What Do Other People Think of You? This Quiz Will Spill the Tea!

Are you obnoxious, weird, normal or non-existent in other people's minds? Whether you actually care what others think of you or are just curious, this quiz will tell you the truth if you answer honestly. Try it now and see what others think of you!

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    When you laugh, people are most likely to comment:
    When you laugh, people are most likely to comment:

Comments (48)


12 days ago
70% normal! But why do I have only 2 friends in school???
44 days ago
I was better before covid happened. I talked a lot with people even if I barely knew them, and it was so much fun to hear what they had to say.
But when I started remote learning I became quiet and very shy. Now i'm back in school and I feel like everyone thinks i'm that one crazy girl that no one notices... except for my friends. Emma and Isabella are always there for me whenever I need help, and because of them I am becoming more confident and outgoing. Thank you both for being there for me❤
48 days ago
when i laugh my luagh last's for 10 seconds
51 days ago
Also it said talk to people with shared interests but I am the only person in the school who likes Zelda games so yeh that idea is out the window.
62 days ago
I'm the lonely kid at school who doesn't talk and no one likes and I cant do anything about it. These days I've just gotten used to it.😢
91 days ago
"a little weird" YA THINK??
117 days ago
60% normal. I feel bad about myself now lol. This just added to my anxiety XD
118 days ago
40% normal dang do people think oooooOOOOOOOoooo she hottYTT
133 days ago
Where's the no option on q6?
278 days ago
4%, im obnoxious lol
284 days ago
“Throw a big party or organize a school event.”
Guys, what about the introverted half of the population (like me) that would freak out about being INVITED to something like that?
Also I got 50% normal and I know that people think I am constantly following them around because I unintentionally sneak up on them.
The questions on this quiz were mostly not applicable to me.
333 days ago
"throw a huge party"
🐬 win me a lottery pls
391 days ago
i couldnt even finish the quiz its so painful jee im sorry for anyone who believe this i just wanted to have some fun but i ran into this 🐤 im sorry whoever created this i mean no offense but.. tf
400 days ago
hello? i never wrote something bad about anyone on the bathroom walls. this quiz is hard to get through.
417 days ago
I got 60% normal, I was expecting 0 but whatever. lmfao
426 days ago
i got 100% normal..ehh!?what the-no bad words here-No like,I literally walk in class like a weirdo for no reason at all.i sit on people's table's or sometimes even stand on it.I close the door so 😘 hard that even the kids who r sleeping in their darn dreamland,wake up,as some sort of tornado hit our school.I don't really think i'm normal,i'm the dumbest,lamest,craziest,stupidiest,weird est,not-normal-at-all person i know:)
433 days ago
I got 100% Normal literary 100%?! When I’m the most craziest person I mean, I don’t like black or anything like that ):
444 days ago
Wow. I never ever ever in my life would get called normal like- I’m the most craziest hyper person in my whole class- I’d run around in circles 4 no reason, I’d pile books all around and -u know. Just crazy stuff, Maybe I am normal? Or perhaps I’m not the only crazy non-sugar filled hyper kid in this planet...
460 days ago
People have always said I'm weird. But when I was in quarantine, I talked to this really awesome girl I met online. And them well more stuff happened. Basically I changed. But people still see me as weird since they don't know I changed. And the people who see I changed now kinda want nothing to do with me. So now I'm questioning everything. I don't have anyone to talk to since my parents don't care and I don't have any good friends and that one online bestie I had isn't talking to me anymore, I'm just a person in seventh grade trying to survive. I'm just confused at this point.
461 days ago
i got 90% pecent freaking normal