What is your naming style?
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What is your naming style?

What kind of names do you prefer? What would you name your child? Find out here...

Question 1:If you could change your name, what would it be to?

Question 2:What do you enjoy doing in your freetime?
Listening to my soft, classical music.
Anything that's different and new!
Arts & crafts
Giggling and talking on the phone with friends

Question 3:Your favorite letter of the alphabet?
X, Y, Z!

Question 4:You are...?
Original and artistic. Why have blue and purple when you could have periwinkle?
Totally up-to-date, fashionable, and popular.
Stuck back in the 50s and 60s! History is just so interesting, you know?
Very different from everyone else around you. Nobody really seems to understand you well, but who cares?

Question 5:Your favorite pastime is?
Oh, I don't know...I do a lot of things, there are just too many to choose from!
Curling up in my favorite armchair by the fire while reading Gone With the Wind for the 2nd time this month.
Shopping, seeing movies, partying...anything that involves my friends.
Designing my own hip clothes trend.

Question 6:Your favorite kind of music is?
I like a mixture of things.
Show tunes! It's all about the show tunes.
Classical....sigh. It's just so peaceful & beautiful.
Pop, rock...all of the "in" stuff.

Question 7:Your favorite book of all time is?
Jane Eyre.
Harry Potter. Duh, everyone likes that!
Louis Sachar's stuff. It's so funny and unexpected.
Most people haven't even heard of the books I read.

Question 8:Your favorite subject in school?
PE ... or whenever I get the chance to gab with my buds.
Electives. I'd take them over the other boring run-of-the-mill classes any day.
Science... experiments rock!
English, I love to read & write.

Question 9:What would your autobiography most likely be titled?
Fashioning a Whole New Me
Classy & Conservative
Popular Prince / Princess
Strange But Special

Question 10:Your ideal job?
Something completely out of the ordinary.....maybe a monkey trainer!
An actor, actress, singer...I want to be doing something where I can be famous and popular.
Scientist/Inventor...making new discoveries and creating new things.
Teaching, and helping children learn about the past and how they should appreciate all that we have from it.

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