How Rich Am I? Quiz

Find out if you are upper, middle or lower class with this quiz that evaluates you based upon your schooling, house size, the kind of cars you drive, and more. Note that the result will apply to the adults who control the purse strings rather than to their kids, who haven't really made much or any money of their own yet.

  • 1
    How big is your house?
    How big is your house?
  • 2
    What kind of car do you drive/What kind of cars do your parents/older siblings drive?
  • 3
    What kind of school do you/did you go to?

  • 4
    What kind of college did you go to, or do you see yourself going to in the future?
  • 5
    How often do you go on vacation, and where?
  • 6
    Do you own multiple houses/vacation homes?

  • 7
    Where do you shop?
  • 8
    Do you have any hired help, not including babysitters (a maid, butler, driver, groomsman, etc.)?
  • 9
    Do you own a boat?
  • 10
    Are both your parents in the workforce/Did both parents work when you were a child?

  • 11
    What kind of after-school activities did you do growing up?
  • 12
    How many electronics do you own?
  • 13
    Do you belong to a country club, pool club, tennis club or the like?
  • 14
    What is your favorite part of your house/property?
  • 15
    Do you consider yourself rich?

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3 days ago
I got upper middle class. I own three (one mansion) houses and about 2 buildings. One dog 2 laptops 3 iPhones 2 iPods. My dad drives a Mercedes and high end Ford. My mom a Honda. My dad is a millionaire my dads side of the family r millionaires my moms side r milllionares. My dad was part of the IRS and my mom a PA. My dad wears designer I wear like gap Abercrombie and athleta stuff like that. My mom lululemon.
15 days ago
i got upper middle class is sorta right ig well like we have two dogs which cost almost 10k (candian money) and a decent house which is 1500sq.ft we could get a bigger house tbh we dont really need one. AND ABOUT THE SEXIST QUETION AHMM. i have one brother my grandparents r millionairs and my parts r sort millonairs. my gradparents own a 7-10 floor house and my mom's parents own a 2 story house but its abusltly MASSIVE like we talking 5000+ sq.ft. and who the 🐤 needs 3 phone like c'mon. (sadly my parents still wont get me a phone even tho i have enough money) i own few digner cloths not many tho. we notmaol do on vaction but ahm COVID. but over all i like my life. my parents said if i get everything 95%+ they will get a tesla to replace my moms car which is still an expensive car (btw 95% pfffffffffffft ez)
18 days ago
Uh what's with the sexism in this...

#WomenLivesMatter!#WLM#genderequalityAlot of women are mistreated by men for the wrong reasons, help stop it! #spreadthewordThanks
40 days ago
How Rich Am I? Quiz

You are considered to be part of the upper class and are very rich. You get a top-notch education, live in a beautiful mansion on an estate, and probably only wear designer clothes. You probably have a lot of hired help, go on wonderful vacations, and overall have a great life. Be sure to be grateful for what you've been given (or have earned) in life and don't look at people less well off as undeserving, lazy or "less than." Not everyone is born so fortunate; many others have to earn their opportunities in an economic system that often doesn't work in their favor.

hmmm not too bad
42 days ago
I guess I'm rich because my mom. And dad are both neurosurgeons and combined they make 10.6 million. But more than 65 percent goes to retirement account and the have been neurosurgeons for 27 years so once I'm older and get the inheritance I will be rich and I live In a 4 story house in area with good schools
46 days ago
I don't want to brag or hurt anyone's feelings

My dad works at a private university
he gets $6,000 a month
My mom works at another school
$1,000 a week
We would normally go on a plane vacation 3 times a year (but covid, duh)
We have a 70 square foot garden we get all our veggies there
We have 25 acres of property
My house is 2,0000 square feet
The smallest room in our house is 20 square feet
My bedroom is 60 square feet with 4 big windows
My en-suite bathroom is 25 square feet
We have a rooftop bar
All our chairs/couches (15 of each) can be automatically heated

I got middle class
I don't want to brag though I just want to say that this quiz is inaccurate
have a great dayyyy
49 days ago
Also about the career options, because what?? My mom has a way higher prestigious job, so yeah uh kinda sucked only having options for 'dad gets paid, mom does nothing'.
56 days ago
Why the hell are the parental work questions answers all geared to either "both have jobs" or "my dad does most or all the work"? I I have a single mother who works so hard, not to mention a entrepreneur. Please change the answers to a more progressive range, it isn't the 1940s.
60 days ago
Lambo= rich

Cheap ford= poor
61 days ago
62 days ago
Hey there, I am from Germany,

I got lower class but honestly, I consider myself absolutely rich.
I have an iPhone 6 and our family only has one TV and one computer both being around 15 years old, but we have food in our fridge and a roof on top of our heads and I think that is all you need to live and all you need to be rich. There’s so many people on earth who don’t have that.

