What flower are you?
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What flower are you?

Ever wondered what type of flower you would be if you were one? By judging your personality, we can make a guess at your floral twin! And remember, everyone is beautiful in their own way!

Question 1:What's your reading material of choice?
Classic novel with some romance
Heavy novel with meaning, or a newspaper
Short book that's easily read with comedy
Biography or books on unusual subjects

Question 2:Which of these colors is your favorite?
Light Blue or Green
Black or Dark Blue
Yellow or Pink
Red or White

Question 3:If you had an extra $50, which item(s) would you buy from the mall?
snuggly sweater
a cute pair of jeans
I'd buy CD's (punk or alternative music)
dress button-up shirt or pants

Question 4:Which one word describes your personality best?

Question 5:Out of these, which would you chose as your pet?
A fish or something else low-maintenance
a fun puppy
a cuddly kitty
something out of the ordinary (ex. snake)

Question 6:What's your favorite kind of weather?
A sunny day for playing
A dark exciting storm
A snowy day- perfect for cuddling with loved ones
A cloudy day- so you're not easily distracted from your work

Question 7:What social group do you (or did you) fall in?
The fun popular group
A mix of everything, but like to be with my boyfriend
My own group or with the rebels
The straight-A students

Question 8:Which season is your favorite?
Winter- I enjoy the solitude
Spring- everything comes alive
Summer- nothing but fun on the beach
Autumn- everything comes back together

Question 9:Which would you do in your spare time?
Anything with my friends
Study, work (gotta earn a living), or be with family
Come up with ideas alone that are enjoyable for me
Be with those I love most

Question 10:And, not that it makes much difference, which flower do you prefer?
A bold red Poppy
A simple orange Marigold
A classic white Rose
A cheery yellow Buttercup

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