What is your ideal day out?
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What is your ideal day out?

Puzzled about what to do at the weekend? Sitting at home watching telly? Well, do this quiz and you'll know exactly what to do!

Question 1:   You can't be bothered to cook anything for dinner, so you decide to get a takeaway, what do you choose?
Pizza? I don't know...if it's food it's food!
Takeaway? No...you must be mistaken...I will cook myself....I love cooking!

Question 2:   What is you're favourite clothes shop?
Gucci...Armani....anything ridiculously expensive
New Look or H&M or Topshop
Clothes? I don't do 'clothes'

Question 3:   What sort of makeup do you use?
Lots...stuff like Chanel...
Ummm....ahem......MAKEUP? What is MAKEUP?
Cheap and cheerful

Question 4:   Are you clever?
I dunno

Question 5:   What sort of boys do you go for?
Ones that I can have farting contests with
Interesting ones (meh)
Good looking ones

Question 6:   Do you speak any other languages?
French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Welsh.....
Ummm...je ne mage avec mon fromage chat?

Question 7:   How would you describe yourself?
Kind and thoughtful
Sporty and courageous
Smart and sophisticated

Question 8:   Will you go to heaven?
With my style and attitude God couldn't resist [I don't actually think God cares about that but anyway...]
If that's what shall be

Question 9:   Do you like animals?
Yes they are cute
I love dogs
No...they get my new outfit hairy

Question 10:   What would be your ideal job?
Fashion designer

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