Does Anyone Care About Me? Quiz

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  • 1
    Do you think anyone cares about you?
  • 2
    Do you feel that anyone pays attention to you?
  • 3
    How many friends do you have?

  • 4
    If people are whispering behind your back, do you automatically think they are talking about you?
  • 5
    Does everyone hate you?
  • 6
    Do you care about yourself?

  • 7
    (Random fate question for no reason...sorry!) Ever play Tragedy Loopers?
  • 8
    If you cut for attention, would anyone care? (I'm not saying that you should cut for attention - just answer the question.)
  • 9
    Do some consider you stone-hearted (even if you aren't, and I'm not saying you are)?
  • 10
    Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful before?

Comments (28)


69 days ago
😘 it said only 10% care
101 days ago
Life sucks. Im a boy and everyone tells me to🌻it up and the only emotion i can show is happiness. Ive been🌻d, abused, neglected, manipulated, gaslighted. Not saying this for attention but saying how my life is and hopefully someone can relate. Ive never felt more like I’ve wanted to die. It’s not the fact i dont want to feel pain anymore, i genuinely dont want to feel anything. I want to be gone.
115 days ago
I feel like no one cares about me because of who I am and what I do .I cry myself to sleep and hide all evidence at school. I also feel use at school for not the most popular in my class I hope someone understands how I feel as a young person
156 days ago
I don't think many ppl care about me bc I'm a virgo everyone hates my sighn
165 days ago
I acually don't care of living anymore I keep my friends far away and my family even farther
217 days ago
Ha. Ha.
421 days ago
i am literally gone by the start of the coming holidays. I don't even care anymore. I hope it hurts. i hope its prolonged. i hope everyone gets to watch me die and leaves meaningless get well soon cards next to my grave. I hope my tombstone lies rotting and forgotten.
437 days ago
I'm legit killing myself by April. No one cares. I'm done.
442 days ago
I killed a kitten I don't care no one cares about me ha ha
442 days ago
I hope my mom cares about me
1316 days ago
For allof you it will be ok I have been there too people do care I care please don't purposely hurt youselfs ,suicide is never the right awnser ,and don't forget you alwayse have at least one friend with you alwayse god there is hope
1540 days ago
I just want to let you guys know you ARE cared for , your life matters and you deserve the best for yourself , if you are struggling find help , not in a bad way but im saying theres people out there that will help. I personally have been going to counseling and it helps. Just know you are AMAZING and people care about you , I do ! You matter in this world go live life and be happy people and myself are here for you! You're all such awesome people , hope you all have an great life, you deserve it :>
1541 days ago
I don’t know what I got.
1608 days ago
I have no emotions any more also I got 100% thinking nobody will ever care and its true.......I have no reason in life I hate attention and people
1614 days ago
Sometimes I feel like no one cares about ne, so I just think about the people that I care about. It doesn't matter if they don't care about me, as long as I care about them they keep me alive because I have felt suicidal, but I stopped those feelings by focusing on the people I love
1630 days ago
You will be fine. Someone out there loves you. I have gone through the same thing. I care. This website might help. (
1705 days ago
no ones gonna care, but these episodes have been getting worse. nobody cares about me. just when i start talking to soemone and start speaking about things i think of, they immediately just reply with 'hm.' or a nod, and it's so clearly just to not look like an🕊it makes me feel sick. i've had countless experiences of these. there's also some people who made plans with me and cancelled all those plans with no excuse, but they managed to follow through with plans they make at the same time on the same weekday with another person i live with. it sucks, but i cant even do anything. i just had to sit by and let it happen nd pretend i dont mind. a person gt mad at e because i had interrupted their plans with this other person i live with who they never neglect, just today, too. i want to kill myself, and it just keeps getting worse. i cant even see a doctor.
1714 days ago
I thought my life was bad but then I read some of these comments... I used to hate life and people very much... and One day I got pregnant out of wedlock and then the father died... alot of people gossipped that I was too ugly or stupid and he just left... im kind of quiet so no one has ever asked the real story. I ended up marrying this other guy so he could help raise my son and we fell in love... He gave me a house and we've bought a car together. He goes to work and I stay home... Wow... I have it better than I had it ever... im glad I didnt kill myself as a teenager.... now im gonna go reflect on life for a while...
1714 days ago
Sometimes I do t feel like anyone like me or even will cry when I die because I know I am not important and I am losing my best friend and everything I can’t take This I need someone there when she leaves I can’t do this sometimes I just want to die plzzz help me I just want to kill my self sometime mostly all the time
1725 days ago
I can't take this anymore please help me.