! By!
Oh... Me too!
Oh stuff it.

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