Unwillingly Becoming a Girl - The Forced to Be a Woman Quiz

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This quiz will tell you what would happen if you became a girl randomly.

  • 1
    You have a choice to become a girl for a day. Do you accept?
    You have a choice to become a girl for a day. Do you accept?
  • 2
    Regardless of whether or not you said yes to becoming a girl for a day, you become one. What do you do?
  • 3
    Upon waking the next morning, you realize you're still a girl and will be one permanently. What do you wear for school this morning?

  • 4
    You are at school as a girl. Nobody recognizes you. You?
  • 5
    A guy tells you he thinks you're pretty. You?
  • 6
    Your female friend invites you to a sleepover tonight. However, your male friends have already invited you to hang out tonight. You?

  • 7
    You decide to go to one of the things you've been invited to. You wear?
  • 8
    You get home to go to sleep. You wear?
  • 9
    You can become a guy again. Do you accept?
  • 10
    No matter what answer you chose above, you will get changed back to being a guy. You decide to pass your remaining time as a girl by:

Comments (13)


150 days ago
I dont hate being a boy I just hate when people are mean to me for being kind and compassionate ,,,,,,
I just want love
165 days ago
I am a boy and if I had the chance to turn to a girl for the rest of my life I would and I hope I can
184 days ago
i love the results wish this would happen to me for real
207 days ago
This quiz is inaccurate. I made the story so that I didn't want to be a girl, but I eventually loved it and didn't want to turn back. How did I get this?

You don't like being a girl, but dealt with it. You prefer staying a boy and still continued to do your normal activities but may have engaged in new ones and might have worn the the girls school uniform.
218 days ago
i wanna b a boy but im a girl
258 days ago
I'm a trans lesbian and girls are more soft and sensual to make love with. Who needs a man when your female lover can wear a 💋.
632 days ago
girls def have cooties i know bc i am one
im trans ftm and i know for sure girls have cooties because i hate being one
why do i hate being a girl? the cootiessssss, duh!
1085 days ago
Im a girl and i will always be. Also, girls DO NOT have cooties
1239 days ago
Suckiest quiz ever!!#Don'tPlay
1277 days ago
this is so innacurate! i wanted to stay a guy and it said i wanted to be a girl forever both times! dont reccomend
1299 days ago
I took this, I’m a girl, I’d rather stay girl but am fine with being a boy for a day. I’d hate being a boy forever, though
1330 days ago
1407 days ago
Unwillingly becoming a girl

You loved being a girl and want to be like that forever. You love being feminine and hanging out with your girl friends. You probably chose the skirt girls school uniform and don't mind it at all. In fact, you liked being a girl better.

Yeah... I'm just curious about what it's like to be a girl. I wouldn't mind at all if one day I woke up as a girl. Actually, I'd be excited about it! I can just imagine the things that I'd do as a girl...

But, I don't mind being a boy, haha!