How Rich Am I? Quiz💵

Am I rich? Find out if you are upper, middle or lower class with this quiz that evaluates you based upon your schooling, house size, the kind of cars you drive, and more. Note that the result will apply to the adults who control the purse strings rather than to their kids, who haven't really made much or any money of their own yet.

  • 1
    How big is your house?
    How big is your house?
  • 2
    What kind of car do you drive/What kind of cars do your parents/older siblings drive?
  • 3
    What kind of school do you/did you go to?

  • 4
    What kind of college did you go to, or do you see yourself going to in the future?
  • 5
    How often do you go on vacation, and where?
  • 6
    Do you own multiple houses/vacation homes?

  • 7
    Where do you shop?
  • 8
    Do you have any hired help, not including babysitters (a maid, butler, driver, groomsman, etc.)?
  • 9
    Do you own a boat?
  • 10
    Are both your parents in the workforce/Did both parents work when you were a child?

  • 11
    What kind of after-school activities did you do growing up?
  • 12
    How many electronics do you own?
  • 13
    Do you belong to a country club, pool club, tennis club or the like?
  • 14
    What is your favorite part of your house/property?
  • 15
    Do you consider yourself rich?

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43 days ago
I got upper middle class, but I think one of the questions is kind of dumb. Not all people who are upper middle class have 2 working parents. Yes, only my Dad works, but that doesn't mean people who's parents work their mom is a model or in fashion.

Anyways, it seems like people are talking about their lives here so I guess I'll discuss mine.

My Dad works at a power plant as an assistant operations manager. My mother takes care of me and my siblings, but if she did work she'd be an artist, a painter specifically. I live in a nice house in a nice and well protected neighborhood. My Dad drives a Ram pickup truck and my mom drives a Durango SUV. I have a two story home (excluding our basement) with a big backyard, and nobody shares a room (except my parents since they're married) I go to a pretty good public school, but I've been asking if I can go to the Catholic Private school nearby. I've got two dogs, one of which used to do shows. We've had a couple of people clean our house throughout the years, but nothing else since we don't need it.

Yeah that's basically my life. Upper Middle class, and I'm very grateful for what I've got, and you should be as well
63 days ago
So I'm poor, but have 4M in assets. The fact I don't spend a lot makes me look poor I guess.
63 days ago
too much is directed toward young people and how much their parents have
72 days ago
I got upper middle class. I think this is right. I’m not super rich but I do go to Europe every year. The sexist question. Just cause your a man doesn’t mean you have to make more money. I know for a fact that my mom was more successful with at my dad. And money doesn’t mean everything. My dad came from a rich family in Germany while my mom came from farmers in eastern color and. My dad got his way into standford through money while my mom get in with good grades. Money doesn’t mean everything.
95 days ago
@Dhar Mann , they are not bragging
112 days ago
@Argon, Stop bragging. I am one of the most successfull youtubers and I do not bragg. NOBODY cares. stop
113 days ago
Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you splurge and have unreasonable huge things
126 days ago
This quiz says I am "lower-middle class". That is false. I am in the top 1% of the top 1%. My father owns an expensive yacht, and my mother is an actor/model/fashionista. The only reason I was not able to afford nice things in life was because my parents spent all of their money on the yacht. It looks very nice in our backyard.
144 days ago
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144 days ago
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148 days ago
My dad owns a sizeable share of a moderate real estate business in Singapore. We have a mercedes, a nice lamboguini and a Porche , which a big deal considering the price of cars here (the lambo alone cost nearly 1M). My dad has normal 9-5 office hours while my mom stays home to cater to me and my brother's needs. My dad is old money and comes from a lineage of prominent Singaporean ty💋 while my mom was an ordinary girl who lived in public housing (sound like some kinda Cinderella story ik). We have a bungalow in one of the top districts in Singapore near the city centre and our house has a large mosaic pool and a movie theatre with an underground car park. I attend one of the most premier schools on the island and i am generally only exposed to the wealthier side of Singapore, with all my friends at least staying in condominiums. Im a generally smart and good kid (or as far as my parents know ;) and I am in line to take over my dad's business and eventually might go to the States for uni should i work hard enough and eventually find some gold digging 💋 to get together with.
Am i privileged? Yes. Am i happy with my future? No. The thing is god has a curious way of messing up our lives and i just so happen to have to be gay in one of the most homophobic countries in the world. If i come out it will be utter disaster so I'll just have to act like i like girls and eventually run away from all this bull💋. So if ur feeling a bit jealous or spiteful (like my friends), just remember that someones life might not be as perfect as it seems on the surface and mock me for the irony that someone that has almost everything has to want the one thing he cant have.
152 days ago
My taxable income for 2021 is just shy of $2MM and I'm 'average'

i KNEW it!
153 days ago
I also hate how they assume your family doesn't save money and they are not rich because of saving money.
153 days ago
I hate how they assume that because your rich you don't save money and that your dad makes more than your mom.
160 days ago
i am upper middle clas
166 days ago
i am top 5 richest u guys poor lol.
177 days ago
so none of u can even MATCH ME
177 days ago
I'm in top 10 richest
178 days ago
I got middle class , ok its true but i think i should be in like a bit upper middle class , i mean my both parents came from a rich family and my dad own 8 lands , we live in the gulf , [ i am from india ] , we each have a phone expect me i did not got to the age ,a big house but ok middle class
185 days ago
@ popular poopy, My parents own an entire office building, filled with Marble and galore, where our private real estate lawyers and co-business companies perform their work, we get paid 5 figures each month, around 50,000-65,000 thousand dollars, just so they can stay there. We own a beach house in the manning point beaches down south Australia. We have a three story house, expensive pets, a black french bulldog, and a bengal cat. we have an in wall-graved humungous fish tank filled with more then 25 species of fish including a scaled Arowana (cost 12 grand), as well as a giant 220 inch TV. My mum and dad both have Nissans, they said they could easily afford 5 BMW's if they wanted right on the spot, but they taught me that saving money is more important than trying to look good in a car then drive home to a 😍 box. That's what most people do, i go to a private/catholic school. My mum is a sole trader which means that she has her own business, and has thousands of clients, she is quite famous around the website due to her skills in resume and business law suits. My dad's own a freemason club with more than 150 men. As well he work s in a work shop with his mates as a fun hobby, We go on really cool holiday every twice or once a year. I have gone to Bali 5 times in the grand Hyatt EXCLUSIVE 5 star rating our own villa and custom room service, not many people could afford it five times, even if you were a millionaire, Thailand, twice, fraser island once. And i can't remember anymore because of so many place we have gone to. We considered the richest in our family tree, my mum's father is a billionaire he is one of the CEO's of an oil company down the Croatian countries. Unfortunately my mum got separated but still got sent money, my siblings and i started our own bank account at 7 years old, and we have around 6 figures in cash. We are consider one of the 23% percent of Australia who are considered highly wealthy and rich. We have so much power that in my neighbour hood no one's house is allowed to be HIGHER than ours. think you guys outstand me, lmao, BEAT THAT!, ok so WWE have most of these tings plus like a hundred things you did not name so ya, but do not brag, like it is stupid and ugly