What Would You Do In This Situation?

What do your actions say about you?
On this test, you choose between several options of what you would do in given situations, such as if you were being robbed, or were trapped in a building that was on fire, or had farted in public (gasp!).
Your reactions say a lot about your character - revealed by these scenarios you normally wouldn't find yourself in!

Learn about yourself - take this quiz now!

  • 1
    What would you do if you were trapped on the third floor in a building with only two exits: a window and the front door. There's fire all around the building, except for a small area under the window. What would you do?
    What would you do if you were trapped on the third floor in a building with only two exits: a window and the front door. There's fire all around
  • 2
    What would you do if you were in a bus next to a woman you don't know, and you farted?
  • 3
    What would you do if you were being robbed by an UNARMED man in your house?

  • 4
    What would you do if you got hurt while in an abandoned building?
  • 5
    What would you do if you were in the middle of a crowded street and your trousers fell - and everyone saw your underwear?
  • 6
    What would you do if you were at a sleepover and woke up to see all your friends laughing because they painted your face with lipstick that lasts 24 hours.

  • 7
    What would you do if one of your friends started a rumor that you hit the teacher?
  • 8
    Two people at the train station seem to be in a heated argument. What do you do?
  • 9
    What would you do if your parents discovered you had been drinking alcoholic drinks?
  • 10
    Your friend is being accused of stealing school supplies. You know it was them. What do you do?

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1463 days ago
I thought this test was fun...I think a lot of people like these kind of things. I'm going to put this link on my homepage. Thanks, it's a great way to pass a little time! šŸ˜
1475 days ago
i love this test im going to keep doing it for fun, and i really do love it.
1512 days ago
I may have gotten something wrong, because Iā€™m under 18 and It said Impressive.
1521 days ago
I kinda liked the test aswel x
1522 days ago
i kinda like this test
1523 days ago
The test results were true, I'd survive w/ instinct, but I still don't know how they decided that when I chose to commit suicide twice.
1530 days ago
rlly if u bored u commit suicide
1530 days ago
If you are bored get if you butt and go find something to do
1552 days ago
if a man was unarmed stealing in my house i would punch him
1575 days ago
if i was bored then i would get off my butt and do something
1596 days ago
if I were bored Iā€™d commit suicide
1670 days ago
hi all
1674 days ago
1678 days ago
1703 days ago
Make it more funny or a little more racist for all the edgy kids
1723 days ago
I loved the Star Trek reference! P.S Please take my quizzes!
1750 days ago
love it
1764 days ago
cool game
1766 days ago
I didn't even right my real name c':
1766 days ago
Im cool i think,oh sorry i think this quiz is lying to me being cool