If you woke up as a boy...

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Please don't lie

  • 1
    You just woke up.
    How do you feel?
  • 2
    You look in the mirror. What's the first thing you notice?
  • 3
    You have to pick clothes. what do you wear?

  • 4
    You get to school. who do you hang out with?
  • 5
    You have to pick someone to sit next to. who?
  • 6
    You are on your way home and you see a cute girl. what do you do?

  • 7
    You need the loo, where to go?
  • 8
    How do you go?
  • 9
    It's the evening. you usually attend an art club with your bffs. what club do you do today?
  • 10
    You get in bed and have a decision to make. change back to a girl or remain a boy?

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70 days ago
I’m a trans girl who lasted 12 years as a boy(sadly)
298 days ago
I am a buy get roasted nerd
331 days ago
This test was way to heteronormative, yeah, same as @Horrid
441 days ago
"You are a girly girl and wouldn't last the day as a boy. you need to calm it though. boys aren't aliens." Just because I chose to hang out with my friends and not date anyone doesn't make me a girly girl...
508 days ago
You might last a few hours but not much longer! you would choose being a girl over being a boy and are your typical girl. don't worry, this is just a what if!

Probably true. How would I explain to my family, teachers and friends that its me 😂😂. I wouldn't be able to hang out with my friends cause they would think that I am a weirdo lol.
530 days ago
Am I The Only Boy Here Lol
549 days ago
I'm a trans dude and it said I'm a girl just because I'm gay what the heccity hecc man
561 days ago
well that does happen quite othten
584 days ago
You would last the day and probably longer too! you are most likely a tomboy and like hanging round boys. you like to act the part or just generally like girls. its not something to be embarrassed of, be yourself, even if you're flirty!
599 days ago
lesbian (9 yrs) wow. what is wrong with you.
651 days ago
The way number 6 is is wrong and mean girls can like girls and some boys don't like girls
692 days ago
bruh- I got that I was a boy- finally a quiz that understands me for once gosh dang
694 days ago
It just told me that I was a girl, which I already knew lol.
697 days ago
I AM HAPPY WITH MAH RESULTS NO DENYING my results: You might last a few hours but not much longer! you would choose being a girl over being a boy and are your typical girl. don't worry, this is just a what if.
697 days ago
Especially since I have no life as a girl and I basically wear boy clothes already.
697 days ago
I don’t know, I mean maybe being a boy wouldn’t be that bad, you get to start your life as a woman and then get a chance to see what being a boy is like. I mean I actually think my life would be better if I was a boy........been wishing I was a boy for as long as I can remember.
699 days ago
I would like to be boy.................no way being a girl is tuff........................i hate it T-T
716 days ago
I am not a girly girl I am a tomboy
716 days ago
I am not a girly girl I'm a tomboy BRUH
765 days ago
You know, my test said I would not enjoy being a boy. But.. Really, sometimes that's how I can Express myself. I have no sisters, and three brothers. So I was practically raised in a fam of boys. My Mom taught me to be a girly girl. But nuh-uh! Never ever! As being trained to be girly, this might come out weird. I adore Superheroes! Marvel is Epic! My favorite is Spiderman for some reason. Attractive? Who knows! But being a girl, it's hard sometimes to show I really enjoy Superheros. But now the way you think owo. That's just gross. But being raised with boys taught me to be rough and loyal. I cant ever imagine being a spoiled, puffy dress, pink lover, girly girl. When my Mom told me to act "girly", I imeditly ran outside and jumped in mud, right after my Mom put me in a puffy pink dress. Pink? Yuck! My Mom was so angry. I mean, what she want me to do? Act like we live in the Big Apple? Come on, Mom! We live in the dirty Country!