The Party Test
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The Party Test

Welcome to the *Party Test*

Question 1:You hear about this Valentines Day party, and you want to go, but you don’t have a date. You:
Call a old friend of yours and make them come
Write a letter to the style section about discrimination against single people
Come by yourself

Question 2:Your friend is holding a huge rave in one of her relative’s mansions. You have other plans that night. You:
Make a compromise; go to your family dinner, and then half way through go to the rave
Ditch your other plans
Go to your family dinner and sulk about not being able to go.

Question 3:Your friends are sneaking into a 21 & over club to see your favorite celebrity. You:
You don't stay long. You know what could happen.
You yell at your friends for the very idea of it all. You wouldn’t do that if someone paid you.
You came up with the idea.

Question 4:Your sister is graduating! You attend the ceremony, but halfway through, you have to go to a birthday party. You:
Stay as long as you can. Your sister is only going to graduate once.
Get up and leave. After all, your sister had already received her diploma.
Blow off your friend’s party completely. Hey, you don’t even like sleepovers.

Question 5:Your whole family is attending a funeral for a guy you don’t even know. There aren’t any parties to save you now. You:
Read a book until the funeral is over.
Create a party of your own. It beats being at a funeral.
Cry real loud

Question 6:You have a whole list of chores to do. Clean the litter box, feed the dog, refill the birdfeeder, and vacuum the basement… It goes on and on. You:
Clean it up and then go down to the mall to see what you can buy in the food court.
Invite over a whole troop of kids and throw a party.
Clean it up and hum “Whistle While You Work” loudly, until everything is spick and span, just the way you like it!

Question 7:You are trying to get your favorite band to play at your party, but they cost a whole lot more than you can afford. You:
Play their song real loud with their music video projected on the wall.
Give it up. Maybe you don’t like them so much after all.
Rob a bank

Question 8:You just moved into your own apartment. The first thing you do is:
Refurnish the room and then have a sleepover with some of your friends
Throw a wild party.
Decorate it with paintings of the ocean and eat chocolates.

Question 9:A company has just gained permission to destroy one of the city’s historical monuments. You:
Have a rally and go crazy that the picket signs have to match.
Go to a rally that one of your friends is holding. You are there to help keep your history alive, and no other purpose.
You go to the rally, but its too loud so you go home and pick your diet plan. You have to drop the pounds you got from eating so much chocolate.

Question 10:You are traveling to a foreign country. You can’t wait to get there. The first thing on your list of plans is:
Eat the foreign food and then go dancing.
To make your hotel room nice and comfy, then buy gifts for your family.
Find the most popular club and party all night.

This Quiz has been designed by Lynn.