What Kind of Citizen Are You?
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What Kind of Citizen Are You?

Are you a Cultural Protectionist? A Loyalist? A Bridge? A Muckraker? Take the quiz to find out.

Question 1:A large number of immigrants who don't speak your language have moved into your area. You feel:
Happy: Maybe you'll get to learn a new language.
Hopeful: You could learn a lot from each other.
Guarded: Although you understand why anyone would want to move to your great country, you hope they'll acclimate quickly and learn the language.
Unhappy: They should have learned the language before they moved here. Better yet, they should have stayed home.

Question 2:Someone is complaining about your system of government. You:
Cut them off. No system of government is better than yours.
Agree, then ask them what system they like, hoping they'll have a better alternative to yours.
Defend it as the best thing around but admit there might be a few minor problems with it. Nothing compared to those of other systems.
Point out its strengths, then ask for suggestions about improving its flaws.

Question 3:Demonstrators are protesting against your government's policies. You:
Politely ask one of them to explain why-after pointing out how lucky they are to be able to protest at all.
Get into a long discussion about the issue, share your views and listen closely to theirs until both of you have come to a mutual understanding.
Join it. The more protestors the better.
Mutter (or perhaps even shout) a string of insults. Drive past slowly, glaring or maybe even shouting insults. The ungrateful traitors should leave if they don't like it.

Question 4:I think the dominate religion in my country is:
Completely false or corrupted from its original intent in order to turn people into loyal, unthinking sheep.
Better than the religions of other countries, but their beliefs should be respected-as long as they respect mine!
Better understood in context with other faiths.
The backbone of my country (whether or not I practice it).

Question 5:When it comes to foreign policy, our journalists should:
Be impartial.
Be somewhat impartial, but should keep our interests in mind.
Scrutinize our country closely.
Be loyal and self-censoring. Patriotism comes before getting a good story.

Question 6:Our financial/monetary system is:
The best . Perfection can't be improved upon.
Not bad, but we could improve it by taking an element here and there from other systems.
Despite a few flaws, there is none better.
Severely flawed. We need to scrap it or radically alter it.

Question 7:If I have children, I'll raise them to:
Question everything about this country. It's the only way they'll be able to make things better when they grow up.
Love, appreciate, and protect their country, no matter what.
Be loyal to their country while respecting the cultures of other nations-as long as those cultures don't compromise ours.
Appreciate their own country while learning as much as possible about other countries.

Question 8:My culture is:
In danger. It's being threatened by an influx of other cultures.
Ever-changing and growing, thanks to an influx of other cultures
The best in the world, and we should be careful not to let other cultures alter it too much.
Corrupt and stagnant.

Question 9:The citizens of my country are:
Clueless sheep who need to wake up and realize what's going on.
The best people in the world, a shining light to lead others by.
Mostly good, and very lucky to live in this country.
No better or worse than the citizens of other countries.

Question 10:Would you ever consider becoming a citizen of another country?
Maybe, if it was as good or better than mine.
Never! This is my country, and I'd be a traitor and a fool to abandon it.
Absolutely. Just as soon as I figure out how, I'm out of here.
Highly doubtful. I love this country and I don't think there's a better one.

Question 11:Your army invades another country. You:
Join the armed services (if you are able, otherwise you encourage your children and everyone else to join while doing all you can for the war effort).
Pray (mediate, or worry about) our brave troops overseas fighting for our freedom.
Protest. This war is wrong. Who do your leaders think they are, anyway?
Worry about the soldiers and citizens on both sides, wonder whether or not the war is justified or if there could have been a less destructive solution, and hope the war will be over soon.

Question 12:Your flag is:
Beautiful, but so are the flags of many countries.
Sacred. If you saw someone burn it, you'd be furious.
An inspiration to the citizens of this country and a beacon of hope to the citizens of other countries.
A symbol of oppression and fortunately also highly-flammable.

Question 13:Your country's fundamental laws are:
Mainly wrong or unequally enforced.
A good working set of rules. Immigrants should be given a knowledge test concerning them before they're allowed to move here.
The best and should be spread to other lands, for the sake of the people in other countries.
No better or worse than the laws of some other countries and could even be improved by adopting the better parts of the laws of other countries and the U.N.

Question 14:The United Nations is:
Meddlesome and illegal. We should ignore them, lest our sovereignty be compromised.
A wonderful bridge and arbitrator between nations.
An institution which has its place-mainly outside our borders.
Not doing enough to force this country to obey international human rights and environmental law.

