If you woke up as a girl.

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A test that will test you if you like being a girl, and/or what type of girl

  • 1
    You wake, up and you feel ____
  • 2
    You ____.
  • 3
    You look at your closet. Everything there is now girl clothes and/or tomboy.

  • 4
    You have to pee, what do you do?
  • 5
    Since you're a girl now, you decide to put on make-up.
  • 6
    You're at school now, and everyone thinks you're a new kid.

  • 7
    After school, you meet your friend from when you were a guy. He comes up and says "Wanna watcha movie? You pick."
  • 8
    After the movie, he asks you if you want to have 'fun.'
  • 9
    After the 'fun,' you rest. When you wake up, you notice it's spring break. You get ready to go to the mall and shop.
    You text your boyfriend and ask if he wants to go shopping. He responds "yes."

  • 10
    After the shopping spree, you head home. You find that there is a package at your door. You ______.

  • 11
    You open it, and it's a present from your friend from school. It's heels.
  • 12
    After break, you go back to school, ready as ever, and you notice a lonely girl at a table, alone.
  • 13
    After the table incident, you go to biology class. (or do you.)
  • 14
    After school, you decide to go to the movies. You pick,
  • 15
    After the movies, you get a text from your Boy friend. He asks if he wants more fun.
  • 16
    You ready, and when you get to school, you see another new girl, do you ___

  • 17
    You go back to your place. Do you _____.
  • 18
    You wake up and glad it's Saturday. You feel like getting a pet. Pick which one.
  • 19
    You wake up on Sunday, and you feel motivated. You _______.
  • 20
    It's now 12:30pm, and you're bf texts you, he again asks you if you want to have 'fun.' You respond, ______

  • 21
    You sleep feeling good, and you have a dream where you can change back to being a man, or staying.

Comments (19)


266 days ago
Uhh I'm a girl
1. Weird quiz lol
2. I got I'd rather be a man-
269 days ago
What the heck is this

BTW I’m a girl and this is weird
303 days ago
BTW I’m a girl and this quiz is freaking weird
303 days ago
I said no to everyone with the ‘fun’ text in it
811 days ago
i want to be a girl but12 year olds cant get a transgender
832 days ago
Girl for ever sweeeeeeet
1195 days ago
He says I will be a girl forever
1200 days ago
i LOVED that i am a girl FOREVER!!!
1293 days ago
I feel like my result was a accurate. I liked being a girl but I’d rather be a guy
1404 days ago
I’d like playing with the ...
1405 days ago
If you woke up as a girl.

You kept being a girl. You loved it alot, and didn't want to change.

I see... ^~^'
1434 days ago
I'd try be a girl for a day, if I could.
1436 days ago
Yaaaahhhhh, Imma girl. I like this quiz tho!
1437 days ago
best quiz ever i love to pee as it drizzles out and wacth
1512 days ago
I wanna make it true
1526 days ago
Ur confused, that’s what it means.
1662 days ago
I would change in a heartbeat forever if I knew I would be a hot, sexy and sassy woman but not otherwise. As a male I am not attracted to guys but absolutely love the thought of dating and having🌻with guys if I was a hot woman. What does this mean? Confused?? Lol
1700 days ago
Oh your skin turned tan
2219 days ago
I've felt "different" since I was ten!