What kind of feminist are you?

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    Pornography is....
    Pornography is....
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    Which do you think most clearly states the goal of feminism?
    Which do you think most clearly states the goal of feminism?
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    Can men who feel themselves female transition and become women?
    Can men who feel themselves female transition and become women?

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    You most prefer to read....
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    Men can be feminists.
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    What's your favorite color?
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    What does "cis" mean?
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    Women-born-women only space is...

Comments (11)


158 days ago
Bruh, l got anti-feminist...
I'm a feminist...
Eh, well.
226 days ago
Okay, so... women are not better than men. Men are not better than women. We are EQUAL!!!!! How did I get a man’s result? What exactly is this person’s definition of feminism? I’m confused.
226 days ago
For 40% you are: Your feminist type is Anti-Feminist!

You're not a feminist. You answered too many questions indicating that you assist in the perpetuation of patriarchy and actively work against the liberation of women. This is the result men usually get with this test.
48% of 4229 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

Your score wasn't clear.

You could also get this result:
For 40% you are: Your feminist type is Feminist!

It's either feminism or it's not. Smash the Patriarchy! Har Har! Profile B
319 days ago
lol I got anti-feminist because I don't think femininity is necessarily a dehumanzining thing? I think that there is power in femininity and that any woman who embraces that (if she chooses) is not any less in support of other women than those who don't.
414 days ago
i got anti-feminist as well because... because im not a terf?? if you support women, you support ALL women, case closed
616 days ago
I got anti-feminist too. This makes me really sad, I thought I was a pretty good feminist( my definition of feminism is equality for all genders, races, religions, colours, abilities, castes and many more factors).
1164 days ago
I got anti-feminist. I think that is right seeing as I don't really take a side in this matter. I'm more neutral and believe that yes, women deserve equal rights, but not enough supporters are going about the situation in a way that I find is necessary for success. Or at least to have their beliefs considered. However their are still great women who works towards this goal without berating others.
1195 days ago
I also got anti-feminist when I shouldn't have. I don't think there are enough questions here for an accurate result. Apparently I can't be a feminist If I respect the rights of transgender people.
1374 days ago
So...I'm a female biochemist who employs almost entirely women, campaigned for and won an extended parental leave policy and have championed a policy to bring more then 50% female faculty in as presenters in our departmental seminars and conferences. My result is "anti-feminist". Some recalibration needs done here. Or possibly this quiz is just trolling?
1482 days ago
Best "What Kind of Feminist?" quiz I've seen! Love it!
1621 days ago
The hell? I am not anti-feminist. How did this result happen?