Morality Quiz

Navigating the complex landscape of ethics and morality can be challenging. Are you the kind of person who leans toward utilitarian decisions, or perhaps you prioritize individual rights and duties? This quiz aims to put your ethical viewpoints to the test through a series of dilemmas that require quick yet thoughtful choices. Remember, the fact that you're here, willing to explore the facets of your morality, already speaks volumes about your character. So dive in, and let's find out what ethical philosophy you most closely align with!

  • 1
    You're in a lifeboat with eight other people. The lifeboat can't hold everyone and will capsize soon. The only way to avoid killing everyone is to throw one person off the boat. One of the lifeboat passengers is a grievously injured woman, who is certain to die soon, but is she is alert and fully aware of the issue at hand. Could you throw that passenger overboard, knowing you would be saving the others and the person being thrown off would know what you were doing?
  • 2
    In another version of the lifeboat dilemma, the person who would be thrown off is your best friend. Your friend was injured to due a recent car crash, which resulted in brain damage. She isn't fully aware of everything going on. Would you be able to throw your best friend off the boat, knowing it would save the others?
  • 3
    It's wartime, and you are hiding in a basement with a group of random strangers. Enemy soldiers surround the premises and would be drawn to any strange sound. If you are found, you would all be killed immediately. A baby starts to cry loudly and can't be stopped. The only way to quiet the baby is to smother it to death, saving the lives of everyone else with you. The baby's parents are unknown and not present, so there will be no penalty for killing the baby. Could you be the one to smother the baby?

  • 4
    In another version of the baby dilemma, it isn't a random baby - its parents are present in the basement. Since they are, there will be a penalty. But if the screaming baby isn't quieted, everyone will die, including the baby. Could you smother the baby while its parents are watching?
  • 5
    In a third version of the screaming baby scenario, it is your own baby who would have to be killed. Could you be the one to smother your own child to save everyone else?
  • 6
    An out-of-control train is barreling down a track toward five unsuspecting people. The train will surely kill them all. You, the conductor of the train, could throw a switch diverting the train to a siding, but an equally unsuspecting man is there and would be killed. Could you throw the switch, killing one but saving five?
    An out-of-control train is barreling down a track toward five unsuspecting people. The train will surely kill them all. You, the conductor of the trai

  • 7
    In another version of the train dilemma, you and a man are on a sidewalk next to the tracks. You need to push the man in front of the tracks to save the five unsuspecting people.
  • 8
    You and your family are on vacation. Your daughter is 7 and is best friends with your niece, also 7. Your families are very close and your daughter asks if your niece can come with you on your holiday. You agree. When you arrive at the destination, the girls ask if they can go for a swim. You tell them to wait until you are unpacked, but say they can play on the beach in the meanwhile. A few minutes later, you hear screams from the beach. You run down and see that the girls didn't listen and went for a swim. They are caught in a rip tide and are struggling. You see that your niece is struggling more than your daughter, since she isn't as good a swimmer. You can save both, but only one at a time. Would you save your niece first, knowing she would probably drown first, while your daughter has a greater chance of being able to hold on until you come back? Or would you save your daughter first, knowing your niece will likely drown?
  • 9
    In another version of the swimming dilemma, it isn't your daughter and niece, but two random strangers. When you get close enough, you realize they were your childhood best friends. They have been with you through everything and you don't want to see either die. One of your friends is struggling more than the other, which means they would have a smaller chance of survival. Which friend would you save first?
  • 10
    You are a judge presiding over the trial of an alleged bank robber, whom you know is innocent. However, something terrible in your life has happened: The enemies of the robber have kidnapped your 9-year-old daughter and are holding her hostage. You don't know where she is. The police have tried to locate her to no avail. The kidnappers have left you an anonymous note saying that if you convict the robber, they will set your daughter free. You fear the kidnappers could be abusing or even torturing your child. What would you do?

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198 days ago
im just saying, it would be better and easier to break the babys neck instead of smothering it
244 days ago
I have a good time answering this quiz looking forward to experience this again
864 days ago
I really enjoy reading, and i also love this questioner.
902 days ago
Diverse test
1022 days ago
This questions helped me to think well in a critical situations.