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What Is My True Name? (Girls)

You were given a name at birth, of course...possibly a cherished family name that you, yourself, don't think fits you. Or maybe something that a well-meaning adult thought was an amazing name. But maybe you feel it's not the best one for you now that you've grown and developed. Find out your true name here!

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    You are walking home from your friend's when you see a car crash into a tree. What do you do?
    You are walking home from your friend's when you see a car crash into a tree. What do you do?

Comments (108)


How is Alice and Emma even close! I’m not an Alice, I’m an Emma!
8 days ago
I got 50% Alice?? I'm half Alice??
8 days ago
i got bridget? MY NAME IS ZOEY Z-O-E-Y
21 days ago
i dont like this name. i got alice. im actually emily. HOW COME THERE WAS NO CHOICE FOR MATH?!?
36 days ago
It was pretty good I liked it and they told me my name should be Alice I like it!
38 days ago
they guess i am victoria and the queen of the world
50 days ago
i guess im anna and my name is addison- one complaint it says stuff abt having crushes on boys but i have a gf- so my answers are what id do to my gf
52 days ago
Bridgetl but my names Abigail but yeah, it's okay.
75 days ago
my real name is Alice
81 days ago
I got Victoria
I love my name !!!!
91 days ago
I got Alice my name is not close my name is Marrisa I don't like the ame Alice🤮
96 days ago
I got Bridget but my name is Brigid. Same pronunciation, different spelling.
122 days ago
My name is Katie not even close to matie
123 days ago
my name is morgan not evan close to bridget
124 days ago
I got Alice not close to my name Lucy
130 days ago
I got Alice. I guess it's half accurate...
170 days ago
Somehow I got Anna. Close enough. It's Ana with 1 n
170 days ago
Viictoria was my dumb name i still Amethyst
191 days ago
I got Bridget. It said for 40 percent tho I could be a Anna. Idk if those go with me but oh k
200 days ago
There's so any people got Alice, well, to be honest, I don't like the name Alice. My real name is Serena and I love it.