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Love To Sing? Find Out Your Voice Type!

So singing is your life...or you love doing it and wish it could be! Knowing the type of singing voice you naturally have will let you focus on developing it to the best of your ability! Try this quiz to see your voice type now! PS: There are some technical questions on this - if in doubt, ask your choir director/voice coach for help, or make your best guess using information online.

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    How would you describe your tone?
    How would you describe your tone?

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31 days ago
For 40% you are: You are a baritone or mezzo-soprano! You enjoy singing in and sound the best in the middle, like Elvis Presley for males or Alanis Morrisette for females! Be careful not to stay too low or too high for too long; it can be exhausting for you and your voice won't sound nearly as good!
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*me sounding like a whirly bird
40 days ago
My range is e2-b6 so what should I put
46 days ago
my range is 40% brass or contralto 40% tenor or saprano 20% baritone or mezo-saprano
80 days ago
I don't even know what E2 and stuff like that is, huh?
106 days ago
It said I was 40% bass or contralto, 40% tenor or soprano and 20% baritone or mezzo-soprano it also said my score wasn't clear :/
131 days ago
Is a base an alto? I think so.
142 days ago
It says I Am contralto ... correct my lowest note is B2 and my highest is B5
142 days ago
I have no idea what any of this means like 💑
142 days ago
Ok so I’m going to fix the spelling errors that I can find. Soprano,*for “saprano “ half *for “have”
And last sorry *for “sry”
142 days ago
K so I took this test again and it says I’m like 78 percent mezzo-soprano nd 45 percent soprano so yea
142 days ago
. K so first it says I’m a saprano, and ima mezzo-saprano . So yea sry for any hate
142 days ago
I don’t know what have of this stuff means, but I mean I thank I might be a saprano but I legit don’t know 🤔😅. *sry for the spelling errors if I have any*
155 days ago
Mi highest note is D7 and the lowest one is D3 or E3 0-0
166 days ago
It says I'm bass or contralto in 50%, baritone or mezzo-soprano is 40%, and tenor or saprono is 10%.
187 days ago
IT said I was 70% Mezzo soprano, 20% soprano, and 10% contralto
200 days ago
it says i am messo sprano
226 days ago
it says i am a baritone or mezzo-soprano!
232 days ago
It says 50% that I am a tenor or soprano, 40% says I am a mezzo soprano or baritone and 10% says I am a bass or contralto.
236 days ago
I am soprano, and 20% mezzo-soprano.
237 days ago
I actually have B3 as my lowest note and C5 as my highest note But the results show that I'm a mezzo-soprano .