Love To Sing? Find Out Your Voice Type! ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ The quiz

So singing is your life...or you love doing it and wish it could be! Knowing the type of singing voice you naturally have will let you focus on developing it to the best of your ability! Try this 'What is my vocal range?' quiz to see your voice type now! PS: There are some technical questions on this - if in doubt, ask your choir director/voice coach for help, or make your best guess using information online.

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    How would you describe your tone?
    How would you describe your tone?

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1423 days ago
I have a really deep voice like deeper then most boy singers (aka I have one hear 1 boy deeper then me and a boy in my grade has a deeper voice then me.) Such is super imbaressing because I am a girl and are music teacher is super mean and she lets the boys sing where ever on the voice scale they won't whall the girls HAVE TO sing high! I can't sing higherr then most boys DEEPEST! it is so frustrating. And to put the charry on top I am 11! Yes I seid 11!
1433 days ago
My range is D3 to G5 and I don't know what I am.
1441 days ago
ummm, am not good with music terminology, so this did not help + my range is from E2 to E6 .... so ... >.>
1449 days ago
I believe i have a slight tenor voice
1463 days ago
Iโ€™m 14 range is E2-F6 (C8) I have relatively good technique I would rate myself B- my range often increases and decreases for example somedays I can cover all ranges going down to A1 and up to BB6 however somedays only down to f3 and up to f6. I have a whistle register that also comes and goes but anyways I got 40% Tenor/Soprano, 30%Bass/Contralto and 30% Baritone/Mezzo which is reasonable since I am a Countertenor however a Mezzo-Sopranist not a Sopranist because I sing most often in Mezzo range but maybe it might just be today Iโ€™ll retake the quiz and see
1468 days ago
So im 11 and everyone gas high voices even the boys! My voice is in between and a lot of people complain about not being able to hit the really high or low parts in a song but i can hit both easily......
1468 days ago
My voice is kinda in the middle and this was not at all accurate
1475 days ago
So my results were not clear great
1486 days ago
My vocal range was F1-G5..what is that??
1499 days ago
(I'm 12 btw -w- such a deep frickin' voice WHY)
1499 days ago
So imma the 7th grade...and all they have is soprano, alto, and the boys. (They apparently don't have a special name ;-;) and I feel like sometimes the altos (I sing alto) sings too high and I can't match the pitch, but the boys sing right at my range. I feel so weird for having such a deep voice at such a young age ;-;
1508 days ago
Iโ€™m a 14 year old male and my vocal range is F2-A5 (B5,C6) Iโ€™m a countertenor and my voice starts to strain if I do it to much
1528 days ago
this thing messed me up
1528 days ago
This test messed up my brain .-.
1549 days ago
This is really interesting!
1563 days ago
I got 60% soprano and I thought I was lower!
1575 days ago
60%- Baritone/Mezzo Soprano
30%- Tenor/Soprano
10%- Bass/Contralto Soprano
1608 days ago
Age 14- Definitely a tenor/soprano at 100%
1632 days ago
How could such a test even be accurate... After all this is still
1647 days ago
15(Sixteen in 9 days) year old male. I got 60%Baritone. 20% Bass, 20%Tenor. Accurate as he'll. My middle register is what sounds and feels best. The bad thing is that my throat tries to make me go low as I go high. When I get there its perfectly fine, but I've got some real bad breathing and throaty habits that makes transitions whether lower or higher sound awful, its hard for me to blend my baritone into my bass or my tenor.

Chest Range:A2(maybe one or two notes lower) to A4 I believe. Head voice C3 to B4(not different form chest in range really but much in tonality). Suported Falsetto goes up to a F#5, whistle falsetto is countertenor up to C6. So a 2.3 ish octave supported range.

I just need to work on getting my highs and lows to not sound like a co pletley different voice. What's the point of the range if its boxed into three separate voices, after all?