How Touch-Starved Are You?๐Ÿค—

Are you longing for the warmth of human connection? Do you find yourself yearning for physical touch and feeling a sense of loneliness?
Don't worry, you're not alone. We all have a natural desire for social interaction and the comfort that comes from physical contact. Discover where you stand on the touch deprivation scale! This test is an opportunity to gain insights into your level of touch hunger and, hopefully, find reassurance that you're not as touch-deprived as you might think.
Let's dive in and explore the importance of touch in our lives.

  • 1
    Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/partner?
    Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/partner?
  • 2
    If you do have a significant other, how often do you see them in person?
  • 3
    When is the last time you experienced physical touch from someone you love?

  • 4
    How many friends do you have that you would get hugs from?
  • 5
    How many siblings do you have?
  • 6
    What are/were your parents/guardians like?

  • 7
    What is the first thing you do when you go on your phone in the morning?
  • 8
    Do you enjoy leading people on just for their attention?
  • 9
    Where would you enjoy being touched the most?
  • 10
    How often do you listen to music?

  • 11
    What's your general mood?
  • 12
    How long do you take to get ready in the morning, just getting out of bed?
  • 13
    Do you have a pet or pets?
  • 14
    What's your favorite thing to do when you are alone?
  • 15
    Do you enjoy being alone?

Comments (52)


1055 days ago
I totally agree with you oversized hoodie. the only person that I really want to be touched by is my crush, who lives in a different state. It's kind of depressing
1058 days ago
It legit said "bro.. are you ok?" And im in tears .IM FREAKING NOT ! it said to keep trying to find someone . No thanks i prefer success over
1062 days ago
I only want cuddles and hugs ๐Ÿซ‚
1064 days ago
why is an online test making me cry,,,
1067 days ago
i had trouble answering the one about siblings because i have four and only one around my age.
1100 days ago
you now some of these questions are inaccurate i most want to be touch on the head there should be a i don't know or nun of thee above
1107 days ago
yea, despite the fact that i have a dog and live with my parents, i am touch starved. why? quarantine. isolation. the fact that i donโ€™t like being affectionate with my parents because i donโ€™t fully trust my parents so i never feel secure. i am touch starved.
1148 days ago
Not much more than emotional support I can offer for that
1152 days ago
๐Ÿ‘ฎ bro, i just think my crush doesn't like me
1152 days ago
your desire for love is not silly, I have a crush (more like obsession) on someone in my class, but since I am gay and he is bi, I do not know whether he would like me back
1153 days ago
@darkness you should talk to them ; tell them how u feel.

being lonely is awful, like i just want to feel LOVED. like, romantically .
i DO have friends, but they would make fun of me if i told them this
1156 days ago
i often feel like there is no one there to support me, a talented friend of mine drew a picture of our friend group and in this drawing i was holding a shield over my head while debris collapsed on it, i was protecting my friends from this debris in the picture, my friends see me as the person who protects us from harm, physically or emotionally, but they seem to not realise I can be hurt to