Seriously, most people who got lower class in this test are still richer than 80% of the people on earth.
70 days ago
Hi! I got upper class. But I’m really not that rich. I mean having Gucci doesn’t make you rich. My parents do have a spending we have fancy stuff. But we aren’t rich...we are middle class🤷🏻‍♀️I mean, the people in the comments are being really...idk, kinda rude. I mean, you don’t have to brag to people about stuff that might not even be true....If I had a lot of money. MY money. I would save it up and donate to charity, not spend it on extra electronics that are unnecessary. Idk about other people, but I actually like to work. I work at a restaurant and it’s actually really fun. Just wanted to put this out here. If you aren’t rich, no problem, you don’t have to be rich to have a good life🙂
70 days ago
I mean honestly 75% of people in the comments section apparently are kids and have billions of dollars already. Who’s your dad, Jeff Bezos😂
70 days ago
Honestly I feel like everybody in the chat is lying, well not everybody. But I mean *cough* *cough*, 4 people. I mean I’m sorry the chances of you living in an 11,000 square foot house- I’m literally just middle class, ngl. We have a boat, a normal house, good schooling, we have lots of junk, and we take multiple vacays a year, my parents make us buy our own phones but they do pay money for our cars. (Not insurance tho-). But I do not have three mansions, gucci clothes, 5 phones. I mean honestly-why lie? I mean I have some family that’s rich(cousins) but otherwise the rest of my family is just-well, middle class. Nothing wrong with that.
74 days ago
I got lower-middle class

I think I’m more like average middle class


The job part is really sexist, both my mom and dad work and get paid mostly around the same amount.
74 days ago
Hello! I’m ashlyn (fake name lol)

I got upper class!

About the sexist job paying question.. Both of my parents have high paying jobs... so yeah. Women work too, Lmao. 💀

Moving on....🙄

(16 yo up in here)

Lemme stop... 💀


I currently get my hair braided every other month. Each style costs up to +100. The most expensive style I got was like... $280. (Rn I’m wearing $220 box braids) I currently go to one of the best high schools in NYC. My parents own 4 cars, we also live in a 3 story house that has two kitchens, 3 bathrooms, a bar, a garden, and a gym for me to practice my ballet dancing at home. All of my pointe shoes (blotch) cost over +$100. I litteraly don’t know how, but My mom litteraly gets designer clothes & accessories from her patients (LITTERALY💀) I currently own a pink gaming set (yes, that includes Razer Quartz ❤️) that I use to play games with my friends, I own a Nintendo switch, +4 cellphones (when one dies I just use the other) , 3 tablets, a laptop, and more. Everyone in my family has i phones. (My mom owns the 12 and my dad has the 11. She was litteraly complaining that she wanted the 11 and I was like girl the 12 is the newest model. No one in my family has an I phone lower than the 11) once I start my summer internship (+20 an hour, I added it all up and turns out I can make more than +500 a week for MYSELF😍💅) I’ll be buying those new jordans I saw in foot locker, a new pair of razer kitty headphones. (All they had was Razer Quartz Bluetooth 💀🤷‍♀️) so I’ll be buying yet another pair but for my gaming set up. Clothes? I have designer. And my shoes? I own more than 10 pairs. My family? Everyone in my family is successful. My cousins went to Yale and have been on TV, my aunts are fashion designers, some are doctors, and I think a few of them are layers. My cousins are litteraly so rich. When I was little, they always invited me to their house. Their house was a 2 stories. It had 4 kitchens, +3 bathrooms, a pool, a jacuzzi, a hot tub, a movie theatre, & more. (I haven’t seen the whole house.) they always invited me over. This summer, we’re planning to go on a trip to a beautiful beach house (idk where, all I’m is that they’re a going to be a beach house) I get my own room, (obvi) and since the beach house is right on the beach, I get a perfect view of the ocean! My parents had to make it up to me since I missed my sweet 16 due to covid. So yeah, beach houseee! 🤑🤑🤑🤑

We litteraly have good genetics as well. Beautiful hair, hourglass figures, all amazing bodytypes. I guess that’s what you get for living in an amassing family! (Pls don’t be jealous, some of the ppl have more than I do, lol🤭) 😋

Anyways, yeah that’s it. They’re more but idk the max wording this thing has..sooo...

I plan to become an actor and a model once I get older, wish me luck! 😘
85 days ago
Somehow your answers should be able to address those who have a bunch of money but don't have much interest in using it. I've got 4.2 M in equities plus home, etc. Your site puts me in middle class, and that's how I see myself and others see me. Still, I'm in the top 3% of the country in net worth.
87 days ago
I got upper lower class, probably about right
87 days ago
92 days ago
Sup😎 I’m Destiny I’m 11 years old and I’m adopted, my dad is a CEO of his own business and my mom works as a model and works at my dads business sometimes, we live in a Beverly Hills mansion that has 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms along with a movie theater and secret room!! I also have 2 brothers who aren’t adopted we have a vacation home in the Hampton's and in Italy we have a golden retriever, a Pomeranian and a Lagotto Romagnolo!!