What female name fits your personality?
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What female name fits your personality?

Question 1:   What advice would you give to anyone?
Go for it and don't back out now!
Find a quiet place to take it easy.
Work before play and you'll have everything under control.

Question 2:   How would you describe yourself?
Sophisticated and Organized
Quiet and Calming
Fun and Energetic

Question 3:   What do you like do in your spare time?
Hang out with friends.
Read a book or surf the web.
Catch up on work.

Question 4:   Are you in a big group of friends?
There's a few of us.
Just me and my best bud.

Question 5:   What do you watch on television?
Channel 8 News.
I don't watch TV.
Comedy or Cartoons.

Question 6:   How do you react on an upcoming test?
Nervous. Where's the Aspirin?
I'll study later...the movies are calling .
Time to hit the books.

Question 7:   What's your future dream job?
Best-selling author .
It's law school for me.
Hollywood star in the spotlight!

Question 8:   What was your BEST dream?
I was river rafting in the rainforest, wrestled a python, and won!
I aced the SATs and ACTs without even having to study!
I was a princess in a kingdom with everlasting peace.

Question 9:   Who's your future dream guy?
I haven't had time to think about it but it will come to me someday.
Easy to talk to and enjoys taking long walks.
Good humor and not afraid to try something new.

Question 10:   What would your favorite trip be?
A cruise in the Bahamas with my friends!
A trip to the Colorado mountains for sight seeing!
Nebraska! A good quiet place to catch up on work is for me!

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