Are You Considering Suicide? PLEASE Take This Quiz Now!


If you're considering suicide, PLEASE take this quiz. It can help you think about your feelings more clearly and to get a new focus. It will help you reframe your situation.

I think I get it. You feel totally hopeless. You can't take any more pain. You are thinking about ending it all. You have a plan - maybe even a detailed one complete with a chosen time and method. But should you go through with it?

NO. You should NOT kill yourself. You are needed and wanted here, whether you know it in this awful moment or not. You would be dearly missed by some or many people, whether you believe it not. You add good, even great, things to the world, whether you're aware of them or not. Yes, you do! Listen. People can be self-absorbed. They are often not great about validating others, or sometimes even noticing all those well-meaning and good things you do. But all that really matters is that YOU are good and are deserving of love!

If you need them, trained professionals are standing by to help you: The Lifeline provides 24/7, FREE and CONFIDENTIAL support for people in distress. They offer suicide prevention and crisis resources for you and/or your loved ones. Mental health professionals can learn best practices that have saved many lives.

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    Who has been hurting you?
    Who has been hurting you?

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628 days ago
I have been cutting, on and off for 8 months now. attempted suicide secretly but I just couldn't cut my wrist. I attempted suicide 13 months ago. I have been feeling this way of killing myself since 2 years ago. I just can't take it anymore. I'm in my life where I don't know If I want to kill myself or just watch my destruction. I push away people who mean the world to me. I can make new friends but I can't move on from this path of my life where at the end of the day, I realize everyone is just going to leave me. I have depression, trust issues, emotional suffering, bottling up everything is how I live. I have a toxic family. they killed my every dream I ever had. my mum, people say our mother know us the best and do what's best for us. no mine does everything which benefits her. she told I couldn't have any boyfriend or it will ruin my father's reputation. she threatened me that she would kill me if I do something like that. my father, beats me when he pleases and then the next day you know, he will be the best father from his POV. my lil brother started beating me up and my parents think its normal and encourage this behavior by making me guilty that it must be my fault. today I pushed away my cousin who has been my pillar and I think I lost her. she is the first and only person I ever opened up fully. i just can't take it anymore...
629 days ago
One day I know I'm going to die, death is the only certain thing in this world. The only thing that affects me is how I spend this life. Nothing but accumulated pain has come from me living this life. I just want to sleep, I can't keep feeling. I just know that when my time comes the blame will be on me. A bottle of pills, a blade, a gun; no clue when no clue how I just know it's certain. I have nobody to live for, I have family, I have a baby sister who I love deeply but if I go now it won't affect her, I'm sure of it, she's too young to remember. I have friends, but they have each other's backs. Nobody will end their lives in the blame of mine, the world will keep on spinning. Countless deaths each day, countless births, but none of them will matter in the end. We all die, death is inevitable. What's the big deal if I want to cut my time short, ill cause a few people to cry, sure, maybe ill get thought of when a certain song comes on, but they will be forgotten too; Just as one day I won't even be a thought. All the pain felt over me, brought into existence just as quick as it will be brought out. I've felt enough pain for my fair share, the world wasn't made for my existence. I'm not "unappreciative" I'm just tired of the feelings this brain and body give me. Sure I'm not poor or dying of cancer but I can't handle these feelings I have. I hurt myself because it's what I feel I deserve, everything that has happened to me has a reason if I die today it's my destiny, when my brain finally hits its last barrier I will understand. Once the bullet passes through or the pills hit my stomach it will all have happened for a reason. I'm not in control of what I think, If that blade passes through my skin then that's what my destiny is. Destiny is what writing this. NO meaning behind what I'm doing, I'm nobody; fate has brought me here and made me write this all for maybe 1 or 2 people to read; I'll be forgotten in no time. Theirs absolutely no point to be here, death is the only path that is part of all of our destiny. I might as well leave before I experience any more pain. I have no reason to stay and endure, the more people I interact with, the longer I know them, the more pain I will cause. Thank you Grammarly for helping me write a grammatically correct suicide note, I appreciate it. I guess I'm not alone, Grammarly's got my back.
631 days ago
I am gonna kill myself someday, but I can't do fawking ANYTHING because my family is always around me 24/7 because I tried to kms a few times. Guess I'll have to wait till I get left home alone. I don't wanna be here, I don't wanna be here, I don't wanna be here...

But listen here.

