Does anyone care about you?

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  • 1
    Do you think anyone cares about you?
  • 2
    Do you feel anyone pays attention to you?
  • 3
    How many friends do you have?

  • 4
    If there are people whispering behind your back do you automatically think they are whispering about you?
  • 5
    Does everyone hate you?
  • 6
    Do you care about yourself?

  • 7
    (random fate question for no reason.. sorry) Ever played tragedy loopers?
  • 8
    If you cut for attention would anyone pay attention? (I'm not saying you should, just answer the question.)
  • 9
    Do some consider you stone-hearted? (Even if you aren't, and I'm not saying you are.)
  • 10
    Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful before?

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19 days ago
if anybody cared about me theyd actually let me 🐬 vent to them instea dof letting me almost overdose LMAO 🐬 this 🐬
32 days ago
Nobody truly thinks about me or how I feel they don’t care and I know it I don’t talk to people about it because of that but when I do I just cry and they don’t even look at me or try to help the dog I was obsessed with they got rid of which broke me I got sexually assaulted and nobody believes me nobody cares I don’t even have real friends they talk behind my or they just hateful but I’m so desperate I let them use me I just want to a kid I shouldn’t feel this at such a young age no should feel this I’m just a stupid childish 💗p why do I have to be like this why can’t I be happy and I do feel good about my self or laugh they look at me like I’m nothing I’m literally in 4th grade IN 4TH GRADE and I want to die??? Is it just me I’ve felt things a 💗 28 year old wouldn’t understand they say people who have been through 💗 become successful but I’m not going anywhere I got suspended for actually no reason nobody would even notice if I was gone they nearly even know I’m here
100 days ago
it said someone cares abt me
how would someone care abt me if-

I'm adopted,and my real parents had me at a very young age and are now dead and my parents now basically hate me,cause they hit me and overall hate me,and treat my stepsister better
I've had 3 bf's in the past,all of em either played with me or cheated on me(what i mean by played is that they never liked me and in the end...u already know plus i dont wanna talk abt it)
my friends are all fake,none of em really care abt me and hate me and use me.that one online bestfriend i had.oh he?he actually basically blocked me and stopped talking to me
My sister?oh she's my stepsister and lets just say SHE HATES ME.She abuses me and makes me feel like a worthless brat

if u think ur life is worse than mine, @ me:)
now,mention that one person who actually cares abt me
113 days ago
I already know that people hate me apart from my home I get in trouble for stupid things, so I dicied to starve myself and stab myself with a screwdriver and slit my wrists with sizzors...and they wonder why I go NO where without a jacket.
342 days ago
For 50% you are: You don't seem so sure, but don't worry there is always someone out there who cares about you.
Yeah this"brightens" up my day
342 days ago
Sorry about that depressed 11yr old
454 days ago
Really, everyone's results should be: "Yes, many people care about you, whether you know it or not. God cares." because it's the Truth.
454 days ago
.. I got "You don't seem so sure, but don't worry there is always someone out there who cares about you." Like......
455 days ago
I got 60% "You don't seem so sure" and I guess that's the closest answer, even though it isn't quite how I'd put it. I'm very sure that people care about me only when they want something. But they expect me to care about them, in fact they feel entitled to it and are shocked and enraged when I always say "No". I don't need that sort of "caring" and really wish people would just stay out of my life.
473 days ago
I personally think that no one wants, loves, or thinks about me. I have 5 other siblings. My mom only seems to care about them tho. My mom's boyfriend is the only that seems to care. He noticed the scratches on my wrist and shook his head. He's not even my real dad, and seems to care about me more than my real mom and dad do. About a week ago I took a whole bottle of ibuprofen. A couple of days later I drank bleach. I've cut my left wrist with knives, chargers, and staples. My friends notice too and tell me to stop. I do. But then I remember that only care about me. I may not seem emotional on the outside, but I do cry a lot when im alone. I go crazy. I doubt myself, I hurt myself, I say mean things sometimes. My mom and her bf are always on something. Like acid, lsd, shrooms, or other stupid stuff. I'm only eleven. And since 2019 I've wanted to kill myself. At least here people understand. My friends are like family to. More than my real one is. No seems to notice me. No one cares about how I feel. Y'all know how it feels to be unwanted. I like to let all out by writing. Thanks for reading of you got here to the bottom and I hope things get better for you.
494 days ago
I know there are hard times, and even if you think nobody cares about you, then put it the other way, think about the people that you care about, I don't know what your going through right now but just know that you are important, there is a reason why I wrote this, I care, Stay strong!
495 days ago
i just feel like if i died right now i want to see my funeral so i can see if anyone cries apart from my parents :(
495 days ago
i know no one for real actually likes me at school because anytime i say anything they just ignore me or say "okay" or nod. they also know who my crush is but they are always saying to my "best friend" that he likes her. so no one likes me no one ever has a conversation with me unless i start it.
561 days ago
565 days ago
My best and only friend noticed the cuts on my arm, she joked about it and told me me to show everyone, I did, and they all laughed it one spoke up or talked to me outside of class.
634 days ago
i know for a fact nobody likes me
643 days ago
For allof you it will be ok I have been there too people do care I care please don't purposely hurt youselfs ,suicide is never the right awnser ,and don't forget you alwayse have at least one friend with you alwayse god there is hope
867 days ago
I just want to let you guys know you ARE cared for , your life matters and you deserve the best for yourself , if you are struggling find help , not in a bad way but im saying theres people out there that will help. I personally have been going to counseling and it helps. Just know you are AMAZING and people care about you , I do ! You matter in this world go live life and be happy people and myself are here for you! You're all such awesome people , hope you all have an great life, you deserve it :>
868 days ago
I don’t know what I got.
934 days ago
I have no emotions any more also I got 100% thinking nobody will ever care and its true.......I have no reason in life I hate attention and people