What's Missing From My Life? Quiz

Have you been feeling empty recently, like your life is missing something? That is such a common feeling! Definitely don't feel like The Lone Ranger.:) Just take my quiz and find out what you need to do to help yourself feel better. Good luck - I really hope it helps.

  • 1
    How are you feeling right now?
    How are you feeling right now?
  • 2
    Do you frequently feel empty?
  • 3
    Do you feel depressed often? (Undiagnosed - just feelings.)

  • 4
    What do you want more than anything else in the world right now?
  • 5
    Are you having trouble defining who you are and what your personality is like these days?
  • 6
    How happy are you with your appearance?

  • 7
    What do you have nightmares about these days?
  • 8
    Do you have good relationships with your family and friends?
  • 9
    Have you noticed your interest in life fading a little recently?
  • 10
    What do you think is missing from your life?

Comments (51)


163 days ago
I had lost my love...... My life is becoming harder day by day without her.... That was my mistake that is why I have lost everything.... & she was everything for me and will be everything for me.... & at last... Toiba i want you to be my life again.... ๐Ÿฅบcome back
218 days ago
I got love, which is true
233 days ago
im sorry for ya loss @ oh hi
243 days ago
im so sorry for ur loss @oh hi.
243 days ago
I got love, security, and attention. SO TRUE! also same @eliana, i wanna go to hogwarts.
251 days ago
Me Too! I am the one who needs LOVE!
304 days ago
I am the one who needs LOVE.
331 days ago
lmao i got the security one and i dont need security i just wanna go to hogwarts
348 days ago
im sorry for your lose oh hi
348 days ago
i got So what's missing from your life? You want for nothing at all! Wow, your life sounds just peachy at the moment, and you want absolutely nothing except what you have. You're living a happy, secure life, and that makes you a lucky person. Congrats! So many people would love to have what you do.
371 days ago
So... if you read my last comment, then good for you. I took this quiz again and I got love is missing fro my life. I mean, that is kind of true. I used to have this cat who would visit me every day. My parents decided to keep the cat and I named the cat Bagel. Bagel loved me and I loved him back. I knew it because Bagel would purr whenever I pet him, he never cared if I sat next to him, and he always waited for me when I would sleep in my bedroom. I just miss sitting on Bagel's favorite chair next to the fireplace and just relaxing with him. And I remember I would turn on the TV for Bagel so he can watch cat videos on YouTube. And I would pretend to be a News Reporter and record a video of me asking some questions to Bagel on my phone. Suddenly, Bagel just ran away. Bagel was not dead and I hope he still is not dead. He just ran away and never came back. I was in fifth grade when Bagel left. Though, Bagel was an outdoor cat. So I would understand Bagel of he wants to leave. So at least Bagel is happy in the outdoors.
372 days ago
For 50% you are: So what's missing from your life? You want love. You're missing that special person so much that it's taking over your life. From what you've said, it seems as though you're missing them very much. Don't worry - me, too. Just push on through and keep living. There's someone special out there for you, I promise...maybe even the one you're missing.
33% of 38273 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 30% you are: So what's missing from your life? You want security. You're feeling vulnerable and lost, and you're not sure what you want out of life right now. Sounds like nobody's there to guide you. Is that the case? No worries - just do what you think is right. You can be your own security system. Just think about yourself and what you want, and everything will be OK. Profile B

Dang,this is accurate I guess. :/
416 days ago
Also this boy i like likes me back i think but i dont know if he wants to be together because people in our class are rlly anoying and my mum i feel like she doesnt care about me and i have a gang of 15 or 16 girls bullying me and my friend i broke my hand cus of them when we got into a fight a few weeks back
416 days ago
ive have to wait 7 years to see my dad and i dont know if he will be dead by then cus im resticted by the law not to see him and hes 51 and has heart and lung problames and somkes sorry if some of this spellings wrong im only 11
420 days ago
For me I got attention. I gotta admit it's so ๐Ÿ’‘ true. I always get ignored by my classmates and if I'm lucky I would get bullied or annoyed at school. Hell, I don't even have one friend. I feel like everyone hates me and is mad at me. So no wonder why everyone ignores me. Each day I'm becoming more cruel and cold hearted so why would anyone want to talk to a freak like me? I'm a ๐Ÿ’‘ leech and a parasite. Why would anyone even like a monster like me?!?! I feel like every day I would have to be full of yelling and insults by my ๐Ÿ’‘ classmates. Forget it, almost everyone in this world is evil. What's the point in being so nice and caring to anyone when everyone else is so mean to me?!?! No one cares about me and everyone hates me! I don't even care because I'm so ๐Ÿ’‘ used to it. I get called an ๐Ÿ’‘ because I am one! All those insults everyone said to me are true! Each day I lose my trust and care for people! But heck I'm still kind to people. Why can't people be nice back to me?! Why do I have to suffer from this pain of insults and yelling? Why does it have to be me?!?! I don't understand this! I feel like I'm about to unleash my inner monster inside of me but I can't because I try so hard to be happy! I just want to tell everyone how much I hate them and I just want to lose the anger in me!!! Why can't I be like my 10 year old self?! I used to be so aggressive and now I'm so calm and I regret that! This world isn't the cupcakes and rainbows I used to think of. I try so hard to not become a cold hearted monster but I just feel like I have to lose myself! I'm tired of listening to people's insults! I'm tired of it! The world is such a weird place with bad people and it's all on humanity! Humanity is so evil!!!!!!!
434 days ago
I wish there were a few more options to choose from. Iโ€™m very blessed and grateful for the things I have. I just feel like something is missing. Plus low self esteem now that Iโ€™m getting older. I hate this feeling itโ€™s all the time. I donโ€™t want to worry my family so I keep it to myself. Iโ€™m just going through the motions I guess.
437 days ago
Mm I guess I can agree with my answer ๐Ÿค”
484 days ago
I'm missing my loved one
498 days ago
There should be more options of each question. Because in some questions I couldn't find my appropriate answer.
520 days ago
It said I want attention but I hate attention because I have extreme social anxiety