Forced to Be a Woman Quiz

You were just a normal boy, then something really abnormal happened! A scientist offered you $10,000 to test a new medicine for him. You didn't really know what it would do, but you wanted the money, so you agreed. After he injected the medicine into your body, it was too late! Take the test to see what happened to you....

  • 1/20
    You're starting to feel the medicine's effects on you. How is it going?
    You're starting to feel the medicine's effects on you. How is it going?

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406 days ago
For years I've been fighting it, but it comes back the urges to become a girl and have a lesbian lover are something I can only dream of.
417 days ago
I am a male and I am not transgender but sometimes I would really be happy if I could be a female. It happens only sometimes. But it does happen. In those moments I'd give anything to be a female. To have brests and ๐ŸŒป, to have periods, to get pregnant and have a baby (God, I want it so much) and to have a husband. This quiz only confirmed what I already knew all along. And I am so glad.
419 days ago
I love these tests so much i come back to them once a week just to read something saying i'm a girl
456 days ago
I'd be jumping up and down with her. I'd be so happy she won. I would probably be hugging her.
456 days ago
I am a girl at heart and always will be. I also live as one full time. All my body hair is gone. Just need a man to complete me.
482 days ago
I would gladly accept all the hardships of womanhood
494 days ago
girls have it way harder than guys because they have periods where they have to bleed nonstop for a whole week EVERY month. Along with periods they get cramps, which make you want to roll on the floor and die. They have to make sure they look good because apparently society decided that they should wear makeup to be pretty and if you don't, you are ugly. They have to shave their legs and other parts of their body because again apparently society decided that only men can have leg hair and armpit hair and stuff like that. I know that girls get pregnant not guys. I know a girls breasts are sore all the time. The list goes on and on and on. Stop me, guys, when any of this sounds enjoyable. Now do you want to be a girl. You guys would die after a day of being a girl. Have empathy for the girls here!
494 days ago
ikr i would give anything to become a boy
545 days ago
Make one where a girl becomes a boy
560 days ago
I would love to be girl i dream of beng girl every day... i wish it was real i would climb mount everest for it
664 days ago
Why would your hair grow that is just stereotyping and saying that girls have to have long hair
684 days ago
A dream come true.I have had a๐Ÿ•Šchange, but due to leaving it so late in life I have had to have facial feminization, which was exspensive and took a couple of years to complete I wish there was such such an injection even now I would take it to be completely cisgender
732 days ago
If this shot was real I'd take it .I'd walk miles if this was real.i been hiding who I am for While
732 days ago
where do I sign and where do I have to go. o.o no like seriously if only this was real ๐Ÿ˜ญ
767 days ago
i got all three answers :-
808 days ago
Its so hard to say that I am a woman, I crave to wake up every morning as a girl, its nothing to do with sex, its just that I am a woman in a mans body and I ๐Ÿ’‹ hate it. Sorry I am a girl and I will always be one despite having a ๐Ÿ’‹,
815 days ago
were can i go for the shot
869 days ago
where is this Dr. I want that special estrogen .. the test works fine .. thank You , I've been living as a female for yrs . and love being called Ma'am ..
890 days ago
Uh, it assumed I was straight (into men)... big mistake.
909 days ago
I liked it ,I would stay as a girl I am one now in a male body ,love the girly feeling..