Why Do Some People Hate Me? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You've probably always heard that, "Not everyone is going to like you." Still, it's kind of a harsh thought that someone actually dislikes you!

But don't worry, because absolutely everyone wonders about this sometimes. Maybe you get a fakey vibe from a coworker or classmate, or a certain person never seems to look you in your eyes when you talk.

Anyway, find out what you might be doing to cause these things (if anything) and what you could possibly do about it.

  • 1
    If somebody were in your way, how would you tell them to move?
    If somebody were in your way, how would you tell them to move?
  • 2
    Are you mean to anyone?
  • 3
    Why would you think people dislike you?

  • 4
    Are you mean, or nice?
  • 5
    Do you think you're attractive?
  • 6
    How many friends do you have?

  • 7
    Do you have any enemies?
  • 8
    Have you ever done anything to make people mad?
  • 9
    Why would you think people dislike you?
  • 10
    Do you feel you're likable?

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691 days ago
everyone hates me my best friend got mad at me because my gf broke my heart and he got on her side.
753 days ago
Today I was playing speed ball for Pe a I was on and good team but I only got the ball once. I had taken this test once or twice and every time I get the result oh you are hated. But ever since I moved to the Gold Coast i have been discriminated by everyone. After the game every one in my class was talking snap about me😓😭but to be honest that happens every day. May be it's because I'm five foot five at the age of 12. Now all the boys hate me. Please help😭😭
760 days ago
am a mama at 17
760 days ago
100 prsnt peps hate me but am ok i love me and thats aall that matters
760 days ago
hi whaaa aphmau yess i love your youtuebs
823 days ago
Meh this was good
824 days ago
People with anger issues sittin there like: (. ) - (. )-( .) - ( .)
829 days ago
Like the whole world hate me!! well....... only one person doesn't hate me that's my bfffffffffffffff well ofc even though I met her a year ago she still me bestie/sis (she not really my sis)
829 days ago
I guess it was good I !ran like well I'm heh lol
830 days ago
I'm just going to say, you're going to have people in your life who hate you and people who don't. This test was good but if you really feel alone in real life, you should talk to someone about it. Or make a effort to be a better person. Sometimes it's not your fault if someone doesn't particularly like you. Not everyone has to love you. Be yourself and if you feel like yourself isn't amazing, go ahead and try to be better. People will hate you and that's just how life is. I had three girls in 6th grade bully me because they made up a lie about me saying something I never did. You know, it was the worst feeling I've ever felt in my life but half way through, I decided to forgive them. Now, I always try to be kind to them and to focus on the forgiving part of our growing, new friendship. It's part of life to have people who hate you. The best thing to do about it is to be kind to them. It may not make them love you but it could teach them a lesson. Don't think everyone hates you. There's always someone out there who wishes you better and thinks you're amazing no matter who you are. I wish you luck on your journey of life and hope you get over the speed bumps.

Always try to be kind.

Hope this wasn't too corny. I try to leave inspirational stuff on a site every day in the comments! 🥰💗 Be you.

- Anonymous
839 days ago
60% everybody hates me-
853 days ago
Bruh the quiz litteraly said "IDK" did I waste my time-
873 days ago
people, this quiz is
a) filled with stereotypical questions
b) you can't love everyone
c) there will always be bishes that won't like you, so stop gaf about them and live your best life, you only have one. Achieve your dreams and love yourself
873 days ago
So, do people hate you, or is it something else? Yep, people definitely hate you.

That's what they said,
And you know what?

I am the motherfricking social friend.
879 days ago
I love my fans and friends and family
887 days ago
i hate myslef
894 days ago
Peeps hate me!!! I am kinda surprized.I mean,I am pretty nice to people.
894 days ago
I hate my life
897 days ago
Pls tell me what to do
897 days ago
Idk but I do rlly hate myself I tried not to but I can not! not hate myself I were a fake smile every day so nobody knows