What kind of party should you host?

Hosting a party any time soon? Can't pick a theme or topic? Find out what party is right for you.

Question 1:   What is you favorite colour?

Question 2:   What is your favorite party food?
Pizza, chips, hot dogs, french fries, punch, etc.
Cakes, Brownies, Candies, etc.
Tropical fruit

Question 3:   What is your idea of a party outfit?
Bikini top and board shorts.
Any thing totally outrageous and unusual!
Flowery skirt and silky top

Question 4:   What would you're invitations be like?

Question 5:   Who would you invite?
Family and very close friends
Guys, girls, just the people I see at the pool.
Friends and complete strangers

Question 6:   What drinks would you serve?
Tea, coffee and milk
Pop, beer, you know the drill.
Fruit punch, water, stuff like that.

Question 7:   Favorite party decoration?
Pink and blue streamers
Fake palm trees
sparklers and balloons

Question 8:   Where do you usually hang out?
Pool or beach
Clubs and places with lots of people

Question 9:   What are you're hobbies?
partying, dancing, singing, acting, etc.
reading and studying
swimming, surfing, diving, etc.

Question 10:   When it comes to guys, you're thoughts are...
They're cute.... IF they have muscle
Ugh... what kind of question is that?
Dunno... boys are boys and boys are hot, right?

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