Suicide Quiz & Help For Those Considering It


You're just done. You can't take any more. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you?

In a word, NO. You should not kill yourself. You are needed here, whether you know it now or not!

Maybe taking this little quiz can help you think about your feelings more clearly and get a new focus.

The trained people want to help, too: We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress. They offer suicide prevention and crisis resources for you and/or your loved ones, as well as best practices for professionals.


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    Who has been bothering you?
    Who has been bothering you?

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5 days ago
i have no reason to live seriously idk
16 days ago
also pls dont think u said something wrong that i took personally,u so sorry.
16 days ago
@Lighter i hope ur doing good with ur dad and just keep updating me about the bull$hit(i got the wrong idea didnt i?)
Things havent been perfect but its fine.i'll handle the bull$hit ive been through more.
i unfriended that clingy a$$hole and she messaged me(she follows me and i have that thing on that the ppl who follow me can message me imao)and she just was acting like the most depressed person on this mf planet and just said things like "yOu'Ll rEGrEt unFrIeNdInG Me" like hunni no i wont.kicking a b1t()h out of ur life isnt a bad thing
im sorry to say this,but idk if i can continue this conversation anymore
1)It hurt me when that dude @Alien just said that bull$hit(ok im acting like a kid who gets hurt by every lil thing and cries cause of it the fudge)
2)idk what to talk about anymore
3)i have exams coming soon and my "mom"(shes not my mom and never will be.she doesnt even treat me like her own child) gets mad every single time i get my pc and start typing bull$hit instead of me studying.
4)im not ready for more mean comemnts on this and another quiz u told me of,where ppl are just gonna act $ hurts me when ppl say this bull$hit,im like this and ik its stupid and dumb.