Question 15:A serious scandal involving one or more elected officials is revealed in the press. You feel:
Vindicated. You've known all along how corrupt this country's politicians are.
Unconcerned. It's only a few bad apples, probably voted in by disloyal fools with no appreciation for the underlying values of your country.
Sad and perhaps a little defensive (did the journalists really have to put such a negative spin on it?). Your country is the finest in the world, and this smear might imperil its shining influence in the world.
Ashamed. How can your country interact with other nations while all of this is going on?

Question 16:The method of selecting leaders/representatives in your country is:
A little flawed. We could learn a few things from the systems of other countries.
Terrible. The whole thing should be scrapped or seriously altered.
Despite slight flaws the best in the world.
Perfect. It works every time.

Question 17:It's a patriotic holiday. You are most likely to be:
Telling anyone who will listen that we shouldn't be celebrating until our country is something to be proud of.
Inspired to curiosity about the holidays and histories of other countries. Maybe you even spend a few minutes researching to see if any other country shares a holiday with yours.
Happily celebrating with friends and family.
Taking the time throughout the day to remind others how lucky they are to live in such a great country.

Question 18:When visiting another country, you are most likely to:
Be homesick. You can't wait to set foot in your country again!
Learn as much as you can about the country, asking lots of questions (as often as possible in the native language).
Study it carefully. Maybe you'll move here someday. Also you're keeping an eye out for any illegal or immoral activity your country or its citizens might be engaging in here. If you find any you'll write it up for an activist magazine or website.
Compare and contrast everything to how things are back home.

Question 19:Your country is under attack. You:
Join the military if possible, if not you arm yourself and wait for the chance to take a potshot at the enemy.
Aren't surprised-this country has been provoking an attack for a long time. Maybe now people will wake up and see what's really going on.
Wonder why anyone would attack us and try to figure out how to make peace with the enemy. Surely this is a misunderstanding based on the ignorance of both sides.
Probably join the armed forces, since your country has been directly attacked. War is terrible, but you have to fight for home and hearth.

Question 20:A loved one is going into the military. You:
Try to talk him out of it. You'd have to be crazy to fight for this country.
Worry about him. You don't want him to get killed, nor do you want him to have to live with killing someone else.
Throw a huge going away party. You're unbelievably proud.
Feel a little anxious for his safety, but you're proud of him for being such a patriot.

Question 21:The rest of the world is:
Endangered by your country's foreign policy.
A danger to your way of life and should be kept at bay.
In need of the guidance your country can and should provide.
A fascinating place, you can't wait to see the rest of it.

Question 22:We should teach history from a:
Multi-cultural standpoint. Children should learn as much as possible about other cultures and viewpoints.
Revisionist standpoint-for too many years our children have been taught flag-waving lies. It's time to tell them the truth.
Patriotic viewpoint. One of the most important functions of teaching history is to ingrain loyalty to one's country into an individual.
Viewpoint emphasizing our country's perspective.

Question 23:Banned weapons of mass destruction are known to be in your country, and other nations are forcing trade sanctions. You:
Boycott their goods. This country has the right to any weapons it likes because it won't use them without just cause.
Celebrate (while marching to protest the weapons). Maybe now this country will stop acting so arrogant.
Write to people in other countries in an attempt to explain your country's actions, apologize, or make peace.
Stand by your country. Maybe it's wrong to have these weapons, but they wouldn't be here if they weren't needed.

Question 24:One of your country's corporation has been brought to trial in your country for human rights violations. You feel:
Hopeful justice will be done for these poor people and that it will set an example for other corporations.
Unsurprised, angry, and doubtful justice will be done. This sort of thing happens all the time.
Outraged. This trial shouldn't be held in your country and the defendants are probably just lying and trying to get money.
Sad, hopeful that the corporation is innocent, and certain this is an aberration. Most corporations based in your country wouldn't dream of doing something horrible like this.

Question 25:A summation of your basic attitude toward your country is:
Proud, loyal, and protective. You'd die to defend it.
Loyal and grateful to be living in the best country in the world.
It's a good country, there are other good countries too, filled with good people, and your country isn't perfect, but you like it here. It's home.
That it needs to be changed. If you don't move to another country it will be because you're busy trying to make this one better-whether its leaders like it or not!

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