Are You Considering Suicide? PLEASE Take This Quiz Now!


If you're considering suicide, PLEASE take this quiz. It can help you think about your feelings more clearly and to get a new focus. It will help you reframe your situation.

I think I get it. You feel totally hopeless. You can't take any more pain. You are thinking about ending it all. You have a plan - maybe even a detailed one complete with a chosen time and method. But should you go through with it?

NO. You should NOT kill yourself. You are needed and wanted here, whether you know it in this awful moment or not. You would be dearly missed by some or many people, whether you believe it not. You add good, even great, things to the world, whether you're aware of them or not. Yes, you do! Listen. People can be self-absorbed. They are often not great about validating others, or sometimes even noticing all those well-meaning and good things you do. But all that really matters is that YOU are good and are deserving of love!

If you need them, trained professionals are standing by to help you: The Lifeline provides 24/7, FREE and CONFIDENTIAL support for people in distress. They offer suicide prevention and crisis resources for you and/or your loved ones. Mental health professionals can learn best practices that have saved many lives.

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    Who has been hurting you?
    Who has been hurting you?

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37 days ago
@evanslily, hi! You sound like a very sweet person. There is a chat here on allthetests called "got a crush? In or around 6th grade? See if he likes you!" If you type in "6th c" it should pop up. Me and a few other girls have a group chat there. If you want to know about me, I will tell you because it will take days to read through our comments. Here's what you need to know: I love theatre and I got the lead roll in Addams Family! And at theatre I met this boy named Max who is gay, but I have a crush on him! And I am in a relationship with someone named Liam. Max is SUPER FLIRTY! Like, a lot. I will tell you about one of my favorite memories of him, it happened 3 days ago. We were standing in a line, and I was next to Max. He turned to say something to the person on the other side of him, and I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him 💗 he said "hey" in a playful tone and then grabbed my arms to keep me in the hug. I am 100% sure he is gay, so he DOESN'T like me.

I am in 7th grade :)

What grade are you in, or are you an adult?

Sorry this took so long to read 😳 feel free to join our chat, we'd love to have you on there!

P.S. I am sick RN, please pray ❤
38 days ago
Guys I'm really really sorry for what you're going through!
Please, remember everyone on this earth has their own worth and you're unique and wonderful and valuable, and nothing can ever change that. If any of you wants to talk I'll be here to listen and I promise to help wherever I can.
Please don't feel like nobody cares about you. People do care. I care! Keep faith and things will get better. Honest. Really hope this helps.

@nala Hi again!
53 days ago
Anyone here that is actually considering suicide, please, remember that god loves you the way you are and he has great plans for your future. On earth.
84 days ago
ah yes, it said I have to stay for someone, but why shall I when I could just not :D
101 days ago
Ih everyone Happy pride month I hope you know that you are loved and cared about have a good a day ❤️
159 days ago
178 days ago
Question 5 "If you end your life, what do you think will happen?", is too hard to know. A few people may say they will miss me - but they are too busy to miss me when I am here now! Some may say sentimental things about caring and love, and they may not be hypocrites, but their actions in relation to me reveal them to be merely glib and superficial words. their words are mostly empty. But how could I blame them? Is there any rule that says a human must be deep and sincere? Aren't we limited creatures?
178 days ago
Question 5 "When were you the happiest?", does not have adequate selection choices. I do not know when I was "happiest". There are different kinds of happiness, like different flavors.
178 days ago
Again, the 4th question options are too forced. The answer choice "Everything and everyone is making me miserable. I feel I am not meant to be happy" may be the closest to my sentiments- but it's not correct. I believe many people are uncertain about how to make the world better. Like myself, they feel limited; or perhaps it is too much to think about for many. So we genuinely fail one another often; but what good does blaming do? I don't agree that I am not meant to be happy. I do not see it in such absolute terms. It is too much to say we are either meant to be or not meant to be happy. How could we know?
178 days ago
Again, the choices are too forced. I can't say there is no one I can't live without, but I do need others. I need others to make a liveable world mutually. We are caught up in a world we did not make and everyone I know is either at their limits to survive and can only do so much - or they hold to an ideology that insists everyone must fend for themselves completely or otherwise blame themselves completely; or cannot find the ability care otherwise. Perhaps life may is hard for them too. It is hard for most.
178 days ago
I guess it might help to not be alone. People in my society/culture are not, or cannot be very supportive. My best friend used to help me get through, somewhat. She too is so overwhelmed with life and our paths have necessarily diverged. There is no real support from anyone in my life. Suicide hotlines are not a real community of support. Even 12 steps is not a real community. They do not start co-op businesses for mutual support together or build co-op housing for security from predatory rent seekers. Our world makes many justifications for its harshness. But we do not need justifications. We need a world in which we have security and safety and real love in a community instead of dreams always out of reach for the many.
178 days ago
The choices you give for this quiz seem too forced. People aren't necessarily hurting me on purpose. But the world is a difficult place and the systems we humans create make life difficult and we will probably eventually destroy the planet too.
201 days ago
I don't know who hurt me.. but I don't feel loved. I feel sad. When I tell about my feelings people say I am just emotionally weak. I wanted therapy. Even though my mom took me to one at that time she (mom)treated me like that I have some illness. She always wanted to know when this will be over. I didn't wanted to her make more ashamed of me. So I quit therapy.
204 days ago
The reasons why I have been having suicidal thoughts recently, ( 12-13 ), are because bullying, my mom has been recently taking substances, ( but is now getting help from social services ), self-criticism, and multiple other things.... but, again I say, I am getting help and thinking the future will be better and t=things will, hopefully, get better....
204 days ago
Here's my un-needed suicidal and self-harm ideation story...