There is someone who cares about you. I might not know who you are, but I love you and I care about you. Please don't hurt yourself. I love you, and I hope you have an amazing life. I know it may not seem like it right now, but one can find happiness even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on a light. Sweetheart, all you gotta do is turn on a light
632 days ago
ok, if im honest, the only reason that i ONCE considered suicide, was my règles. that is the truth. its just so annoying, right?
(règles is french, i didnt want to type it in english. dont judge me, ok?
648 days ago
i love someone and someone loves me but the truth is i live my life hidden behind a fake smile. i am depressed and non of my frinds take me seriously. all my life i hve had my own troubles shadowed by someone elses minor problem.
654 days ago
i have a question should i kill myself or should i let the weight of me my brother my mom getting beat all the time my mom boyfriend kill himself right in front of me or what i need help!!!!!!!
654 days ago
@mistake and @lighter this is a site with people who have problems not a group chat ok so get each other’s phone number k
658 days ago
I was at my lowest and ready to end it all this morning, and I did this test hoping it would tell me to just do it- but the results being a gentle but rational reminder of why it would logically not be the thing to do right now struck something in me. I started crying and immediately just went and signed myself up for a local therapy group ive been avoiding signing up for thinking "whats the point". but this quiz gave me the little hope and push I needed to try and make a change in my life so thank you so much for the time and effort youve put into making this. you saved my life.
659 days ago
tbh i tried commiiting suicide cuz i was fed up with everything just yesterday only I tried overdozing myself turns they did nothing , I was just drizzy af the whole time so if u have suggestions pour them
666 days ago
669 days ago
Wondering what's out there, I got nothing here, and I don't care about anything anymore. No ambitions, no desires. My addictions don't bring pleasure anymore . So I stopped most of it, became custom to my daily point of view. There is nothing that i know would be worthy to continue living.
How many times have I heard ",why are you so quiet" or ",what's wrong with you"..I don't know ..if there is anything wrong with tell me..but even if you do-it won't change a thing for me.

I haven't made up my mind yet. Nobody is reason for me to live but my 6yo is the reason I don't wanna die intentionally..don't want him to pick up on any of my misery and depression and nihilism.
672 days ago
Tired of the majority of my life being filled with mental and emotional anguish. The sad and depressed years by far out weigh feeling happy, loved, or wanted. Too old to try and start a new life. The world has become a cesspool which I will no doubt not escape from. I fear my fate will be death amongst all of the others who have perished. All over the earth bodies being pecked at by birds and rotting like dung on the ground. So why wait a few more years being miserable anyway for this outcome. Just so done . Ready to go
674 days ago
I'm back... life just really sucks
681 days ago
So does anyone else feel that because you are poor, you owe it to the world to kill yourself? Without $, status and respect, and family who love you, what is the point? the more desperate you get the more people don't like you and the more people walk away. I don't see a solution. They say suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem--no--it's a permanent solution to a permanent problem. If the end of life is in the Medicaid basement, why not just go now rather than beg for help later?
684 days ago
This whole site is complete garbage. Just the same dumb cliches that everyone else says. If you want to end it, then just end it. It is your life, and therefore your choice. It is selfish and cruel to keep an animal alive if they’re suffering. The people around you will all continue to live their lives, or it will give them the courage to end their own suffering. God makes us suffer because god doesn’t love us, is a sadist, or just doesn’t exist. I personally hope it is the last option, so that we all just cease to exist after perishing. Do what you want. Personally, the reason I haven’t killed myself is that I want to make others suffer the way I do. Acting sadistic is the only thing that makes me feel something. Forget about love and focus on hate. Hate gave me a reason to live, and it can for you too if you will just give it a try!
691 days ago
@ Apparently I shouldn't, I empathize a lot for you. Even with a perfect life, I feel like I can't breathe even though I do. Even heck/hell seems better. I have had near death experiences and those were my happiest times too. Even in a perfect world, I would feel this.
691 days ago
There is nothing left for me in this f---ing cruel world. No one cares about me. I have never been really happy in my life. I'm only 10 too.
707 days ago
I just feel like everytime im doing fine, i get myself stuck in situations that lead to hurting myself physically or mentally, i feel guilty because i cant wake up in the mornings and everybody always think that i am joking or makeing it up, but i really just cant wake up in the mornings, something is holding me in the bed im like stuck in a day dream and cant go out of that state of mind and i feel like i shouldnt be here if i cant wake up early and do the amount of job as other people, they bring way more benefits in this world than me, in here just eating food, going to gym, sleeping and makeing my employers lifes harder
711 days ago
i honestly don't know, im not sad or anything, i just feel numb to everything. i fake emotions to seem normal but honestly I'm just a machine that's on autopilot. i have great friends and family who support me, i just can't seem to get out of a slump. im just numb and tbh i don't know if i can get out of it
725 days ago
Why am I even alive ? when im already feeling so lost like God create me without given me purpose to live