im sorry.
ik i hurt ur feelings but its not hard for me to type all this.tears r coming out of my f4()k1ng eyes while im typing all this,
im really sorry
im gonna sound like a mean a$$ human but here:
find someone whos actually gonna be there for you and listen to ur everyday stories and gives an actual good response.but just know,its not me.You'll do good off without me i mean what the heck do i do.just u going to ur device and typing a comment to this $hitty human.
im sorry...i really hope u just sorry
17 days ago
I always feel so down and stressed. It feels
like your in a dark tunnel with no way out.
And if there were there would be no
light.No happiness. You would be stuck in
your minds own games.Either way its like
your trapped in a room that is physically
sucking out all of your happiness, and you
cant escape it
17 days ago
Btw how have you been
17 days ago
@“mistake”yo I got’chu but uh some things happened why’ll weren’t talking my things got bad with my dad yesterday and yesterday was the first time my ther@apist made me actually think and what that mean is that I wasn’t I just-Idek how to explain it but yesterday was one of my bad days that just kinda randomly happened and the worst part about my dad is that after 3 years of having my guard up I finally decided to put it down with him and 2 days later he’s back to his own a$$holy self but I asked if I could vent to my friend about it{and shizz been going for like a year but she didn’t know that}so she worried about me I had to constantly reassured her that this was normal for me which it is and yooooooo it’s 3:18 for you it’s 5:54 in the £ucking morning for me the figgg also uh I have an idea ok so you know how some people think we should stop talking on this quiz I don’t completely disagree with them because ya’know this a suicid quiz and this may sound dumb but I think this might be better look up comfort boredom quiz AllTheTest (this site)we can chat over there I already left a comment over there so you’ll know you got the right one.sorry if this hurt your feelings in anyway btw or mad you mad that wasn’t my intention but if your ok with that just lemme know here and then I’ll go to the other quiz
17 days ago
@Lighter LMAOOOO.i saved my outfit name(yUh u can save outfits for later if u didnt know k im the cringe :D)anyway,i saved it as "Just a brief example of what i do all the time" like dUhhHhHHhhHh sleep(OK WHY AM I SO CRINGE)
and sorry for da late reply-i was thinking of what to do with that clingy b1()ch(she aint my friend but she thinks we're like besties the fudge:D)but then i finally decided to unfriend her but my internet was on her side(u know what the heck i mean:D :') )
its like 3:18 in da afternoon for me but im sleepy so ima sleep(Even tho i woke up at like 12:D)
the fudge oki gn-wait its not even night for me but whatever TvT
18 days ago
@“mistake”nah bro they sound GorGeoUs •w• it ain’t cringe that’s what I look like on a Sunday afternoon but I get’ cha my friend plays roblox and I’ve watched a couple of roblox you tubers and OML bro it’s 4:00am for me idk why I’m not asleep but ohh welll but here’s a fun fact I learned just now I’m watching rugrats it’s an old TV show from the 90’s it’s so cringey but wholesome but anyway I just learned the intire baby cased is woman and I neverrrrr relized dat OwO but ur character isn’t oogly she beautiful (Oml my cringe typing someone stahp mweee)god I’m sleeped deprived TwT imma go to sleep night or morning Idek anymore TwT
18 days ago
@Lighter my avatar is ugly as heck.i did get robux but i really dont give a hell on using it my avatar and looking "pretty" i use it on games cause im mostly playing rather than talking on just being online-
and uhhhh my character is wearing some good old pj's and a type of headband that has a ZzZzZZz" (OML SO CRINGEEE IM SORRY)and the hair,its just some good old red hair making my head look like a birdnest
honestly,every roblox player here prolly knows waht bull$hit im speaking(so cringe wow im so prud of myself,round of applause pls)but ye my character is ugly as fr1ck:D
19 days ago
@“mistake”oof aight just be safe(Oml that sounded so creepy I’m Srry)but still btw just outta curiosity what does ur little roblox character look like my favorite thing about these kinda games are designing the characters lol also you don’t have to if ya don’t wanna(sorry I talkin dumb for some reason)
19 days ago
@Lighter Lmao if i ask her why shes clingy she gonna be like "IM NOT CLINGY!!!!I THOUGHT WE'RE FREINDS.U HURT MY FEELINGS" like pls i feel like shes gonna say that:/
but dont worry if this continues ima unfriend her idc
19 days ago
@“mistake”have you tried asking why she’s so clingy Srry if this is like a bruh question or saying that like she’s being clingy idk but I get it my low key obsessed with Minecraft and making Minecraft skins good lord I’m so £ucking cringey but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
19 days ago
@Lighter bro shes so f4()k1ng clingyyy pls save me from her
i went offline for a few hours(im basically online there all the time-idek why im obsessed with it)and she sent me like a million messages like "are you ok??","OML ARE YOU ALRIGHT PLS TEXT ME IM WORRIED!","Are you dead???I MISS U SO MUCH PLS COME BACK" WHAT THE HECK(sorry for caps)LIKE GORL PLS IM NOT DEAD I WENT OFFLINE FOR LIKE A FEW HOURS WTH
i never tried reporting/blocking her cause idk what to out in there like shes not bullying me or she didnt curse or something(oml i curse sm on roblox and everywhere and i still didnt get reported or smh-Imao)but if this gets out of control or something im unfriending her shes WAYYYYYYYY too clingy-
19 days ago
@“mistake”YOOOOOOO THEY WERE ON A £UCKING BED TOGETHER (Srry for the caps but like wth)Oml but good you reported them like wth and I don’t think roblox will shut down it started in like 2004 so I think it’ll be ok and this may sound like really mean but have you tried blocking her or reporting her cause isn’t that kinda borderline harassment (Srry if I sound like a crystal child who gets offended by literally everything lol) but you are fun to talk to doe soooo (god that sounded so ducking creepy I’m sorry)btw I slept in till 12:14 god it feels so nice my body usually doesn’t let me relax that much lmao
20 days ago
@Lighter Lmao thank ya.BRO BTW-i saw this like meepcity "couple" and they were ON A MF BED TOGETHER.I just randomly walked into their house and likeeeee both of them(yes one was a dude and one was a gorl)were on da bed t.o.g.e.t.h.e.r i saw their user and reported them both and then hehehehehehh i think roblox really took it seriously and they both got kicked out LMAO
i honestly didnt know wth to feel,i wanted to laugh when they got kicked out but i also wanted to just cry that so much $hit got into roblox(cause i think if this od thing gets worse,roblox might shut down:/)
ALSO,i asked my clingy "friend" and she was like "OMGGGG.DO U THINK WE KNOW EACHOTHER?!MAYBE WE WERE FRIENDS LIKE BESTFRIENDS BUT WE FORGOT OMGGGG LETS PLAY NOW!!!!!" the fudge is wrong with her pls.she didnt even answer my question and shes like lEtS plAy NoW-
and if i say im busy,shes like "EVEN A MINUTE IS FINE!!!I REALLY WANNA PLAY WITH YOU PLSSSS" like gorl idek u and ur being so clingy-whats so interesting in me that u love texting and playing with meh-
also u aint dumb and goodnight;>
20 days ago
@“mistake”bro that’s awesome like you go on and try to catch predators (Srry if that’s not what you said I’m a dumb dumb:/ )like you got stones bro Srry if this sounds creepy but idk for some reason stuff like that really bothers me when I was little my dad and I watched murder shows and a lot of those consisted of r@pe and hearing the $hit people have done to you it just utterly disgust me that people would do that to innocent children and people teenagers and adults in general and ur like stopping this from possible happening to other people like I’m so £ucking proud of you (I sound so ducking creepy when I say that but it’s true I am proud of you)and good luck when you ask her and no worries imma bout to go to sleep aswell cya tomorrow night
20 days ago
btw by "her" i mean my clingy "friend" cause like when ima ask her-cause do i know u smhhh-
20 days ago
@Lighter oh thank goodness u know what roblox is-
ANYWAY,theres this game on roblox its called "meepcity" and many people od(online date)on it
i was playing to catch some oders and report them,but a literal kid came up to me and was like "hEy,aRe yOu tAkEn I ReALlY lIkE yOu" THE FUDGE?!istg im not flexing that someone likes me(they prolly didnt i had like 2 minute convo with her-_-)
but ye---
Lol i'll just ask her "hve we met before cause u seem similar" liek thats what i can say and not sound like a creepy 60 year old(ok im so mean :D)
also sorry for da late reply i was asleep UwU
20 days ago
@“mistake”nah I know what roblox is I just don’t play it and that’s messed up that ur friends blocked u like wth-and she’s probably just some stupid 8 year old but yoooo if that was ur ex friend oof but you ain’t dumb if they changed it then you wouldn’t know if it was so u ain’t dumb
20 days ago
@Lighter when someone reports u,u get a warning,but if that thing is too off the rules of roblox,roblox bans you meaning u cant play anymore.
but like ik shes gonna pick the one thats like a big no no on roblox,even if i never did that._.
i told her to stop acting so clingy and all but she was like "IM NOT CLINGY!!!DID U FORGET!?WE'RE FRIENDS.COMEON NOW LETS GO PLAYYYY!" like the fudge pleaseee
wait imagine her being one of my ex-bestfriends(cause many of my friends have unfriended me and blocked me)but i dont remember her cause im dumb no but frfr what if she changed her user smh-
wait u know what roblox is??if u dont,then that whole comment seemed like i was speaking bull$hit