What Do Other People Think Of Me? Quiz

Are you weird? Wonderful? Crazy? Cool? Or something else? Whether you actually care what others think of you or are just curious, this quiz will tell you the truth if you answer honestly. In other words, answering to get your desired result might not get you the truth, so what would be the point? Anyway...try it now and see what others think of you!

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    When you laugh, people are most likely to comment:
    When you laugh, people are most likely to comment:

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6 days ago
I don't know what I was expecting. Everyone of these test I've taken have said I need to OPEN UP MORE 🥲
52 days ago
cool i guess i didnt know people think of me like that mostly i think they think of me is like im a creep
57 days ago
Okay it is obvious that this is slightly inaccurate. This test calls me 100% NORMAL.
87 days ago
All of the answer was false XD how in all 7 hells could you fail me that bad! >X] I'm hated by most of my class mates, I WANT to blend In, I can't lead or set up an event for the life of me, no one wants to be me not even my friends, I have severe social anxiety and rude, practically no self confidence, I'm the one in need an ego boost, lost 3 childhood friends last summer, and attract huh more like deflect.
108 days ago
I go to school and I'm in mathletes why can't I be a nerd in this quiz
127 days ago
Hang on... On question 6 there are only yes answers?!!
140 days ago
For 90% you are: People see you as pretty normal. You are mostly liked by other people, but you might blend in with the crowd a little bit. To stand out more, try doing something bolder, even over-the-top and amazing, like throwing a huge party or organizing a school event.

All in all, you're simply awesome! Anyone who doesn't like you probably just wishes they were more like you. Reach out to those people if you want, because you're nice enough and secure enough in yourself to take in new friends whose egos might need a boost. You might not keep every friend you make, but who does? Your personality type tends to attract all kinds of people. Don't let in the ones who seem toxic or abusive, and you'll be OK. Trust me - the truly right friends will stay around and will always be a part of your core tribe.

If you're finding this result kind of surprising or don't like it, please take it with a grain of salt. Everyone has likable and unlikable traits, even celebrities and saints. I don't know you personally, obviously. Maybe after a little time and thought, you'll consider what I said and try to make a positive change if you feel one is needed. Whatever you end up doing, all the best!
Wow.am I better than anyone else?
147 days ago
I got:
For 90% you are: People see you as pretty normal. You are mostly liked by other people, but you might blend in with the crowd a little bit.
184 days ago
It says no one really see's me, like I'm invisible to people. Now I know if I committed suicide no one would care or even notice I was gone.
223 days ago
HAHAHA like I thought, i am just a nobody
236 days ago
In my school the principal banned Pokemon cards because "kids were fighting over them ".I mean idrc but still it's stupid
280 days ago
Btw 85% normal but how do you say that when you are known as the school weeb?
280 days ago
Honestly, I'm glad I got normal-ish it will make life easier. Some of my friends say I'm wired in a good way, because let's be honest, the majority of "normal" people are just boring or they may be fake. So in my opinion I'll take the quiz and other people's literal comments irl into consideration, but the quiz wasn't lying about one thing, I may get along with the majority of people but I have some people I hate and I meen hate and I'm fairly certain that they hate me as well.
287 days ago
50% normal... I take normal as an insult. I try the best I can to be as different from everyone else as I can. But I guess I need to try harder?
330 days ago
70% normal! But why do I have only 2 friends in school???
362 days ago
I was better before covid happened. I talked a lot with people even if I barely knew them, and it was so much fun to hear what they had to say.
But when I started remote learning I became quiet and very shy. Now i'm back in school and I feel like everyone thinks i'm that one crazy girl that no one notices... except for my friends. Emma and Isabella are always there for me whenever I need help, and because of them I am becoming more confident and outgoing. Thank you both for being there for me❤
366 days ago
when i laugh my luagh last's for 10 seconds
369 days ago
Also it said talk to people with shared interests but I am the only person in the school who likes Zelda games so yeh that idea is out the window.
380 days ago
I'm the lonely kid at school who doesn't talk and no one likes and I cant do anything about it. These days I've just gotten used to it.😢
409 days ago
"a little weird" YA THINK??