Do you take advantage of people?

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    In a group homework project you are the one who:

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372 days ago
"you prefer to work as a group" No, groups get in the way more than they help, but the rest is accurate - "You quite like independence but don't mind asking for a little help if you need it. You don't like to take advantage of people"
1128 days ago
I got "You are very independent" which is true. Why try to take advantage of people when there is no advantage to be had? People are always wanting something from me and I make sure that they don't get it, because if you give an inch they'll take a mile, or even more if they can get away with it. But it's trickier when you're stuck with a group project. I just do my share of the work without going out of my way to help others. And I wouldn't accept help from anyone else because it always comes at a cost, often one which I can't afford, so it's basically a trap. The other person will then do their best to make me feel beholden to them and, before I know it, I've got an iron ball and chain around my neck. No thanks!