I first started thinking of suicide when I was 10 or 11... but I think it was probably eleven or something...My first, and only, suicide attempt was winter break of sixth grade and I was 11 and I was about to jump out a window but my mom, thankfully, stopped me but I never got help really after that....

The reason why I was having the suicidal thoughts...
I was having suicidal thought because, people were bullying me and I was bullying myself for my body image, also my little sister had moved to another state, on Christmas Eve of 2020 when I was 10, and my dad had recently been taking substances and it was very hard on me experiencing those things....

1 year and three months later....
My little sister is still in that other state but my dad has been clean for some time now but I still have been having suicidal thoughts.... I recently went to a psychiatric hospital and things have gotten somewhat better after that.... I also have a the😍, am going to TDT ( Therapeutic Day Treatment ), and have two counselors at school that have helped me through a lot :)... But even with all that help, which I am very thankful for, I still have had thoughts that are disturbing and I wish could stop...but I am also very optimistic for the future and believe that things will get better :)...
204 days ago
Are You Considering Suicide? PLEASE Take This Quiz Now!
For 60% you are: Please stay!

You have someone there for you! Stay with them! You have to stay. Your life will get better. That little bit of sunshine is just around the corner. It might be a long corner, but you will there!

Just tell that person how much you love them, and tell them what you just thought, how you wanted to kill yourself. They will be there. And if they aren't, trust me, there will always be someone who can help you, but it might require some searching. Things WILL get better. Trust me, I have been there, and I am fine now. Like time, bad feelings pass.

https://suicidepreventionlifeline.o rg/: We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress. They offer suicide prevention and crisis resources for you and/or your loved ones, as well as best practices for professionals.

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204 days ago

Hello, my name is Vladimir it is really nice to meet you.
I am a 23 years old non-binary person from Serbia, South East Europe.
My date of birth is 26th Of October, 1999. for those who may wonder.
Also if it really matters to someone my🌻assigned to me at birth is male.
I don't want to say my last name on here but my nickname is Vlado or just Vlad.
I am a PanSexual person but I am single & a virgin, literally my entire life.
I am an atheist by the way & I am not conservative or reactionary in any way.
I am a very introverted & asocial person, I have no friends or social medias at all.
No, I am not here to find myself friends or anything like that.
I am here to help those who are in need of some help.
I can give you an advice, listen to you, you can vent to me, etc.
I am poor so I can't help you with the money but I can with almost everything else.
Not to lie to you I am a very suicidal, anxious, depressed, sad & broken person.
My email address is Vladoo99@Outlook.Com for those who would like to speak to me.
I wouldn't mind trying to be more than friends if anyone is interested but there is no one like me anyways.
Thank you very much for reading all this, I wish you all the best, stay strong & stay safe.
220 days ago
It doesn't get better. Life gets harder and lonelier the longer you live; i thought things were rough when i was in my 20s, but they're SO much worse in my 40s. It's the realisation that you've lost what looks you had, can't convince a man to love you, have zero earning potential and have no family to care for you once you're old that makes life pointless.

Seriously, if you can find a husband (or whatever), get 🕊 married ASAP. Don't wait around for something "better", just take what you can and never EVER sign a prenup, so you won't end up old, divorced and homeless. Marrying some dude you don't love and will cheat on all the time is far better than waking up alone, poor and unloved at 45.
258 days ago
Btw if you read my comment sorry for spilling that all on you, I know my problems are not that serious and there are people out there who have it MUCH worse than my, and those people, if you see this I’m so sorry life is tough on you. Don’t kill yourself you don’t deserve that, you deserve way better than that, seek help, and even though you have no clue who I am I will ALWAYS be there for you.
258 days ago
I am pretty young. And it’s unusual for people my age to think this way, but for about a year now I keep thinking about how much I deserve to die, many times I’ve thought about suicide but was to scared to go through with it. I don’t want to die, I just think I deserve to. I think I honestly deserve nothing in this world and don’t see the point in any of it. I’ve opened up to people before but all I’ve received from my peers are negative comments, bullying, and people saying they know how I feel but I know, I KNOW they don’t. They keep saying their so depressed but they don’t know the meaning of that word! I hate going to school and not because of the work, and the rude teachers. Because of the kids, the school is great. But the kids are AWFUL..if you see this I’m sorry for rambling on.. I just needed to get this off my chest not in person, so I won’t feel guilty for telling people. :,)