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Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

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    Is it okay for a women to get an abortion only 2 weeks into the pregnancy?

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33 days ago
hey guys just wanna say that a lot of ads today say: for health of the mother but what about health of the baby?? does it have less value? NO! we are all the same value and every one of us including unborn babies are deserving of a life. also have a good day. :)
783 days ago
personally as a women myself i wouldnt ever get a abortion because i feel even if i cant look after the baby or owt someone else can but on the other hand women get abortions for other reasons like their age but they should always be careful if they dont want to end up pregnant at the end of the day its their responsibility bcs kids shouldnt be doing owt like that anyway but if a women has been🕊d i understand if she feels she just cant do it at the end of the day its their body so they can decide whatever but i dont agree how some women dont tell the dad bcs he has a say in it just as much as its HIS child to
784 days ago
I am seriously against calling it pro- life since pregnancy and birth can easily be life threatening to na older woman, and that is their life at risk. Say your 14 and have been sexually assaulted, you aren’t comfortable with having a WHOLE 🍦 CHILD at 14.. that’s pro life. A child could ruin your life.
784 days ago
This is a cool test. And it is true. I am pro choice.