Which President are you?
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Which President are you?

Ever sit up and wonder which president you are??? Me neither... but now you can find out.

Question 1:Which quality fits you best?
My Words are my gift
My Actions Speak louder than words
I can hide my mistakes
I let things blow over, nothing looms on me
I Blaze a trail and hope other follow

Question 2:Which Profession would fit you best…
Public Speaker
CIA operative
Food Taster

Question 3:Which crisis could you handle best?
Civil War
National Economic Troubles
I can’t take the heat
Leading a New Nation

Question 4:Which Issue is more important?
Fighting the Enemy
Ending Evil Institutions

Question 5:Two nations seek your help, you…
Focus domestically
Stay neutral
Throw money at them, that’ll help
Look for which will best aid your cause
Look for the better cause

Question 6:In economics, you…
Borrow from the people
Leave it to the banks/ treasurer
Stay out of it, Economics can’t be tamed
Spend, Spend, Spend
Trust in the industry

Question 7:Which decision would you follow the hardest…
Turn over evidence
Government can’t interfere with Industry
Burning crops for money is not right
Separate but equal
States can’t touch contracts

Question 8:Which line is your favorite…
I am not a crook
Where’s the best food in town
We have nothing to fear but fear itself
Government of the People By the People For the people
No Entangling Alliances

Question 9:Biggest Mistake would be…
Being a weak leader
Not righting the wrongs
A Scandal
Serving for more than 8 years
Giving in to Rebellion

Question 10:Which is Your Favorite President of these 5?
Andrew Johnson
John Adams
Harry Truman
Ronald Reagan
Teddy Roosevel

Question 11:Which President is your least favorite of these five?
Pat Buchanan
Herbert Hoover
Woodrow Wilson
Thomas Jefferson

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