Are you rich? (kids)

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This is for kids to tell if they are rich or not.

  • 1
    What kind of cars do your parents drive (or siblings)?
  • 2
    What kind of school do you attend?
  • 3
    What class do you fly on planes?

  • 4
    Is your neighborhood safe?
  • 5
    Going off the last question, what kind of house do you live in?
  • 6
    What kind of clothes do you wear?

  • 7
    What type of purse do you carry/ does your mom carry?
  • 8
    What kind of watch does you/ your parents wear?
  • 9
    Situation: Your parents give you money to get lunch. With that money, what can you buy to eat?
  • 10
    Situation: It's your birthday, what do you get?

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4 days ago
My dad is a prime minister and my mommy owns a catering company. I go to the best school in the most expensive school in the country. I never leave the house without security because there is a chance i might get kidnapped .My life being rich is the worst because i cant see my friends alone there is always 2 big scary guys around me ,and my dad doesn't believe in my gaming life so he supports very little ,so i work as a forex investor and invest bitcoin as well ima work so hard i will be a self made millionaire {MY DREAMS TO BE AN AEROSPACE ENGINEER} .Back to my life i have my own house for me and my sister at 13, and two cars {Mercedes G wagon and 718 boxter porshe } for me and my sister when we turn 18.My personal opinion of being rich is horrid

like seriously my sister has been kidnapped before
18 days ago
Also I love BTS and BLACKINK! ALSO MY ROBLOX NAME IS RichPretty_Yani. Of coure I have robux because I'm a 9 year old rapper like Grey sky evvanns and Zaza and also Thatgirllaylay and Brooklyn Queen.
18 days ago
Are you rich? (kids)
You are rich! Your parents drive Ferraris and you get to Wear Supreme and Gucci and fly first class and private jets. good for you!
23 days ago
I feel like Emmy and Sarah Harding are the the same person. It sounds like “Sarah” is trying why to hard to flex about her friend’s riches😂
34 days ago
I got upper middle class. my parents have good jobs and I have ever thing I could ever ask for. and that is soo true
41 days ago
yes, yes I am
45 days ago
I am nowhere close to rich but I am greatful. I got food and a roof over my head and all the necesities.
45 days ago
I tried the quiz again and was honest totally honest with myself. Lower middle class just as I expected.
45 days ago
I knew I was middle class.
57 days ago
I am a little boy I'm 9 years old I'm greatful for what I have really greatful
66 days ago
I am Chinese, American, and Dutch..
My mom is Chinese and my dad is Dutch...
I also love cats
I have 4 of them
66 days ago
I got Rich but like... I live in Oregon....
I’m not rich, I go to a public school but ...,
66 days ago
Oh hi Emmy! I didn’t know you took this quiz, you’re already rich!!!!
Thanks for the ski trip last month, and I’m looking forward to going to your second house soon!
I was wondering if you’d like to go with me to Tokyo Bay Club tomorrow, because I heard they renovated the pools and spa, and I think our fathers are going golfing together. My mom said That she and your mother are going to have a massage so I think that leaves you and me. Well, pls text me!
79 days ago
I live in Minato-ku, the most expensive part of Tokyo. I go to a private international school because I am multi racial. My mom is the CEO of a multi million company of accounting and my dad is a big name defense lawyer. My family is in America, we are the Huntzbergers. The family has at least 500 million. My parents bought a huge condo on the 59th floor here in Roppongi, costing 11 million dollars. We have 5 cars: AMG Mercedes , Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Jaguar, and a limousine. We fly first class and travel every 3 months. We have a second house in Nagano. We have a beach house in Hawaii. We have a mansion in Dubai.
All the adults in my family went to Harvard and Princeton. I have 3 iPhones. My sister who is 6 has iPhone 12 Pro, and X, and 12 mini. She has iPad Pro, mini and air. She also has MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. She has 3 AirPods. I have all of them as well. But what I want is to go a normal school because everyone at my school is just like me, and it’s so boring
82 days ago
my family is super-rich but we also know better than to waste money on watches but for my mom on the other hand would buy a whole store if you don'
t stop her
132 days ago
My dad is extremely rich but he does not waste money in Ferrari’s but actually would not mind spending a ton on money on something practical. For my dad it’s more about the quality about it not the price. he would not mind giving my mom a half a million euro earring because it’s her birthday. He also encourages me not to be a spoiled🍦because he does not like showing off
137 days ago
I go to the one of the best private schools in my city!
plus my parents will kill me if I don't go to college so the " You will probably go to college" is a bit untrue ;)
137 days ago
You are upper middle class! Yay! Your parents have good jobs, and can buy you nice things. You will probably go to college and have a nice future. Props

I already knew it but fun to take this
138 days ago
I got rich!! Like I kind of already knew that ngl lmao. But it's weird because I have Gucci purses but my mom has Kate Spade....She got it a little while ago but whatever. I go to private school, but my parents don't drive Ferrari's they drive Mercedes. Like-
146 days ago
I got upper middle class. That suits me well actually. Thanks for entertaining me for today.