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Political Goo

Regardless of the way you traditionally vote, you may be surprised at what this quiz reveals. Are you a republican or a democrat at heart? Maybe even a libertarian?

Question 1:Pick the answer that is closest to your motto:
It is very important, in this society, that people live by traditional American values.
As long as my freedom and rights are not compromised, the rest of the world may do as it pleases!
Responsible adults should be allowed to do whatever they please (excluding high crimes of course!)

Question 2:Which best describes your opinion?
The government's spending is out of hand. There should be a better way to fund social programs.
Restrict the government's spending of my money and ease off on the number of social programs.
The government seems to be spending my tax dollars for valuable social programs.

Question 3:Power of authority should be shifted from the federal government to:
Leave it the way it is. The government is doing a fine job.

Question 4:*This is not a question of your personal morals: 'Drugs should be legalized'
No - too many people would lose their jobs (i.e. ATF)
No - people should not have the right to hurt themselves (i.e. overdose)
Yes - for adults - people should be able to make decisions about what they consume

Question 5:With regard to the United States what is most important to you?

Question 6:Do you find your daily decision-making to be:
Neither extreme

Question 7:Which is the best scenario for the United States?
Social Freedom, but with higher government spending (higher taxes)
Social Restrictions, but with lower government spending (lower taxes)
Social Freedom with lower government spending (lower taxes)

Question 8:Our current tax system is graduated, meaning, the higher one's income, the higher percentage of income tax that person is required to pay. This system is:
Unfair - everyone should pay a flat tax percentage
Unfair - those making more money are being punished because more and more people are unable to pay taxes (over 50% of the people in this country do not pay income taxes)
Fair - this system is acceptable, because the people who can AFFORD to pay DO pay

Question 9:*This is not intended to be a moral question - consider it hypothetical. Abortion should be:
Illegal - no one can determine when life begins
Legal - it is not my place to decide what another person is allowed to do
Legal - it's better to remove some tissue than for a child of rape or incest to be born

Question 10:Early and secondary education should be paid for and regulated by:
Individual cities
Parents, teachers and local government
State and federal government

Question 11:Which is most important?
Uniformity and fairness

Question 12:Which is most logical?
The government should absolutely not be allowed to force me to wear a seatbelt by harassing or fining me
Seat belts save lives...the government knows what it's doing.
It's foolish not to wear a seat belt...besides the fines that those non-seat-belt-wearers pay is really good for my local economy!

Question 13:The federal government should control:
Nothing - leave it to the state and local governments
Only national defense and security (protection from foreign attack)
Education, security, trade - just about everything. It's so much easier that way!

Question 14:With regard to foreign affairs:
The United States government should focus mainly on the state of our own nation
The government should find out who might be a threat to us and take care any situations that might arise..
The government should work on rebuilding nations that are not as fortunate as we are.

Question 15:Last but not least, a very touchy subject. With regard to immigration:
The government should strictly patrol our borders and stop foreigners from taking our resources (welfare programs, housing, etc)
The government should be more lax than it is now. We should help those in need.
There should absolutely be open borders (where would this country be without immigrants) but we should be much more careful with our resources.

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