Who should I vote for?
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Who should I vote for?

We are heading into a Presidential election, and amid the mud-slinging and fear mongering it’s easy to loose sight of who really represents your interests. Take this test, and you may be surprised what political party is most closely aligned with your values and priorities.

Question 1:The biggest issue facing America today is:
Global warming and environmental concerns
Increasing influence of government on the lives of everyday people
The imbalance of wealth and widening class gap
The destruction of the family, and moral concerns
School shootings

Question 2:If you could be President for one day, what executive order would you issue?
A national, inclusive healthcare program.
Mandatory health and fitness requirements.
Abolition of abortion.
Immediate ban of all oil exploration.
Creation of a flat tax, and elimination of the IRS.

Question 3:The primary purpose of the federal government is:
Making laws to protect good people like me against bad people.
To preserve the way of life the founding fathers intended
National defense
The betterment of society
The protection of that which cannot defend itself from human destruction

Question 4:Which of the following is the most important to you:
Individual freedom
Judeo Christian values
The planet

Question 5:Immigration should:
Allow under privileged people access to our wealth and social structure
Be much tighter
Allow free access of law abiding citizens with few restrictions
Balance overpopulated areas and define protected eco-systems
Keep Mexicans from stealing American jobs.

Question 6:Charity is the responsibility of:
The Salvation Army and Goodwill
The government
The church/private organizations

Question 7:The greatest strength of the U.S. is:
Inherent individual rights
We’ll kick your ass!
It is a Christian nation/The military
Diversity and Tolerance

Question 8:Taxation should:
In part penalize greedy corporations and heavy polluters
Equalize the classes
Support national defense, and reward charitable givers
Be paid by the rich, the greedy and big corporations like Enron.
Be as limited as possible

Question 9:The attitude I hate the worst is:
A bad one

Question 10:State, Federal and Local Laws should:
Focus on moving society toward equality and advanced thought
Aim at protecting the earth, and her less aggressive creatures, from man.
Be harder on drugs and softer on speeding
Only include offenses which deprive an individual of life, liberty or possession of goods.
Focus on maintaining the current societal standards of conduct

Question 11:On the whole, society is:
Weak, but improving daily

Question 12:I get my news from:
Primarily magazines, secondarily CNN
CNN and a network news
Primarily on-line sources and raw data I research myself, secondarily Talk Radio
Entertainment Tonight and MTV
Talk Radio

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