Why Do People Dislike Me?

EVERYONE thinks, "Nobody likes me!" from time to time! So definitely don't feel bad if you've ever thought this. BUT if you're obsessing over the idea, and you think maybe it's not all in your head, try this test and get my honest opinion of what's going on. I'll try not to be harsh in my criticism. At the same time, please take my advice seriously - but then again, not TOO seriously. Because while you might need to change a bit (we ALL do!), I don't know you. Try my test with an open mind, and plan to make some tiny tweaks if you agree that you need to. You've got nothing to lose and tons to gain!

  • 1
    One of your friends is hosting a party this coming weekend. What are you going to do?
    One of your friends is hosting a party this coming weekend. What are you going to do?
  • 2
    So you're walking down the hall at school when someone accidentally bumps into you. What is your reaction?
  • 3
    What is your favorite color or type of color?

  • 4
    What is your opinion of people?
  • 5
    What's your favorite type of music?
  • 6
    It's Friday night, woohoo! What can you usually be found doing?

  • 7
    Personally, I dislike labeling people. What is your opinion?
  • 8
    How many friends do you think you have?
  • 9
    There's a Valentine's Day dance coming up. Are you going?
  • 10
    Are you prepared to take my advice when you get your result?

Comments (34)


77 days ago
I am shy so I don't talk much unless its to bullys and then if they bully me I just say ok if you want proof then here you go! *does splits*
140 days ago
I don't feel this was very accurate. I'm not in school anymore, so I was kind of thinking of how I might have responded back when I was in school vs how I am now and that may have thrown things off. Nonetheless, I'll try to take your advice and see what happens.
145 days ago
Bro what in the hell is this. You don’t get to tell people that their mental illness is actually for attention??? I’ve been diagnosed, from, you know, actual doctors?(just realized how stupid I sound coming onto all the tests and making a 🍦 rant about a test that slightly offended me but hey...maybe this is why people don’t like me :D) So how about you stop tryin to make people change because “pEoPle WiLL liKe yOu mOrE” what happened to being yourself? What happened to making mistakes without having to be ridiculed and told to change? I’m hella sensitive if I’m perfectly honest. I just need to rant so please don’t mind me. I apologize for not knowing how to be the perfect person 🤩. Whatever buuuut other than the mental illness bs it was kinda accurate ig 👀
168 days ago
Don't get upset, but you seem to be rather outwardly emotional. At times you seem so happy, then you just swing to a negative feeling. We all have this going on inside - at least sometimes. But most people keep it there, at least at first, to avoid being off-putting to others. Also, you seem to feel sorry for yourself a good bit. Ask yourself this: Is showing that you're lonely, sad, or depressed your way of getting attention? If so, try a new approach, or at least don't be so outward about it. Most people prefer to get to know someone before getting into their heavy emotional stuff. Try a lighter approach and see what happens! Of course you can share sad stuff, but go for balance. Best of luck!

But wait! when i am actually sad i go and hide in my room and be ALONE.
187 days ago
oki thx for the advive
245 days ago
This quiz just read my mind
259 days ago
wait this is so true how do these know me? omg like HOW?!?!?!?
266 days ago
I love it here! There can be all four seasons of weather in a week! (this week occurs around two or three times in winter)
266 days ago
@Minnesota Proud -- I just wanted to say that I've been living in Minnesota my whole life...
274 days ago
i was abused and now i cant trust any1
279 days ago
You missed by a mile. I don't express my emotions and as I am isolated there is no-one to express to anyways.
287 days ago
My result was this:
You probably know and love this about yourself: You're a big flirt! You love to love, and to be loved. Your mind is always set on one thing - love. You're crazy to find that special someone. Once you break up, you're quickly on the prowl for someone new. That can be intimidating to some people. Your confidence is attractive, but it can overwhelm the people you want to attract. Try being friends first, and tone down the come ons. You'll start to see people relax more with you more. Also - keep in mind that if you're too forward and seem overly willing, you could get used. You deserve better! Best of luck!
I am so happy with my result... they said that sometimes people might use me and unfortunately it is true 😅
341 days ago
Yeah.. i agree with you.
353 days ago
Yay... I'm anti-social. So it's not that people don't like me it's that I don't like them lmao wow that back fired on me. 40%

363 days ago
30% Hmmm. don't get defensive, but seem to have an ego, You tend to be competitive and always want to be the best. You also tend to look down on others.

Sounds like me!
363 days ago
they kind of got it right
363 days ago
For 60% you are: You might already be aware of this, but you're kind of an anti-social type. You tend to shy away from group events. You're not a big fan of people, and you probably have good reasons to feel this way. But what can you do? People are everywhere, and they always will be. Open up your mind and heart just a little bit more, and I'm sure you'll make some friends worth having. Don't fall into the trap of assuming someone will be bad or incompatible before you've gotten to know them a bit. Hey, they might even have the same kinds of thoughts about people that you do! Best of luck!
367 days ago
i dont ever talk about my emotions because im afriad people will judge me and not care so i only have 3 close friends
384 days ago
I got a 30% and no one likes me at my school i just wished everyone stopped not liking me because i’m sensitive..
731 days ago
Regarding your comment about disliking labels and Stereotypes:
Stereotypes and labels are an essential part of our thinking process. It is vital in our understanding our world as it allows us to categorise and look for similarities. Mistaken assumptions are just a flaw in the system. If you’re interested, I would recommend read ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman.