What's Your Soul Name? Quiz

Ever feel you'd like to give back your given name? If you feel your name is not quite right for you, find out what your soul name is! That is, the name you really SHOULD have! If you've ever wished you were named something cuter, sexier, more high-class, etc., or if you ever practice using a name you like better, this test is for you!

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    What letter does your given name start with?
    What letter does your given name start with?

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107 days ago
For 50% you are: Your soul name is one or more of these:

(For girls):

Bella, Leila, Katie, Selene, Alice, Aria, Miranda Rosa, Julie and Ariadne.

(For boys):
Edward, Jason, Julian, Jacob, Daniel, Pedro, Philip, Warren, James and Matthew.

The people with these soul names are often hopeless romantics. They have a grand vision for their lives and won't ever stop striving to reach it. If they should happen to meet each other - Edward and Bella! - they will love at first sight and be devoted to each other for all eternity.
170 days ago
i got profile a which 🍦other than orion i guess, though profile c has one of my actual names (hunter)
i guess that's what i get for not being cis
255 days ago
@FishSticks, I am too lol
255 days ago
Orion and Isaac are nice
265 days ago
Yo am I the only trans guy/girl/person tryna find their new name
274 days ago
I got:

(For girls):

Ginny, Gracie, Amelia, Ivy, Lavender, Rachel, Lucia, Becca, Mariah and Cassandra.

(For boys):

Harry, Tyler, Carl, Ron, Orion, Isaac, Troy, Aaron, Paris and Wayne.
284 days ago
I chose Linkin Park!So why didn't I get a Chester???(God, I really love this name
284 days ago
I got a few nice names but out of them all I would LOVE to be Ginny but Willow is pretty too.
316 days ago
I like Orion tbh
351 days ago
Very nice
367 days ago
I like the names Ivy and Lavender, but I cant see a person that looks like me being called any of those names :( I got them as answers tho :D
389 days ago
im just reading through my results and it says "rachel". Im just like "haha that actually my name". Maybe im just destined to be Rachel!
451 days ago
zoe ...i like that name
497 days ago
bro where's the names for non binaries guess I don have a name then
627 days ago
You did not get my name.🤬
631 days ago
My name is sneha this website is wrong
632 days ago

Lol same My name is also Elena XDDD
645 days ago
I need to know what is the meaning of namem
654 days ago
I can't believe that you actually found my real name. I's Elena from Helen.
668 days ago
Im cute