Are You A Party Animal?
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Are You A Party Animal?

How wild are you once you walk through those doors to the dance floor.

Question 1:How many parties have you been to in the last six months?

Question 2:You go to an awesome party, do you last the whole night?
No! I leave about 10, I've got work in the morning.
Depends on who I'm with and how much fun I'm having.
Yeah, I'll still be there after the DJ's gone.

Question 3:What do you usually drink at parties?
Water or fruit juice, I don't want to show myself up thank you.
A glass of wine here and there, but I do know when to stop.
Wine, lager, achlopops where does the list end.

Question 4:Who do you usually go to parties with?
Family, friends it depends what type of party it is.
Does it really matter, I have tones of fun no matter who I'm with.
My parents, it's usually a family do.

Question 5:What's your favorite party outfit?
God, when I dress up, me and Christina Aguilera could be twins!
A trendy skirt, but nothing above the knee.
A pair a jeans, t-shirt and a jumper.

Question 6:What does it take for you to get on the dance floor?
nothing short of a nuclear explosion could get me off of it!
A little bit of drink and a little pushing from my mates.
What's the dance floor, oh it's that thing I pass when I get my drinks.

Question 7:Are you well stocked up on headache tablets e.t.c for the morning after the night before?
Not really, I don't usually get to that stage.
Nope! Never need them.
Are you kidding! I've got tones, mind you most of the boxes are all empty.

Question 8:What do you usually do to your hair for a night out?
Give it a extra wash and leave it down.
I either go for pink or purple depends what mood I'm in.
Go mad with hair accessories and hairspray.

Question 9:Have you got loads of photos at home of you and your mates at parties?
Me in a photo, never!
A few. But not many.
Tones, and if that includes ones when I'm unconscious then millions upon millions.

Question 10:How many phone numbers do you get at the end of a good night?
Is that a joke, I'd never be brave enough to ask someone for their number.
On a good night, about two, but I never ring.
I don't know, I just ask for them and end up losing track.

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